Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Holiday in the Sun

Want to do something different on your next vacation ? Howzabout hunting pirates off the coast of Somalia ?
Russian ocean liner companies are offering cruises for the aspiring buccaneer for £3500/day. An extra £5 gets you an AK-47 (ammo is £7 per 1000 rounds).
The ships sail reeeeeally slow close to the shores of Somalia to lure the unsuspecting pirates out where tourists can mow 'em down with their machine guns.
I love it. Law enforcement as a tourist attraction for the rich. We could probably do this in Cincinnati now that we are home to the country's most dangerous neighborhood. Of course, it's not really law enforcement, it's murder that nobody is going to condemn. If it catches on, tho, we might be able to wage wars this way. Instead of drafting and paying for the poor, we can have rich people pay us to fight. Of course, the first boatload of tourist/murderers that get slaughtered might put a damper on things.

AnaNova story here.
You will have to read it, tho, the animated chick is still AWOL.

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