Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ohio Issue 3

This issue, Learn & Burn or whatever, is a joke - or as Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Bill Peirce said, it's an abomination. You should not vote for this issue if you like gambling, if you hate gambling or if you just don't care about gambling.
It seems to me that the amount of advertising promoting this bill would indicate that somebody supporting it stands to make a lot of money.
And it is a constitutional amendment....
Why in the world do we neeed a constitutional amendment to allow gambling in a few locales ?
Why is this even considered for our constitution ?
plain & fucking simple.
Vote NO on issue 3

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I am not a son of a bitch like Kenny Blackwell

Well, I don't really like Nikki Giovanni's poetry. I don't think this "poem" was worth a shit. I don't think her politicizing this particular event was appropriate.
But I gotta say, I agree with her on Blackwell.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In a posting on Jan 17, 2006 at the Enquirer blog titled

Lindner's Largesse
, it says that the Republican county commissioners intend to raise $100 k to pay for a task force to visit 3 counties. Mr Lindner has donated $25 k. The goal of the task force is to find ways to save money. It is certainly not a good start.
For $100 k I could live in the three counties for a year apiece. These guys just don't get the basics of fiscal responsibility. While I commend them for spending as little public money on this fiasco as possible, Mr Lindner does a lot for the county & it is wrong to see him getting fleeced by these guys.
How many people are on this task force that it costs so much ? Why can't they send just a couple representatives ? Do they have to pay "experts" in these three counties for their information ? Haven't those politicians publicized what they have done to save their constituents money ? How hard is it to get the information ?
This whole thing smacks of another Republican giveaway.
It definitely shows they are clueless when it comes to issues of frugality.