Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ohio AG DeWine to open door for Sharia law in Ohio

In a survey by Ohio's Condemned to Life organization, Mike Dewine said, he would “work actively” to revoke state laws and local ordinances that upset people’s religious beliefs.
And that all levels of government should define marriage as an institution solely for opposite-sex couples.
This theocracy based philosophy in a society that allows for freedom of religion opens up a whole bew bucket of worms. Will Sharia law be tolerated? Jewish, Hindu? Will DeWine “work actively” to permit open air cremation? Will DeWine “work actively” to allow human & animal sacrifice?
Will “work actively” to deny Presbyterians & The United Church of Christ the power o marry who they want? Without upsetting their religious beliefs, that is.

Read the Outlook Columbus story here

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