Friday, January 22, 2010

Jefferson Airplane 1972

The Airplane had gone through it's innocent folk days, trippy drug phase, modern sodio-political phase and, by 1972, was coming apart at the seams as Kantner was going off on his sci-fi political utopian stuff and Kaukonen & Casady were going off on a blues/rock tangent. The former was experimenting with The Jefferson Starship - the latter with Hot Tuna. Creech just seemed to want to play & Grace Slick was, well, Grace Slick. I believe Joey Covington played drums.
Hell, Slick, with the voice that launched a thousand trips, was now a mom.
The folks in the band were no longer the naive yunguns with a band. They were a professional group that, when pulled together, put on a helluva show. Casady's Yggdrasil bass shook Hara arena that night.
I remember sitting up on the side and enjoying the Heavy Water Light Show.

from the Sunfighter album

My friend Doyle who was on the floor near the front commented later, "There was a light show?"

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