Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outlawing Style

The Swiss vote to outlaw minarets & now the French are talking about outlawing burqas. I am no fan of Islam but this just seems kinda nuts. Forcing people to wear burqas is sick but forcing them to not wear them?
I don't know where to start on minarets. Seems like they are just a kind of tower. If the Swiss Christians are anything like the Americans, they are probably discarding their traditionally designed churches & moving into abandoned movie theaters & hardware stores or just building concrete & metal "garages". The skylines of cities and villages are no longer punctuated with little steeples poking their heads up over the rest of the rooftops silently declaring themselves as havens of faith & sanctuary. But who is to blame for that? If there are still religious groups doing that kind of thing, more power to 'em.
As far as the burqas go, if they seem to pose a security risk, make the women de-cloak & identify themselves when entering buildings and such. Gotta admit, there are some loopy Muslims out there & if you are identifying as one and hiding your identity, you are going to face some extra scrutiny. Well, unless you reign in on the radical jihadist crowd.

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The Pagan Temple said...

I think a lot of this has to do with not wanting to hear the call to prayer blasted out from the minarets five times a day for the rest of eternity, and also, they just don't want their cities to be suddenly dotted with minarets.

Mainly though, they have been witness to enough crazy shit from these people they just decided to draw a line in the sand, or to use another worn out cliche' "nip it in the bud".