Sunday, June 30, 2013

Northside – A Different Direction
The new Northside "brand" is intended to:
  • Personifies Northside in a unique way and builds meaning into the community
  • Creates awareness, recognition and buzz
  • Makes a memorable unified experience visually and verbally
  • Delivers on a promise
  • Helps define us, our story, our rally cry
It fairly screams 1972 to me.
Northside in 1972? The second most violent neighborhood in Cincinnati (behind Price Hill) and a hotspot for outlaw biker clubs. The influx of poor, uneducated Appalachians had mostly replaced the educated middle & upper middle class families & worked low end jobs in nearby factories - soon to close. When the later influx of African Americans came along later racial tensions boiled over as teens fought for their supposed turf.
The neighborhood has changed a lot since then but if we focus on Mary Tyler Moore show reruns, maybe the image fits.
As for it's goals, there is nothing "personifying" in the image.
I don't know what "promise" it delivers on except to deliver a logo.
It's forgettable enough that it might create awareness & buzz for being the most bland & boring thing in a neighborhood full of creativity & energy.
How it unifies anything is beyond me.
As for a rallying cry - a different direction? Following the line it starts & ends in exactly the same direction after a zig zagging lateral movement.
Branding a community means communicating it's cosmion. It's not a boring graphic that might have been found on a hospital wall 40 years ago.
Am I bitter that my Knowlton's Corner Splat thing wasn't used? no, but it was better than what was chosen and even with that, I knew it was just a graphic & not a "brand".
ugh, can't wait for the video with unicorns & rainbows…..

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Romanian Foot Fetish Hip Hop
It's the end of June, man, what else do you want?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kafka Kathartics
Elani Sininger kinda took on the role of a Jesussette in In the Penal Colony on Cincinnati's Fountain Square recently.

WC3PO story, in all it's lurid detail, here
Garish Summit IGA
The latest step in the ongoing Clifton IGA saga has Goessling's Markets employing Cassidy Turley Commercial Real Estate Services to find an operator for the store.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

$$ ~ OHIO ~ $$
I don't know what's going on in Columbus, but it seems like the Ohio legislature is hell bent on raising the cost of living and lowering the quality of life in the Buckeye State.
Rearranging taxes to regressively screw the working class while cutting taxes on business owners still punishes the business owners because they're consumers, too. Increasing the cost of home ownership is bound to attract new residents.
Besides their soviet style class war, they are going full steam on the gender war, too, again in soviet style. it's like they're hanging an iron curtain around Ohio. Forcing doctors to recite propaganda, nickel & diming women - wasting their time, putting doctors in their money grabbing crosshairs with insane fines, knee capping health care providers while funneling cash to their religionist cronies…..
This will create jobs and bring business to Ohio for sure!
While most of this is spearheaded by inbred Rebloodlicans, Democrip fuckwit Dale Mallory proposed a statewide ban on traffic light cameras & speed cameras. This, of course hikes the cost of traffic policing in townships & municipalities and squanders highly trained & skilled police personnel who must engage in dangerous and expensive street chases endangering all motorists and jacking up insurance rates to boot.
The state could have issued regulations & guidelines but, no, the baby goes with the bathwater in typical big government style.
Is increasing the cost of living, ramming religion down our throats, jerking people around and making the streets more dangerous really in Ohio's best interests?
Unfortunately, with the gerrymandering & election manipulating in the state, I don't see any way out of this shit except for mounting referendum after referendum - oh, wait - they've made that more difficult, too…..
Wayne's World

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Worried About Death ?
I'm not sure this graph really mens much, it's touting that atheists are less worried about death, but I am not sure if it just means atheists just don't dwell on it so much. Most suicidal extremists tend to be religious.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises
These comic book movies are just confusing. I guess that if you don't know the original stories, they might make sense but if you do, it's all really confusing because the timeline is a big jumble. It's not like Slaughterhouse Five or Maus where a single timeline is told in a jumbled way - it's a linear story (kind of) of a bunch of stuff semi based on a mess of elements from the original comics. The fact that the elements in the movie are strewn together kinda like the 2 guys who went to White Castle movie - well, there's not much there. It was fun. Lots of fighting & exploding gizmos & stuff…

Monday, June 24, 2013

WWE Comes to the hamilton County GOP
While most of the attention at the 6/24/13 Cincinnati Budget committee meeting focussed on allocating more money for the Cincinnati Streetcar another vote DIDN'T take place.
Kid Monzel & his sidekick Greg Hartman vowed to stop Federally mandated sewer repairs and threaten the employment of who knows how many workers & incur all sorts of fines & higher prices after the City Council unanimously approved their onerous hard core liberal hiring rules proposed by the left of left Chris Seelbach. The kids got together & came out with a stop gap measure that they thought could get things moving again while they hammered out a new deal. Wendell Young, a Dumbocrip, was skeptical & not too trusting of the county Rebloodlicans. That's to be expected. But the bristling attack on the county Rebloodlicans by city council Rebloodlican Chuck the Windbag & Meta-Rebloodlican the SMLP was pretty, well, amusing.
So, now Seelbach & Monzel actually have to come up with something?
I'm thinking a tag team cage match with Smitherman & Winburn taking on Monzel & Hartman would be pretty cool.

Porktown Bizniz Courier story here
Yvette Simpson teaching the SMLP about "financial literacy"? - priceless

Thursday, June 20, 2013

A lawyer, a podiatrist and an electrical engineer walk into a bar - er - a legislative chamber and vote on a farm bill.
what a joke...
Fishwarp meanderings here

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In 1970 a survey showed 20% of Americans thought it was AOK to beat your wife to keep her in line. The way the Ohio legislature is going, it'll probably be legal again here, pretty soon.
The Great American Nightmare
Like a modern day Walt Disney, Rob Zombie will soon let fans of his movies, House of 1,000 Corpses, El Superbeasto & The Lords of Salem, immerse themselves in these worlds of terror, mystery and horror. Unfortunately it's not permanent - just Thursdays thru Sundays in October in a complex outside a trailer park in California.

Find out more Rob Zombie Great American Nightmare

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Republican Men Tighten the Chains on Ohio Women a Little More
Republican males, recognizing their natural superiority over women, have concocted new rules to keep them under control. Smaller, less intrusive government, personal liberty were what they promised - slavery is what politicians like Blessing, Maag & Terhar, the usual suspects, are delivering. As these males lead Ohio into the middle ages, it has been deemed that their theology shall be the basis of Ohio law.
Gone is comprehensive family planning in favor of dogmatic behavioral modification. Gone is respecting free will with interminable delays and added costs. People who wish to aid the wishes of women with minds of their own? Million dollar fines !
Because women can't be trusted to make reasonable decisions with their own bodies & lives, they will now have to wait twice as long to have procedures done than now. They will have to take a litany of tests & contend with countless state mandated lectures. Risks to womens' lives will be of less importance than ever.
Private clinics will no longer affiliate themselves with public hospitals and state bureaucrats will be able to close them without accountability.
Motherhood is not to be respected, it is to be mandated.

Dayton Daily News article here

City Bleat article here

Friday, June 14, 2013

When I sat down to watch Poultrygeist I had no idea it was a musical. Well, sort of..
Imagine my surprise that Troma had it in 'em…..
This scene is way funnier than the slideshow but is a bit ~uh~ R rated.
For some unknown reason this scene was deleted. Not enough fart jokes, I guess…
To say this movie is politically incorrect would be a bit of an understatement. To say it's bad - a serious understatement.
How Much Will Hamilton County GOP Obstruction Cost Us ?
Recently the hard core liberal unionist Chris Seelbach proposed on Cincinnati City Council, that the city adopt an onerous policy that fairly shuts out non union contractors doing business with the city. His bill also wants contractors to fund a "pre-apprenticeship" program. This amounts to remedial education crap - the stuff taxpayers already paid for when they funded the public school system.
The poop hit the fan, however when MSD got the ok from the EPA to go forward with some projects mandated by the federal agency and do nothing showboating Hamilton County Commissioners led by the worst commissioner in recent history, Kid Monzel, decided to institute a work stoppage til he could impose his will on the city of Cincinnati.
The MSD is a Hamilton County owned entity managed by the City of Cincinnati which owns significant assets used by MSD. This agreement has existed for 45 years & expires in 5. Clearly the Hamilton County GOP is gearing up for some power grabs. Still, Hamilton County should be used to lousy deals by now and we should only expect more bad deals from them in 5 years.
In a meeting of Cincinnati Council's pointless Jobs Creation Committee, pretty much the Chris & Charlie show, the two possibly mentally ill council members claimed the county work stoppage was the city's fault and peppered the MSD rep with inane, leading questions about what HE was going to do. He repeatedly explained, he had to wait for the two legislative bodies to figure it out.
But he also stated that the work stoppage will result in higher costs as grants expire, construction moves into the winter & EPA deadlines are missed. Why would Hamilton County Commissioners do this to the ratepayers? Good question. Why would City Council lay the added expenses of their overbearing "Responsible Bidder" policy on rate payers? Another good question.
This is a prime example of power mad radical ideologues paralyzing and punishing The people they are supposed to represent.
Seelbach, Smitherman, Winburn & Monzel need to go.
6/14/13 UPDATE:The Fishwarp investigates Monzel's reckless grandstanding here

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zombie Fever
While it might sound like a movie about some kind of necrophiliac fetish, it's the international name of Russia's first big low-budget zombie movie, Zombie Holiday. But coming from Russia, who knows? Due for release this fall.

More here

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Republican Cabal Loses Round 2
Anti-business obstructionist Republicans are defeated in their attempt to hobble the Cincinnati government and make it less competitive.
Now I guess it's off to the Ohio Supreme Court because that's just what civic saboteurs do.
Fishwarp story about the ongoing war against efficient, competitive, business-friendly governance here
John Cranley
~ DINO ~
Bad to Bizarre

Cincinnati Republicans have decided the fiscally irresponsible, opportunist, pro-police-state John Cranley is the way to go. Cranley - "I'll take anything I can get".
As the Cincinnati Blog points out, Cranley Tweets like a Republican.
  • 21 retweets of Republican politicians, all of them ideological
  • 70 tweets that are critical of Mayor Mallory
  • 2 tweets that express Democratic ideology
  • 29 retweets of negative news stories (about city Democratic leadership)
  • 1 retweet of positive news stories
While Cranley claims to be a solid Democrat, his associations speak otherwise. heck, an ex Hamilton County GOP chairman is hosting a fundraiser for the guy and Cranley's endorsing Republicans for city council. At least Jeff Berding is no longer identifying himself with the Democrats. I guess the opportunistic Cranley just doesn't want to wean himself off of that bit of support, tho…
While some equate parties with political leanings of liberal & conservative, it doesn't really work that way. I have a lot more respect for people who just go independent as opposed to opportunists like Kenny Blackwell who just go for the best deal. I couldn't care less what Cranley's official party is but his dishonesty in the issue is unacceptable.

More from the Fishwarp

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Al's at it again…
While Al Triantafilou is accusing Cincinnati Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan of frivolously spending city money, the fact remains she has done more to promote small business & entrepreneurship in Cincinnati than his lone boy on council, the hapless Windbag who chairs the pointless Jobs Creation Committee.
Like a frustrated monkey, he's just flinging shit about & chattering madly.
It's kinda sad, really…

Quinlivan's response to Triantafilou, who obviously has caller ID & was afraid to answer.
International "Expert" to Discuss Transit in Cincinnati Region
The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s Agenda 360 will be bringing in a full time consultant who has worked in the US & Australia/New Zealand to discuss transit in the Cincinnati area. He affirms that the streetcar should be successful but warns that we must not focus on it to the detriment of regional transit development. Indeed, Metro is updating routes & creating "hubs" in the city of Cincinnati.
Regional transit? That ball's in the court of the state, county, townships & other municipalities. Hope they are listening.

WCPO with misleading headline here

UPDAYE: Apparently, even the expert found the WCPO headline misleading & praised the streetcar plan.
sigh... It's not just locals calling out the crappy, biased Cincinnati media.....

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Monzel Fails AGAIN
Kid Monzel's latest money grab plot at the City of Cincinnati's expense has died without a shot.
Fishwarp story here
In 48 hours, Cincinnati area motorists managed to run into 5 buildings. The buildings were not moving. At least one had been sitting in the same spot for about a hundred years.
Ohio legislator's response? Raise the speed limit.
yeah! That'll show those damn buildings!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

What if Victor Frankenstein Had to Answer to a Board of Directors ?
Well, ok, Vic kinda did & his old prof told him to stop, but bear with me - what if a board of profit minded guys with business degrees were calling the shots on how Frankenstein built his "monster". Kind of appears to be what Brad Pitt has run into with the much anticipated World War Z.
The first reviews aren't too good and they're pretty much missing the zombie wave.
Granted, British critics love to tear down anything, the whole zombie movie thing is pretty much based on low budget films made by individuals or small groups of like minded horror geeks. This massive high tech monstrosity is a day late & a few hundred million dollars overboard. Zombies on a plane? That would be an entire Troma movie….
I can wait to see this & I will, but a Frankenstein's monster, played by Pitt, wearing an outfit festooned with his corporate sponsors' logos would probably be a lot scarier.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Spring Grove's Gypsy Grave Economic Indicator
What does an analysis of the gypsy grave decorations at Spring Grove Cemetery tell us about the state of the economy?
Retired Cincinnati State Technical and Community College economics professor, Mary Peterson, annually views and interprets the displays.
There’s no grand displays and nothing puny. They are consumers like the rest of us. This reflects their behavior in the economy, and they’re in the middle of the road in their willingness to spend.
Bizniz Courier story here