Monday, August 07, 2017

The Invasion 8/21/2017

Monday afternoon, August 21, 2017 under cover of the darkness from the solar eclipse, transhuman Nazi cyborgs will fly out of their secret bases on the dark side of the moon in their alien modified M 266 Messerschmitt fighters and scream down from the sky firing their alien designed particle beam weapons on frightened unsuspecting Americans in their mad quest to start the 5th Reich to be ruled by their alien hybrid allies.
Trump will quickly acquiesce in exchange for the right to build golf courses on the moon.
The deserted malls will become prison camps for dissidents and will be administered by FEMA (who has been in league with the aliens since the agencies's inception).
People will be harvested to work as zombie workers on the alien's slave colonies.
The alien lizard men will rape the Earth women and systematically end the human species as we know it.
But could there be hope?
Could we flee to the poles, enter the underworld and ally with the strange & terrible beings who live in those depths?
Or will they act with the alien Nazi hybrid cyborgs and just flank us & destroy our once proud race?
Any way you look at it - things will change for the worse.