Saturday, July 19, 2014


Music Hall & Union Terminal want a county wide sales tax to do some renovations.
Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartman says it's not his problem, the city needs to take care of it.
The Fishwarp tries to explain who owns what.
It's cute that Hartman doesn't say what he wants from the city - he just says he wants more.
But here's the thing, a lot of the people in Hamilton County, outside the city limits, have roots in the city limits with parents, grandparents, school, church, work & such. Many of their ancestors were the people who built & used these places originally.
How did they wind up out of town? I dunno, new house, bigger yard, avoid the hustle & bustle, avoid black people? whatever…
This shouldn't be a divisive issue & Hartman is clearly trying to make it one.

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