Sunday, September 07, 2014

Rewarding Failure

Ohio Governor John Kasich campaigned on a platform of putting Ohio back to work. Ohio like the rest of the world was in economic freefall due to crappy banking practices. Since then, the economy is stuttering back and, as Kasich blamed the failure on his Democratic opponent, he is claiming the improving world economy is his doing.
Unfotunately, a recent report indicates Ohio, in particular, is doing very poorly in that comeback.
Screwing teachers, firefighters, police, transit, the poor & middle classes in general, Kasich has been an incredibly bad governor for Ohio. His penchant for secrecy has probably hidden more douchebaggery that won't b uncovered till he's out of office. Re-electing Kasich would be rewarding (and continuing) failure.
I don't know if Ed Fitzgerald's policies will make Ohio an economic powerhouse but he probably is the guy to untangle Kasich's web.

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