Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rails to Runways

Th Cincinnati Business Courier reports on a plan to run a train from CVG to downtown Cincinnati.
I don't really get it. Driving, taking taxis or using the TANK shuttle bus, I have never encountered traffic issues using the roadways to get to the airport.
Pretty much nobody uses the shuttle bus with premium seats & a TV to boot. Seems to pretty much just used by airport workers.
If I were driving from Finneytown or Felicity, I don't know why I would stop in downtown Cincinnati rather than just keep on the highway & go to the airport. I guess, in the wintertime, it might be nice to park in a garage rather than park outside on a high plain.
Another plan is to run the train to Union Terminal. That would mean another bus ride or a bikeshare run to the Government Square which would be obnoxious with much luggage.
Todd Portune likes the idea...

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