Wednesday, September 03, 2014

ISIS v. Golden Dawn

US Vice President, Joe Biden, has vowed the country will follow the terrorists who decapitate reporters, kidnap & enslave women, slaughter Christians in churches and other wonderful things to the gates of Hell.
Nevermind that they seem to be heading in the wrong direction because we all know The Gates of Hell are in sunny Greece.
So if the nationalist, religionist ISIS heads into Greece Will they be met by the nationalist, religionist Golden Dawn?
An interesting concept as the two areas have pretty much been at war for a few thousand years.
But who would win?
I'm going with ISIS in the first round but, if the nationalist Christianists of the world fall in with the Golden Dawn, I think they might prevail in the long run. Unfortunately the nationalist Christianists have no use for Greece since the country is broke. Funny how that works.

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