Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Enquirer's Censors

Now that the Fishwrap's censors have taken to routinely censoring my comments, I feel I must vindicate myself lest people think I am some foul mouthed yob.
As people who never ride the bus or go into downtown Cincinnati were ranting about the horrors of the bus & downtown, I felt it was time to shine a light on the media blackout of what actually happens on the buses in downtown Cincinnati.
My censored post:
When the buses get back to the garage at the end of a shift, all the blood is drained and distributed to the vampires that reside in the old subway tunnels.
The bodies are carted off and dumped into the Mill Creek.
The Metro drivers are not paid anymore due to budget restraints. They are required to fight other passengers and loot the corpses on the bus. To help in this they have been surgically altered with steel teeth, embedded razor claws and prosthetic chainsaws.

In case you were wondering, the vampires aren't the old Bram Stoker types - shunning garlic and crosses and stuff. They are the product of experiments in post nuclear survival that were done back during the cold war. They are more technically blood drinking radioactive mutants I guess.
Folks, white flight is a myth. the "lost tribe of Porkopolis" is either living underground or being murdered on the streets and buses of Cincinnati by NSA operatives working in league with Skull & Bones, the Rothschilds and the Illuminati (known locally as the Board of Directors of the Mercantile Library).
The streetcar plan is simply a new technology to drain the train (so to speak) through gutters alongside the tracks.
Folks, the truth must be told and the blackout by the admins who stalk the darkened hallways of the Fishwrap IT department gleaning horrible knowledge from the dark secrets their servers whisper to them will not, CAN NOT pull the wool over your eyes ! That is something only YOU can do.
While the one eyed, brain-eating, reptilian Venusians running the HamCoBOE may have thwarted my plans for a council seat, I pledge to bring Cincinnati out of the abyss and into the eternal light of true horror in my new Era of Empire one way or another !
∃ ∀ ∈ ⊕

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