Monday, June 22, 2009

Luther Allison 1977

Luther Allison at the Crying Cowboy Saloon in Springfield, Ohio.
The Crying Cowboy was pretty much a bluegrass haunt. I remember some band from Yellow Springs being almost a house band there. The Dry Creek Fire Squad ?
Anyway, Allison's electric big city blues was quite a diversion from the Cowboy's usual music. One of his shticks was to walk through the bar and play out on the sidewalk out front. Dunno where he got his cords.....
I believe he had a trio or maybe another guitar player. Allison rocked out with soaring, screaming electric guitar. It was a great show. So good, in fact, he moved to Europe shortly thereafter. Springfield seems to have that affect on people.....
I had heard Allison in concert before, but I had not actually gone to the show. My pals & I dropped acid & stood around the Wittenberg Union & listened outside while he played in the dining room. It had rained earlier & the wind blew out the clouds to reveal a big moon that reflected in the shiny wet streets & sidewalks. Mr Allison must have noticed us through the window because I am pretty sure he was playing just for us.

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