Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who Killed the Davey Moore Statue ?

Bob Dylan could probably add a few more verses to his song about Davey Moore discussing the lack of funding for a statue to memorialize the world feather-weight boxing champion. Was it the economy ? Politics ? Shifting Demographics ?
The statue is slated to stand across the street from the old Springfield (South) High School on Limestons St. just south of the central business district. That's his old high school. There is a park named in his honor on South Yellow Springs Street, the street he grew up on.
The statue project isn't really dead, the donations to fund it have just kinda come to a standstill, causing some concern.
The Center City Association Sculpture Advisory Committee say they need $37k to complete the $92k needed to complete the project. they are confident it is just a matter of time, tho.
Meanwhile his widow & family wait.

Noose Son Story here.

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