Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pickin' the wrong white guy

There have been assaults on whites by blacks that look pretty racially motivated. Maybe not the act, per se, but the choice of victim at least. The attack might just be plain mad dog visciousness.
But, whether bored beatings or serial beatings, racial charges are never filed.
Until the County Prosecutor's son gets attacked.
Now there's charges of felonious assault, ethnic intimidation, aggravated riot and two misdemeanor counts of assault.
Assistant Ohio Attorney General Woody Breyer sees the racial motivation in this sentence, "let's get the (epithet) white guy"
Seriously? You don't think that might have just been an identification?
Black tweens do sadistically attack white men. There is a race motive. This isn't the first time. It's just the first time somebody with connections got attacked.

Fishwarp story (written worse than usual) here

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