Monday, July 28, 2014

Dark Side of the SDCC pt2

WXIX came up with this headline for this story about sexist behavior at the San Diego Comicon.
I never really did the comic book convention thing and when I did, there weren't that many people dressing up in super hero outfits. The WXIX story discusses how women who dress up like super heroines & fantasy characters, they resent people taking pictures of them. Sorry, that's just part of going out in public in a crazy outfit.
However, blogger, editor, and writer Valerie D'Orazio has brought up other issues that are not ok. She found the working staff at comic book companies to be very sexist. She also noticed at conventions, the fans love getting their pictures taken with the comic book creators. Most of the fans are geek boys and they usually stand next to the male artists & writers smiling. But when they pose with the females, they are always putting their arms around them. The XIX article claims much groping of the women is common. Dunno if the hugging is part of the groping. The thing is, it goes much deeper than what XIX covers.
Here's the deal, if you go out in a weird costume, expect people to oggle, but your right to swing your fist ends at my nose. That is, keep your hands to yourself.
If you've seen The Big Bang Theory, those guys are not far off. Most comic fans aren't physicists, however.

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