Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Driving Safety

Advocates for Highway Safety gave Ohio one of it's lowest grades. Why? Because Ohio doesn't see not wearing a seatbelt as a primary offense. You have to be stopped for something else like speeding to be punished for violating the mandatory seatbelt law. Ohio also doesn't have a law banning texting while driving. While Ohio communities lay off police and Sheriff deputies this coalition of insurance companies want them to start poking around & seeing what people are doing inside their cars.
Meanwhile, over in scenic Holland, traffic engineers are trying out using fewer signs, lights and regulations to improve driving safety. Their theory is that drivers are lulled into a sense of safety by all the signage & crap cluttering up the side of the road. They have found that drivers frequently give bicyclists a wider berth when there is no designated lane than when there is one. That is - keeping the driver on his toes, he is more likely to pay attention to what he is doing.
If the driver needs to pay attention one could presume he would be less likely to engage in other activities like texting. If one is more concerned with the total driving experience he will more likely buckle up before starting out.
The ranking is probably hogwash & is just an excuse for the insurance companies to justify raising rates on Ohio drivers - real safety be damned.

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geebee said...

If they still made people drive while shifting gears, with the top down and maybe a blonde with large sunglasses... or at least a manual transmission, these texting shenanigans would vanish.