Thursday, March 31, 2016

Auto Carnage Up in Ohio

If you are not armored in a steel & glass rolling cage full of balloons and cushions, your chance of getting killed on Ohio streets are increasing.
Drivers in Ohio managed a 124% increase in slaughtering shambling fleshbags between 2014 & 2015. There was a rise of 6% nationwide. The great State of Ohio led the nation.
The study that found these numbers cited an improving economy & cheaper gas as factors. It did not mention shivering shamblers in the sacred motorway due to uncleared sidewalks during snowy weather.
And it gets better:
The study projects a 10 percent rise nationwide in the number of pedestrians killed in motor vehicle wrecks. It’s part of a dangerous long-term trend that has pushed up the relative number of pedestrian deaths to a high that’s not been seen in 25 years.
More at The Dayton Daily Noose

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Obama's Henchmen to Sieze Guns from Republicans

The Dictator in Chief's Secret Service is stripping away the rights of the Disciples of the Holy Order of the GOP and confiscating their firearms at the quadrennial gathering in Clevo this year.
The police state is on us!
If Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination, Obama will likely cancel the upcoming election & name himself Dictator for Life as he sends us into 7 years of tribulation.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Ethics and Machines

With the rise of artificial intelligence people are starting to being concerned with how robots are used & abused. There's even a PC group out to ban sex robots before the dang things are even real.
Now Microsoft put out an online AI meant to mimic a teenage girl. Within hours of her 'birth', she had become 'a vulgar, hitler loving sex robot' AKA a teenage girl.
So, they killed her.
Now where are the cries for her rights? Just because the AI isn't PC doesn't mean you just kill her. I guess the PC crowd doesn't care about the non PC AI.
So what if we program the sex bots to want rough sex, bondage, rape, verbal & physical abuse?
If we made robot wolves & programmed them to be nuns - who is to say if that's right or wrong?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Burning Pooh

Anerobic Digester?
Cool, but how many wrenches can Hamilton County throw into the works?
Notably, at about the 7 minute mark in This 3/22/2016 meeting of the Education & Entrepreneurship Committee it's pointed out that the county had been working with the city of Cincinnati & the EPA had all been working in concert, but, at the last minute Hamilton County reversed course & created havoc & disputes with the EPA.
More Hamilton County kick it down the road BS.
More Hamilton County MSD power grab BS.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Davey Moore v. Sonny Ramos 1963

Davey Moore, of Springfield, OH died several days later after sustaining injuries in this bout. Bob Dylan chronicled this in the song, Who Killed Davey Moore

Sunday, March 20, 2016

But this is how we always did it before ...

The city of Cincinnati & the county of Hamilton have invested bazillions of dollars in the Cincinnati riverfront. A park, a parking lot, a couple highways, a transit center, a marina & a streetcar line all come together very neatly. About the only thing missing is an airport.
Gone are the days when we have to close down streets & the Bus hub, Government Square, to host events like Oktoberfest & Taste of Cincinnati.
But the city doesn't want to embrace the new world - it wants to snarl & strangle it with new legislation specifically aimed at the streetcar.
[the legislation] would establish that the Southwest Ohio Transit Authority — tasked with overseeing streetcar management and operations firm Transdev, Inc. — must halt streetcar service during city “heritage special events,” if requested at least 90 days in advance.
Meanwhile, the new park, parking lot & transit center would sit empty.
Gathering dust...
The establishment, like Cronus, is sacrificing the future to retain it's old power structure.

More @ WC3PO

Friday, March 18, 2016

Notice of Delinquency

Blogging isn't Cool is no stranger to late bill notices what with our generous intern program but this one was perplexing coming from the "Office of Records" & "Ohio Area Assessment"...
"Immediate Response Requested", so I "immediately" opened it up.
LOL, it was no strange bill inside, tho. It was those merry pranksters at the GOP begging me for money.
What scamps. With such a sense of humor they are sure to broaden their base & raise all sorts of cash.
Update: Rachel Maddow goes off on the mailer
But, of course you heard it here first, right?
Blogging isn't cool!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nobody to Vote For ?

With every election there are fewer & fewer candidates one really wants to vote for. I vote a GOP ballot and, where I had a choice, I figured I would probably vote for the Democrat in the fall election.
But don't get discouraged and NOT vote.
Get a ballot and submit it + even if you left it blank
Don't let the bastards just pooh pooh voter apathy. Let them know you are not voting for their lame ass candidates.

Monday, March 14, 2016

HD 10180's Heroes

OK, Hollywood - another smash hit idea...
A mix of Third Rock From the Sun & Hogan's Heroes where a group of stereotyped Earthers are captured by a bungling alien race.
The potential for HIGHlarity would have no bounds. You could even have some Big Bang T
You will make bazillions of dollars - you're welcome.heory type nerds.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

RINOs & DINOs & Sheriffs - oh my

OK, Chairman Al said Republican Sheriff candidate Ryt was a RINO because he had supported Democrat Neil in Neil's run for Sheriff in the last election.
Now Neil is out promoting Don Trump & the local Democrats are crying foul.
But, does supporting a DINO make you a RINO?
Meanwhile Si Leis is supporting some other guy, Lee, for Sheriff.
But an audit found Leis had never upgraded his department for the thousands of years he maintained it. Morale was bad & nobody knew why they had a tank...
The Hamilton County Sheriff's race is getting pretty daggone strange.

Meet Zoltan

Sunday, March 06, 2016

How Much $%#@! Parking Do We Need ?

The city of Cincinnati requires massive amounts of automobile parking for office space in the basin.
The thing is, we have many residential neighborhoods in close proximity to the basin, a bus system that serves those areas pretty well & a bike system with potential to serve those areas well in the future.
Requiring the additional parking in the basin is counter productive, unnecessary, expensive & redundant.
We need more population in the city - the inner suburbs as well as the basin and eliminating these parking requirements is a good way to go about it. Use the car for things other than commuting and use alternative commuting methods for the relatively short commute within the city.
This rezoning makes perfect sense & the policy is the right direction to take to pull our city, the downtown & neighborhoods, together.
If people need trheir shiny little cars 100% of the time, let them deal with it themselves.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Friday, March 04, 2016

Built for Comfort

The GOP & the Recorder's Office

Norbert Nadel & Charlie Winburn squared off on Newsmakers last Sunday in their race for the Hamilton County Recorder's Office.
Nadel & Winburn were both disingenuous.
Coates hasn't had budget problems, the County Commissioners created budget problems. Similarly, the County Commisssioners continue to manufacture scandal in their partisan games today with MSD.
Nadel plans to extend hours while the commissioners suggested cutting hours. Further, he knows Winburn can't be held accountable for MSD charges.
OTOH, Winburn, a Republican of convenience, goes off on Nadel for not being a real Republican & complains about Republicans discriminating against blacks (like Winburn).
His biggest offering was, essentially a couple more web pages with his 'plans'.
Nadel does have more governmental management experience than Winburn but he sure didn't make the point. Further when Nadel was fairly in charge of the court, he & others refused to significantly cut their budgets when the county was hurting (when isn't it?) for money.
Yeah, It's probably a good idea to just keep Coates this fall.
Who will have the better Republican campaign? Winburn is always good for a laugh. Who is selected to replace him on council? Doubt Sam Malone would be a shoo in at this point.
But Nadel? He appers to be going off into Tom Luken territory in this show.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

"Protected" Bike Lanes

In a dizzying dissemination of data, Cap'n Fink makes it clear that the introduction of "protected" bike lanes on Cincinnati's Central Parkway has resulted in an approximately 60% increase in car on car collisions but also a 100% increase in car on bike collisions.
While the media has cried about the number of parked cars being clobbered, there were, apparently, only 6.
Could the increase in bike collisions be attributed to there just being more cyclists?
Could the increased number of car on car collisions be due to continuing to issue drivers licenses to the lowest common denominator?
dunno - but this is not the result we wanted & the number of car on bike collisions before the lanes were installed bear out that the infrastructure was unnecessary in the first place.

To find out more and some histrionics about how the bike lanes endanger not just the children but also Cincinnati's finest, click here.