Sunday, September 21, 2014

Drive Thru Visitations

When I first heard about the Paradise Funeral Home's drive through visitation system on NPR, I thought, great, more lazy, asocial, car addicts…
This article at WLWT, gets into it a little more & points out the service is additional & geared towards people who can't make the regular services.
Seems like there could be some odd scheduling problems if it caught on. Maybe they would need some sort of turntable if there were multiple stiffs to display. Unhappy relatives could vandalize the equipment. Neighbors might will complain about the music.
It seems ok in the light the director puts it in, but will it be abused by the lazy, asocial, car addicts, eating take out while paying last respects to uncle Joe?

UPDATE: Connecting Directors article cites problems with vandalism at other drive thru funeral homes.

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