Monday, June 22, 2009

Patti Smith 1979

Patti Smith at the Columbus Agora. The venue on High Street is now called the Newport Club.
We didn't have tickets to this show & were under the impression it was sold out, but we went anyway. It was weird. the show was general admission, of course, they did have tickets for sale & the goofballs actually let in the people buying tickets at the door before the advance ticket holders went in who had been standing in line for good seats for hours. I had seen Smith at the old Bogart's some time before & she seemed particularly wasted. At this show she was happy, energetic and exuberant.
The most memorable part of this concert was when my friend shouted out, "My generation !" & the band immediately launched into the song. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I remember her commenting negatively on the Tigers' abrupt firing of Les Moss after 2 1/2 months as manager so they could hire Sparky Anderson and yelling back "Les Moss and much more music!" back at her (got it from CKLW 20/20 news' end of its bulletin on this transaction: "And Now!...")

At any rate, I remember being particularly wasted myself that evening and less than happy with the way her "energetic exuberance" seemed to express itself in a lot of "I'm a Poet yadda yadda" and pseudo-Beefheart clarinet (!) playing. This is the Agora on High Street, not City Lights Bookstore, for chrissakes was my stupid drunken smartass take at the time. I may well have yelled other less pleasant things.

I file it under S8 "bad memories I can't recall" general amends list.

Charlie H.