Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Northside Farmers Market

Someday I will learn how to format for YouTube...

well, well, DCI has all sorts of videos to promote their square.....
How precious
Now they have "Market Sqyare"
I'll make my own damn video.....
Monsoons aside, the Northside Farmers Market will be held in Hoffner Park this summer (& go the way of the gypsy again in the fall probably) beginning June 3. The first musical guest will be Magnolia Mountain. Happen Inc. will be providing creative kids activities.
the current vendors list looks like this:
Back Acres Farm
-meat, eggs, cheese, ice cream, veggies

Back Yard Orchard
-appples and peaches and sometimes pears

Blue Oven Bakery
Mark Frommeyer
-Local all the way to the grain bread – lots of verity

Marvin Barbian
The Barbian Farm
-sells tomatoes, green beans, peaches, plums, pears , summer squash

Bohemian Beads
Janell Nelson
-Handmade Jewelry & Clothing

Janice Young
-Cluxton Alley Coffee Roaster

Creative Fiber Arts
-Fabric covered vases

Donnas Ziu
Donnas Delights
-baked goods

Dylan Tennison
Sprout and Shout and Sprout

Eco Garden Memorial Inc.
Luke Ebner
-local produce

Teresa Young
Flowers Forever
-flowers , fruit, veggies

Graydon Stroud
Five Star Foodies
-packaged vegan entrees

Gypsey Attack Pepper Sauce
Adam Sievering
-Hot sauce

Grounded Touch
Jim Vices
-Chair Massages at the market!

Leroy E. Allgeier

Douglas Weber, Betsy Hennika
Mud Foot Farm
-produce, eggs, hand made glass art

Martin Hill Farms
Mike Collins
-Produce & CSA

Northside Guerilla Farmer
Marica Bernstein
-A service to teach people how to garden- from seed to table.

Natures Gifts
Jane Staubitz

Melanie Wolf
Olive Branch
-tropical houseplants, veggies, lemonade, desserts

Frances Kroner
Porch Pops
-gourmet ice pops

Jim Lowenburg/Karen Mandell
Running Creek Farm LLC
-local produce, pesticide-free produce and flowers

Raw Kraut
-locally made fermented caned foods

Rising Sun Farms
Tom Cail
-pasteurized pork, eggs, honey

Shadow Breads
Gary Skitt
-Loaf Bread, Sliced Bread, Pastry’s

Sweet Miss Confections
Melissa Loggins
-Biscotti, chocolate mretzels, seasonal fruit pies, mini fruit breads

Peggy Schuning
-hand painted pots

Taste of Belgium
Jean Francois Flechet
-Belgian waffles, savory crepes!

Diantha Decker & John Rebush
Village Green Community Gardens
-plant starters

Ande Schewe
Wind Dance Farm
-produce, veggies, herbs, wildcraft, soaps

Jeniffer Stancati
-handmade crafts

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