Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In a posting on Jan 17, 2006 at the Enquirer blog titled

Lindner's Largesse
, it says that the Republican county commissioners intend to raise $100 k to pay for a task force to visit 3 counties. Mr Lindner has donated $25 k. The goal of the task force is to find ways to save money. It is certainly not a good start.
For $100 k I could live in the three counties for a year apiece. These guys just don't get the basics of fiscal responsibility. While I commend them for spending as little public money on this fiasco as possible, Mr Lindner does a lot for the county & it is wrong to see him getting fleeced by these guys.
How many people are on this task force that it costs so much ? Why can't they send just a couple representatives ? Do they have to pay "experts" in these three counties for their information ? Haven't those politicians publicized what they have done to save their constituents money ? How hard is it to get the information ?
This whole thing smacks of another Republican giveaway.
It definitely shows they are clueless when it comes to issues of frugality.