Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hey, Pat !

hey Pat! The "Haitians" who were "under the heel" of the French didn't make a pact with "the devil". They were Africans who reaffirmed their own native faith in a war with people who worshipped your god! You know, the one that apparently gave them the green light on trafficking in human flesh? Their poverty came from good Christian Europeans & Americans not recognizing and not trading with their new country. Hispanola is not the natural resource cow like the U.S. is. Their unstable government came out of an ostracized & desperate society in poverty. Their condition was due to the fine Christian folks of your home state, Virginia. It's not magic, Pat. It's racist politics justified by your religion, our fine banking system and a paranoid monied elite that you are part of - thanks to your swindling people in the name of your god.

Video via Media Matters

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