Thursday, July 17, 2014

Computer Fun

ok, I don't really know if this is Firefox, Fedora Linux, Gnome or what.
My Firefox of unknown version on some version of Fedora, on some version of Gnome on an old secondhand Dell decided to take up the whole screen. It wasn't 'Maximised', it just took up the whole screen & I couldn't grab the lower right corner to resize the window.
The crappy old second hand Dell was already at iot's maximum resolution. ok, I guess I could have poked around & found the video.conf file (or whatever it's called) and typed in a higher resolution but I was looking for a more logical solution.
I poked around online for awhile. Saw all sorts of crap about maximizing & text zoom. I was told that using the whole screen is the proper way to use a computer.
So I took to monkey clicking.
My solution was to hold down the blank key between Ctrl & Alt & press the down arrow key.
well, of course.
Holding down the mystery key & pressing the left & right arrow keys made the browser window take up the full height of the screen, half the width and bank the window to that side of the screen. Not sure what that's for but it afforded about 22 seconds of fun.
So there ya have it.

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