Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Another Dreary 4th of July…

The weird Cincinnati neighborhood called Northside will be celebrating the United States Independence Day with grub, tunes, freaks & fire dancers.
And beer.
While the parade starts at noon at Hamilton & Ashtree & winds it's way to Hoffner Park, festivities start at 10AM with Hoffner Park's Egg & Kegs breakfast.
Ohio's next governor Ed Fitzgerald will be there on the 4th, as will Ohio's next representative of Ohio's first district, Fred Kundrata.
Cecil Thomas & Chas Winburn will be at the parade if they can find it. And unlike Dale no show Mallory, Christine Bryant will be marching.
The Mighty Ohio Scooter Club & MoBo will be representing the 2 wheeled crowd.
Some of the food vendorsa at flat Hoffner Park will be
  • NYPD Pizza
  • Waffo Truck
  • Hungry Cincy
  • Dojo Gelato
  • Street Pops
  • Melt
  • Ohio Farm Direct
Some of the neighborhood eateries that have confirmed they will be open
  • Kitchen Factory
  • Django Western Taco
  • Ruth's
  • Northside Tavern
The Northsider has put together this guide to everything going on this long weekend.
You can find out more about the parade here
and the Festival here.
Here's the entertainment line up for the festival:
Thursday July 3rd, 2014
6:00-6:40Frontier Folk Nebraska
7:10-7:50Al Scorch & The Lost Boys
8:15-9:00Cincinnati Suds
9:25-10:05Bummers Eve
10:20-10:55Idiot Glee
11:10-11:50Bad Sports
Friday July 4Th, 2014
7:10-7:50Pretty Pretty
8:00-8:30Anaya Belly Dancing
8:15-9:00Perfect Children
8:50-9:25Pickled Brothers
9:25-10:05All Dogs
10:30-11:00Karl Spaeth & Chris Weir Comedy
12:10-1:00Twin Peaks
Saturday July 5Th, 2014
6:00-6:40Pearl De Vere
7:10-7:50Fists Of Love
8:15-9:00The Hiders
10:20-11:00The Sidekicks
On July 3rd, the CCO brass quintet will be blowing up scary Burnet Woods in neighborly Clifton.
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