Monday, September 30, 2013

Other Things Than Horror Can Sell, Too

While BIC generally sees horror as the best answer to most issues, homey humor can work, too. I think city council candidate Greg Landsman hit it out of the park with this one. He hammers home his tagline, humanizes himself and, it's free & viral.
Still, chasing the kids around the house with a bloody hatchet woulda been cool, too.

Bob City Shoe

For some reason I always thought an old lady lived here.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Cranley Gang

Firing up the wayback machine, let's take a look at one of Cincinnati mayoral candidate John Cranley' paid staffers, Laketa Cole with a posting by none other than the chairman of the Hamilton County GOP.
The recent events involving Ms. Cole demonstrate a pattern of behavior that voters should strongly consider as they go to the ballot box in November. This most recent episode is unacceptable and wrong. Ms. Cole has demonstrated behavior that is unprofessional and unbecoming of a public official. She is not worthy of re-election.
Indeed, do we want Cranley's gangland style government leading Cincinnati?
Read the whole article here

Friday, September 27, 2013

CO    Endangers Cincinnati

CO    wants the city to cough up about a half million bucks in legal fees in their fight to bring in their out of town friends for rallies at City Hall. I know that what I am about to say might raise some eyebrows but, I don't think the organization is acting in good faith. Generously, their lawsuit couldn't have taken more than 10 hours of work. Are they really charging $50,000/hr? My best paying job would have taken 12 years to snag $500,000. In that time, I could go back to school, get a law degree (and probably 1 or 2 more) and still have time for a movie & a lawsuit.
So where will the city find the money? $500,000 would be about 10 police or maybe 10 firefighters. Could more fire station brown outs be on the way? Will you lose your home to fire? Will your loved one die due to slow emergency service? Will you meet a crazed and homicidal crack addict in your living room due to reduced police staffing? All so CO    can get a nicer backdrop and easier media attention for their trifling rallies?
Meanwhile, the police and fire unions endorse the organization's staunchest supporters in city government
Go figure. Enjoy your bloody lawsuit , CO   

More at the Fishwarp

Thursday, September 26, 2013

ah… The Cranley/Luken Years…

The good old days when Luken & Cranley were in charge at Cincinnati City Hall. They're ba-ack...

Party Endosements

The Charter Committee has opted to endorse Roxanne Qualls for the Mayor of Cincinnati. The Democrats are sitting on their hands because endorsing one Democrat over another would disenfranchise not only the person not endorsed but all of his supporters as well. The Republicans are paralyzed because they might have to support a Republican challenger to the their endorsed Democrat someday. Frankly, I wish Cranley & Smitherman would just go ahead & join the Republican party. Ken Blackwell did it. Ronald Reagan did ti. Strom Thurmond did it. In fact, low information, right wing Democrats have been moving over to the Republican party for over 50 years to the point that they pretty much control the party today. Neoconservatism wasn't a Republican idea. Nowadays, the Republican party is essentially the party of crazy, tho, so endorsing folks like Blackwell, Winburn, Smitherman & Cranley seems like a natural fit.
What's interesting about the Charter Committee endorsement is that, in the 1920s, the Charter Committee was originally a primarily Republican led "good government" reform movement. They were respected for their efforts to bring professionalism & ethics to government and curb political patronage. A perfect fit for Qualls.
Unfortunately, the Republicans and Democrats care more about themselves than their candidates or the American people, so their endorsements really wouldn't matter much anyway.

Something that resembles an article here

UPDATE: And an actual article here.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Roxanne Qualls - Sound Stewardship & Vision

The EPA has given Cincinnati (& Mercer Island,WA) aGreen Power Leadership Award for substantially cutting down our use of non-renewable energy sources.
Cincinnati uses 408 million kilowatt-hours of green power per year, enough to offset the carbon dioxide emissions of 60,000 cars a year.
That's 14% of our power consumption.
The main person behind this transition is Cincinnati Mayoral candidate Roxanne Qualls. Her leadership & vision in promoting sustainable policy in both energy consumption and waste management has saved Cincinnati residents money in the near term & promise to save Cincinnatians money in the long term. It's hard to put an exact dollar value on long term health benefits, extending the life of our landfills & prudently using our finite natural resources.

More at the Cincinnati Business Courier

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Roxanne Qualls - Building Stronger Neighborhoods

Cincinnati Mayoral Candidate, Roxanne Qualls, rolls out Come Home Cincinnati in an effort to rehab and re-occupy abandoned homes in Cincinnati's neighborhoods. Vacant houses in Cincinnati's older neighborhoods create a nuisance and blight the neighborhoods. The city is littered with these houses since the housing financial meltdown. Qualls' plan should help to re-energize these neighborhoods, raise property values & attract new residents to the community.

More info here

Monday, September 23, 2013

Exhuming Rosia Montana

In a recent post I brought up the rape of the Carpathian Mountains & the Rosia Montana gold mining scheme. It appears they are quite happy disturbing the dead in their quest for treasure. One of the issues here is that the Romanian Orthodox Church doesn't really allow graves to be moved around like they are in Ohio. They can be exhumed for ritual cleansing but only after 7 years.
When you find out about the dubious past of this plan to destroy forests, mountains, beasts & cultures, nothing is too surprising.
This history of the Rosia Montana scheme that actually goes back to Romania's communist days is rife with people with lel in their eyes.
It looks like the mining operation will be blocked by the current parliament but these ghouls seem patient.

Davey Moore Statue Dedicated

Photo by Rod Hatfield
50 years after Davey Moore's death due to a series of events in a featherweight boxing match with Sugar Ramos, his hometown of Springfield finally honored him with a statue erected near his old high school.
Sugar Ramos was there to pay tribute to the man.
While Bob Dylan penned the song, Who killed Davey Moore, basically blaming everybody & society in general other folks argue nobody killed Davey Moore
While the old Springfield High School has sat vacant for awhile, it appears renovation work will start soon so it can house Springfield's fledgling STEM school

A tad more from the Noose Son

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Tom Luken claimed the Cincinnati Streetcar would cost BILLIONS. With all the promises John Cranley has made about how to spend the cash when he kills the streetcar, he'd better hope so.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Horror Sells - Cheeseburgers

The Des Moines Register reports that for National Cheeseburger Day, Foursquare found Zombie Burger comes in #6 in check ins at cheeseburger joints nationwide. Their menu includes
  • Zombie Burger
  • 28 Days Later
  • They're Coming to get you Barbara
  • Undead Guy BBQ Burger
  • Mushroom Apocalypse
  • Dead Moines
  • George Romero's Pittsburgher
  • The Walking Ched

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is Cranley's Direction Cincinnati's Direction ?

Bad to Bizarre
One of the weirder things John Cranley brought up in the Mayoral debate on Tuesday, Sep 17, was the notion that the city leadership is out of sync with our federal leadership and that he would work with Congressmen Steve Chabot and Brad enstrup - both Republicans serving in Republican controlled gerrymandered districts. Thing is, neither of these cats won inside the city of Cincinnati. Wenstrup only squeaked by a candidate the Democrats refused to support and actually asked to withdraw from the race. Chabot's opponent recommended people support other candidates. And yet neither of the Republicans could muster s majority in Cincinnati.
This is who Cranley wants to align himself and Cincinnati with?
Fortunately, Roxanne Qualls, like her predecessor, Mark Mallory, recognizes the lack of representation Cincinnati suffers in Washington & has vowed to represent the city in spite of people like Chabot & Wenstrup.

WC3PO Q&A With Roxanne Qualls

WC3PO recently asked Cincinnati Vice Mayor to answer viewers questions.
The job of Mayor is to make sure Cincinnati is safe, clean, livable and healthy. The city has seen a decrease in violent crime and Part 1 crime over the last few years. If, however, you are a victim of crime, the statistics do not matter! I know because I once was a victim of a crime. As Mayor, I will make sure we have a new recruit class in next year's budget. I will invest technology that makes our police more effective. And, I will encourage further civilianization to get more officers on the street.
You can read the entire transcript here


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mayoral Debate

The Fishwarp & WC3PO both broadcast the 1st post primary Cincinnati mayoral debate (tho, I couldn't find it on The Warp has a summary & WC3PO has highlights, but neither agency has seen fit to just post the raw debate.
There were no real surprises. Qualls was cool & logical but failed to hammer home some points and, especially towards the end, Cranley seemed on the verge of coming unhinged, raving of conspiracies & personal slights. His borderline schizophrenia would go hand in hand with Smitherman's. Think Romulus & Remus suckled at the teat of a rabid she wolf…
UPDATE: The Fishwarp has posted the entire debate here

Monday, September 16, 2013

Rosia Montana

The densely wooded Carpathian Mountains are rich in history and myth. They are also one of the last ancient forests of Europe. Besides being the home of many tiny remote villages, the forests are also home to lynx, wolves and brown bear.
But there's gold in them thar hills & the timber has $$$ in some people's eyes. The Roman Empire coveted the gold back in the mid second century but the worst thing they did was enslave people & work them to death. ok, and rape, pillage & make their captives engages in deadly sports...
But the good old days are over. With modern technology, businesses are stripping the woods, leveling the mountains & creating vast pools of cyanide contaminated water.
In an open letter to The Prince of Wales, Rupert Wolfe Murray wrote:"
The proposed gold mining project at Rosia Montana will erase three pristine villages and four mountains from the face of the planet, creating a sterile zone the size of a small city that will be contaminated for millennia.
The investors plan to build a 185 metre high dam (higher than the Three Gorges Dam in China) that will contain 214 million tons of cyanide waste.
What could go wrong?
Besides destroying the habitat of countless plants & animals and besides destroying the culture & communities of people, a dam failure would be devastating. The Canyon Lake dam in South Dakota was nowhere near as large as this dam being proposed in Romania & the lake wasn't polluted with poisonous chemicals when it failed and flooded Rapid City. They won't be building any parks if this dam fails.

More on Wild Carpathia

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cranley's World

Bad to Bizarre
In a recent Warp article John Cranley said he would provide increased services including street repaving and pay for them by eliminating the Cincinnati streetcar. Of course, he will only lose money by killing the streetcar project so one has to wonder what kind of fantasy world he, and his minions, inhabit?
I bet it's nice.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Northside Second Saturday September Style

Second Saturday of the month - better get your Northside on. Nobody's gonna do it for ya…
From 9AM to 1PM The Vintage Sale at Pallette23 Bazaar will feature 15 vintage vendors.
There's art galore
J. Michael Skaggs explores chronic pain at the Prairie Gallery
Soft Documents: Embroideries & Mixed Media by Elodie Freeman
9th anniversary, not to mention great coffee, tea & masticatible morsels at Sidewinder which is celebrating their 9th anniversary.
Thunder Sky Inc. is hosting The (F)art Show
The Masking Traditions of sub-Saharan Africa is the current exhibit at the Joseph Clark Gallery
True to Form: Fiber arts by Leslie Alexandria will be on display at Future Life Now
Impressions of Space: Study #11, Northside by Jenna Frances Harris & Dillon Teske is on display at NVISION
Getting on towards sunset, Spring Grove Cemetery will host it's annual Lantern Lighting
There's free pizza & music by SALTY CANDY (acoustic Melissa Fairmount) at The Kitchen Factory
There's music, tacos & tequila out the wazoo at Barrio Tequileria which offers a dog friendly patio to boot.
There's burgers on the grill & gourmet hot dogs to be had at Mayday
There's reggae in the basement & Army of Infants & The Harlequins (big burritos) upstairs at The Comet
Billy & Beth will be in the front of The Northside Tavern, while Girls & Boys, Loudmouth & Frank Rocket will be jammin' in the back.
the Chameleon Club will be hosting Karaoke
Northern Divide will grace the stage at Boswells
Dunno what's going on at Fabricate, Northside International Airport, Tacocracy, Chicken Lays an Egg, Happen's Toy Lab, Take the Cake, Cryptogram Ink, Mayday, Northside Surplus Co., Chase Public, Melt, Picnic and Pantry , The C & D, Ko-Sho Japanese Restaurant, Skincraft, Taylor Jameson Hair Design, Shake It Records, The Helltown Workshop, Tantrum, The Listing Loon, Market Side Mercantile, Bathroom Gallery, Blink Make-up Studio, On the Prowl Vintage, (False) Minotaur, Django, Black Plastic & WordPlay, but you should probably find something to do.

For more info check out Northside Second Saturday on PhaseBuch

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In 2103 NOBODY will live in Cincinnati

From this chart, Cincinnati City Council candidate Mellissa Wegman extrapolates that because of declining population, Cincinnati will not be able to afford a streetcar in the future (even tho we ran them before with even smaller populations). From the lies, damn lies & statistics dept, we can also figure that we should lay off police, fire & sanitation workers, quit paving roads & turn off streetlights.
While we will all be Elvis impersonators by 2043, we can also use some bistro math to predict the city of Cincinnati will be devoid of people shortly after 2100. Simply a ghost town with an empty trolley going around in circles clanging it's bell for no one...
UPDATE: oh, yeah, and a dog barking in the distance.

Cranley Trashes Qualls

Next Up? - Cincinnati...
In Cincinnati's pointless mayoral primary, old school, machine Democrat, John Cranley took 56% of the vote over progressive, Roxane Qualls' 37%. The primary drew about 6% of the electorate.
Some pundits say that's not enough voters to mean anything buta survey would draw conclusions from a smaller sample. Perhaps it was a greater mobilization of low information Republicans & no to bad information Smitherbots.
It's been noted that the winner of every primary has lost the actual election since Cincinnati instituted the system.
Whatever, the future looks pretty bleak right now. If Qualls doesn't mobilize her base, we can look forward to at least 4 years of population loss, economic decline, haphazard development, decreased Metro service, out of control parking rates, lowered bond ratings & ballooning pension deficits.

Warp stuff here

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Triumph of the Ignoroids

Don't let this happen in November.

John Cranley - No Class

When you vote in the mayoral primary in Cincinnati today, think about the level of maturity & professionalism exhibited by the candidates. Is John Cranley mature enough to be mayor of a large midwestern city?
When Cranley was on council he was not above flipping off the mayor during council meetings when he knew the CitiCable cameras weren't watching.
From The 'Warp'
Witnesses tell me he pointed his finger — in the obscene gesture known as “giving the bird” — at the mayor, Charlie Luken. In public. While council was in session.
CitiCable broadcast the meeting live. But the cable TV channel did not catch the gesture. The camera was on the mayor. He was speaking. And subsequently turning red.
If good manners are the glue that holds society together, do we really want a mayor prone to schoolboy hijinks? Do we want Cincinnati to devolve into some kind of Lord of the Flies dystopia?

Monday, September 09, 2013

I Swear to GOD I Didn't Do it

I swear I didn't screw up the layout of my blog.
See here.
Wait - THAT fixed it?

A Bit of History

Friday, September 06, 2013

DOA @ The Jockey Club 1986

Fun in Newport, KY in the 80s

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Cincinnati Comic Book Convention

The Cincinnati Comicon is this weekend, Friday through Sunday at the Cincinnati Convention Center. It just keeps growing (think zombie apocalypse) and this year will spread out to the Hall of Justice (think Union Terminal).
This year's show features Bernie Wrightson, Arthur Adams, Geof Darrow & Walking Dead creator Tony Moore!
Geek out, Porkopolis!
UPDATE: oh bloody hell, this convention is at the NKY convention center. But don't put your spandex away just yet - The Cincinnati Comic Expo is at the Cincinnati Convention center Sept 13-15!
Visit the website if you dare…

Cranley Gets Colicky

Bad to Bizarre
Surprise - Cranley, a one trick pony at best, fires back at future Mayor Qualls with chest beating & hammering away with his incessant lies & distortions of his 2 pet issues. The cold hand of desperation must be gripping his black heart.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

White Blacula

Something for all you gothy tree huggers out there...

A Star Trek Maverick

Started watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine recently. It was my favorite Star Trek series. While the first series was described as a TV western, about the only western adventure it compared to was the Lewis & Clark expedition which hasn't been a smash hit on prime time TV. Most of the old westerns that were popular were of people dealing with their turf - The Big Valley, Bonanza, Gunsmoke
And that's what STDS9 was about - people staking their claim in the frontier, putting down roots & making a home. Since the cast wasn't off galavanting all over the cosmos, it also shared more insight into how the civilized galaxy was being run. By exploring the foundation of the Star Trek universe, it expanded that universe like Tolkien did with the Hobbit series & Lee did in the 60s Marvel universe.
There was another popular wester called Maverick, about a hustler with a heart of gold who wandered the west looking to score whatever he could. 2 other 60s era shows had a similar premise of wandering young mer, Route 66 and Then Came Bronson, although those guys weren't swindlers & the shows, in general were not comedies. About the closest TV science fiction has come to Maverick was the ill fated Firefly but even that used an ensemble cast while Maverick, Bronson & Route 66 relied on only 1 or 2 strong recurring characters but featured at least 1 strong guest character per show.
I think this would be an excellent model for a new Star Trek TV series. The airwaves have been Trekless too long. Maybe Will Wheaton dropping out of Star Fleet Academy to bum around on a Harley space bike? Unfortunately, it would take a lot stronger actor to pull it off & we seem to be stuck with soap opera type ensemble shows for awhile.

Cranley for Cranley

A Citizens for Qualls ad featuring Cranley's gorgeous real estate development in Price Hill, the neighborhood Cranley has since fled.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Roxanne Qualls Hits the Little Screen

Overall, it looks & sounds ok. No lies, wild accusations or hopeless promises. Dunno as I like the transparency/vignette stuff on the logo & the poster image fairly sucks.

City Streets Weren't Always so Boring

Before the rise of the machine and people becoming wetware steering units, the streets had a lot of variety and served the people's society.

Barcelona 1908

London 1903

San Francisco 1906

Monday, September 02, 2013


From the farmers of the SHow Me state.