Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Fishwrap was pondering the political future of failed mayoral candidate Brad Wenstrup. Or, should I say failed first time candidate? While the last mayoral campaign was lame, to say the least, Wensttrup held his own ok, even if a significant portion of his votes might have been anti-Mallory votes.
Now HamCoGOP chair, Alex Triantafilou, wants to run his boy again. He's just not sure where.
Wenstrup appears to be into the whole public service thing & his work in the military bears that out. His first elective try being for an executive office was pretty far fetched. The HamCoGOP seems to not have a problem with this, tho. They like the idea of putting out a pretty face for the votes & then running the show from behind.
"Brad is not the kind of guy who sits around thinking about his next move on the chess board,'' said Hamilton County Republican Party (chair) Alex Triantafilou. "Frankly, I'm the one doing it for him. I want to see him run for office, and sooner rather than later."
While I doubt Wenstrup is the type to shoot from the hip, like presidential puppet George W Bush, his background in medicine & the military probably have him conditioned to be able to make quick & considered decisions. Triantafilou might want to ride his horse to the White House but I am thinking Wenstrup's background might make him a better candidate for Sheriff. He would need to find some law enforcement support for the position. Replacing the current chief deputy with a younger, more aggressive law enforcement wonk would be a good move for Wenstrup and the county as well. His medical and management experience would be good in managing jails. His military medical experience would lend itself to securing the courthouse. The more I think about it, the more the guy seems like the best candidate to replace Leis than I have seen for some time. It might not be the glory post Triantafilou might like, but from what I have heard of Wenstrup, he is not likely to want to be a pretty mouthpiece for a second rate Rovian-wannabe GOP puppet master. Maybe the local GOP should try to do what's best for the county than try to foil Democrats at every turn.
But he (Triantafilou), like others in Cincinnati political circles, are convinced that if suburban Hamilton County voters had somehow been able to vote on Cincinnati mayor this year, Wenstrup would be sitting in the mayor's ground-floor office at City Hall right now.
Can't argue with logic like that. Maybe if, somehow, Centaurs could vote.....
Why is the local GOP so pointless ?

Fishwrap story here.


BossSexy said...

Sheriff might be his best bet if he's serious about public service. He'd probably be crowded out of the Commissioner primary due to the hicks backing Ghiz, the Teabaggers supporting Monzel, and anyone one mentally imbalanced supporting Winburn.

Then again, Leis is HaCo's version of Castro; he'll never die or abdicate.

Quim said...

HA - at least Leis doesn't subject us to 8 hour radio speeches.