Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pink Floyd 1977

Pink Floyd with Donovan opening at the horrible metal cavern called Riverfront Coliseum (at the time) in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The Queen of Heaven, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World, The Love of My Life took me to this concert in her mom's green Buick. We spent an early summer evening on Fountain Square watching hapless lonely Porktowners mill about after a day's work at their mundane jobs. None of them knew the bliss of love that I was drowning in.
Walked down to the Coliseum & took our seats in outer Slobovia. The bands were teeny tiny. I listened to Sunshine Superman from the bathroom. Pink Floyd had balloon animals and transistor radios.
Everything was solid and professional. It was a good concert. I had fairly lost interest in Pink Floyd after Dark Side of the Moon. This tour was promoting Animals. They played their old stuff but it had a slickness to it that sort of.....
It didn't sound like Ummagumma.
This was also about the time the punk movement was really taking off, tho & the poster bands for everything wrong in pop music were soon to be Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac.
FWIW, the aforementioned lass is also living in Cincinnati now, I guess, so she can more easily torment me and generally make my life miserable.
Ornery old bat...

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