Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yvette Simpson Takes to the Tubes

ok, terrible video but ok sound & a good solid message & delivery. Really wish they had taken the time to light the thing properly since the rest is ok.

Time for a Change of Fetish ?

Springfield Northwestern Schools have recently moved their new digs next door to some old digs. In fact some of the oldest digs in Clark County, Flick Cemetery.
In this era of overly political correct douchery, maybe now would be a good time to dump the old Warriors mascot & adopt a new one like, The Undertakers. Nosferatu, Zombies, Grave Diggers, Ghouls, Deviants, Crypt Kickers would all be fine, too.
Anyway, the Warriors are from Coney.

Noose Son story here

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Clear Choice

There's a clear choice for mayor of Cincinnati on November 5. Roxanne Qualls or John Cranley. The Porktown Fishwrap, in endorsing Cranley correctly points to the great prorgess Cincinnati has made & notes we need to keep it going. Now is not the time to coast, however. The goal is in sight but we need to hammer down & keep pushing. The last mile is always the hardest. Roxanne Qualls is dedicated to pushing forward. John Cranley has made a point to pursuing a very laissez faire approach and just letting Cincinnati work.
That is not acceptable.
Roxanne Qualls is pledged to work with neighborhoods to help them chart their own destinies. She has pledged to infuse our aging police force with fresh blood. In the past she has put walking patrols onto the streets of Cincinnati. She has taken steps & promises to take more to close the city pension fund deficit without taking on debt. Her efforts with the streetcar aim to eliminate blight and create economic opportunity for small local entrepreneurs & small businesses. Her work on modernizing waste disposal has saved millions, improved worker safety & increased the lifespan of our landfill likely saving even more money in the long run.
John Cranley has promised to incur massive debt and embroil the city in expensive no win lawsuits from day one. He has suggested taking on debt to pay down a portion of the pension fund deficit - basically using a credit card to make a house payment. He has promised racial quotas in government contracts. He has promised money for neighborhoods without quantifying their needs. People like free stuff. John Cranley seems to think that everything will just work out in the end.
John Cranley might make a good shepherd but Roxanne Qualls is a leader. Cincinnati needs a strong leader with vision and character - not an ambitious self serving career politician like Cranley. We need Roxanne Qualls for Mayor of Cincinnati in 2013.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dillingham Hits the Tubes

Michelle Dillingham's TV ad is kinda odd. No pretty pictures of the city, just poor unattractive people in a darkened room. I like Dillingham but I don't know about this strategy. Everybody wants to help the folks who need help (ok, besides Westwood Concern), but how do you pay for it? This is an issue I have with Mike Moroski, too. Seems to me if you make the world nice for the wealthy & middle class folks, the social services tend to fall into place. At least Dillingham HAS brought this up in other places but it seems like something to put into the ad. oh well, these folks only got 30 seconds

Cranley & "Free Stuff"

Bad to Bizarre
John Cranley certainly has the gift of gab. Problem is, he's frequently just making stuff up as he goes. He loves offering free stuff, however. While the city's on street parking is in disarray to say the least, Cranley gushes over free parking at shopping centers & malls.
While he was all for law enforcement in the past - even if the costs could bankrupt the city, now he worries about strict enforcement creating an unfriendly environment.
"It goes up and up and up," Cranley said. "Do we think people aren't going to notice that?"
Apparently, in Cranley's populist utopia, prices never change. It was his obstruction to bus fare increases that hampered Metro's ability to do maintenance & provide raises to Metro workers whose wages hadn't kept up with inflation. Did he think nobody would notice?

Cincinnati Business Courier article here

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who Will John Cranley Represent ?

The Biznz Courier reports that John Cranley is doing ok raising cash from wealthy self interested benefactors like Phillips Edison, Buddy LaRosa, Neil Bortz, Otto Budig, Jeff Wyler, John Pepper, Bob Bedinghaus, George Vincent and Jeff Ruby.
Auto dealer Jeff Wyler is interesting given Cranley's support for rail transit. While he says he supports rail transit, in a recent interview, Rob Richardson couldn't find one example that Cranley actually did support. Typical...
The Fishwrap reports this could be the most expensive mayoral race in Cincinnati history.
The question is, with the big money behind Cranley, who will he represent? His wealthy patrons? Or the people of Cincinnati, many of whom are too poor to afford their products/services?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Quinlivan - Getting Things Done

Cincinnati City Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan claims having a hand in creating 500 jobs in Cincinnati. 500 more than the doofus chairing the jobs creation committee can claim.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Melissa Wegman Needs a Proofreader

Cincinnati City Council candidate, Melissa Wegman (R), is, apparently, opposed to investments meant to stimulate the economy & promote job growth in favor of money sucking socialist playgrounds.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Manufacturing Scandal

Interesting article at WC3PO about the "whisper campaign' by Cincinnati mayoral supporters. While it seemed to be more about a scandal about Roxanne Qualls, it also seemed to be a shot at online commenters & bloggers. A subsequent radio appearance by the author on WLW Clown Radio had the Cunning Ham blathering about journalistic integrity. It was mildly bizarre coming from an integrity challenged controversialist.
The Fishwarp and City Bleat pretty much dispelled the contention that mayoral candidate Roxanne Qualls had done anything unethical. Regardless, mayoral candidate, John Cranley, still took the opportunity to fan the flames of FUD while Qualls dismissed the claims made against Cranley for buying black support, showing a definite difference in character between the two.
The Cincinnati Bizniz Courier did a well rounded article on the whole matter in a non sensationalistic manner.
I kinda wonder if the WCPO author was trying to discredit social media more than any political party. He might be sore over the turn of his career as a journalist more than anything. His last "scandal" involved a blogger, Randy Simes. Both articles appeared to be leaked by Republican shock troops, CO    and both came up invalid. The original WC3PO article noted FaceBook, blogposts & Twitter comments by Jim Kiefer, Mary Kuhl, Derek Bauman, Craig hochsheid and Brian Griffin. Indeed, an online post can take on dimensions a spoken word will not. People's understanding of comments like Joe Shmoe "sold property" may not be interpreted as "Joe was the agent for…", so an online smear campaign can be pretty effective. But what can you say about media outlets and politicians that seek to profit from such rumour mongering?
not much...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Lux Interior

Lux Interior at the Jockey Club - Newport, KY

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Queen of Romania Takes U.S. by Storm

Queen Marie of Romania arrives in NYC 10/18/26
This kinda baffles me. Apparently, Queen Marie of Romania was kind of a royal celebrity in the early 20th century - maybe like Princess Diana of Wales was in the late 20th century.
Born Princess of Edinburgh to Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, and Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, she married Prince Ferdinand of Romania and ascended to the throne in 1914 - just in time for WWI.
She adopted the Romanian people & became a bit of a war hero - a Soldier Queen. She oversaw the 4th Rosiori Regiment, worked to devise a defense against the German army, secured a military loan from the U.S. and, after the war, she attended the Paris Peace Conference & expanded Romania's land by 80%, taking back land from Hungary & Russia and uniting the Romanian speaking peoples once again.
Marie embraced her new country and with her charm, beauty & leadership she became an international role model for women. One of the first women to appear on the cover of Time magazine, she was the first queen to appear on a cover in 1924. Dubbed the most beautiful queen in Europe, she also endorsed beauty products, further cementing her influence with women of all strata.
So, when she landed in the US, she was an instant hit.
The Queen of Romania traveled through the US & Canada for a month at a fairly grueling pace. The entire trip is summarized here. She dedicated museums and made radio broadcasts, visited Indian Reservations & military installations.
It seems pretty weird nowadays that an eastern European royal could cause such a stir in the U.S. but a lot of that is due to the Soviet occupation & subjugation of eastern European nations after WWII. Prior to the war, eastern Europe was not far behind western Europe, but after being a battlefield for Germany & Russia & the consequent decades of Commieism established under the fairly psychotic Stalin, these countries fell behind economically & culturally and fairly disappeared from the western world - hid behind the Iron Curtain.
There's more on this woman's celebrity here

Thursday, October 17, 2013


This overly dramatic robo call cracked me up. the fact that it came 2 weeks after their deadline made it all the better.
Oh well, like I always say, Horror Sells

Bettie Page Cookies !

Admit it - you always wanted to eat Bettie Page. Well, now you can (figuratively - not ghoulishly).
Queen City Cookies is making Bettie Page shortbread cookies, available at their bakery, 1662 Blue Rock Street and down the road at The City Flea in The American Can Lofts building at 4101 Spring Grove Avenue, October 19 - both in historic Northside.
They also have special Halloween cookies.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coffee With Roxanne Qualls

Cincinnati mayoral candidate discusses city partnerships with College Hill. While I may not agree with everything College Hill is doing, Roxanne Qualls works to empower neighborhoods in Cincinnati to follow their own path. Her opponent is only interested in giveaways that curry political favor - not the betterment of the city.

Cranley - AWOL

This guy doesn't care about the city or it's citizens - he's just out for himself...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Voter Harassment

The Ohio Voter Integrity Project has, with a CO    lawyer decided to harass & ultimately imprison a native son. WCPO has been complicit in aiding these crackpots in their character assassination of the guy.
Simes claims
It appears to me that this challenge is motivated by the fact that I publish UrbanCincy, in which I have expressed opinions that disagree with those organizations like the Tea Party and COAST, and Mayoral candidate John Cranley, which whom the challenger and her counsel appear to be associated. An effort or decision to interfere with my right to vote because of my exercise of First Amendment rights would violate my civil rights under the U.S. Constitution.
It should be noted that OVIP doesn't have a great track record (<10% in Hamilton County). Focussing primarily on students, blacks, trailer park residents and anybody in districts that tend to vote Democrat, most of their challenges have been dismissed. County BOEs have found some challenges handy in the case of routing out dead voters. That being said, Cuyahoga, Franklin & Lucas counties tossed out ALL OVIP's challenges.
Performers, people who make a living touring & people who work abroad are all suspects in this insular pack's eyes. ya ain't normal, dammit!
It all comes down to politically motivated harassment & character assassination and as the BOE vote has ruled in Simes' favor with the dissenting vote coming from CO   er Al Triantifilou, there's little doubt otherwise.
UPDATE: Some more details from The Biz Courier

The City is Doing Fine Without Kevin Flynn

In a LTTE, perennial council candidate Kevin Flynn channeled Tom Luken & proclaimed everything is dandy in Cincinnati. Maybe from Flynn's isolated perspective in far off Mt Airy, but from people on the ground, while great strides have been made, there is a lot left to be fixed. Blocks of Over the Rhine are filled with vacant, boarded up properties. The only activity being vice. Blocks of undervalued property waiting to catch fire & hide criminals taxing city safety resources while bringing in little to no revenue. That's AOK with Flynn. He wants to stop the progress we have already made or thinks he can just ride the momentum of others & that everything will hum along fine just fine.
The City is Doing Fine Without Kevin Flynn.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Can Cincinnati Afford Amy Murray ?

CO    ally & TEA Party endorsed candidate, Amy Murray has vowed to stop the Cincinnati sreetcar, a move that could cost more than finishing the project and running it for a number of years. CO   's obstruction & nuisance litigation has cost the city hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars & higher costs thru delays in implementing policies. The Tease have done much the same on the national level, shutting down the government & costing the taxpayers billions.
And like the NKY Tease, she wants the government to pay for everything regardless of the cost.
She said council is "pushing the cost of essential services — like waste collection — onto the backs of hardworking and tax-paying Cincinnati residents and business owners."
. She can't just squander money & promise "free stuff". We can't afford it. We can't afford Amy Murray.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


oh, man, too cool

Read all about it at TankLimo

Somebody Likes Kevin Johnson

A not real well editd video of folks eschewing the qualities of Cincinnati City Council Candidate Kevin Johnson.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Horror Sells

Jughead's gonna eat yore mama's brains…
Yes, the Zombie Apocalypse has finally reached bucolic Riverdale in a new release from Archie Comics, called Afterlife With Archie.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013


A Clear Choice
While a drinking game during tonight's televised mayoral debate, targeting every time Cranky says 'streetcar' or 'parking' might sound fun, it could result in acute alcohol poisoning.
That's right, folks - John Cranley could kill you!

Paranoid Realtors®

The Cincinnat area Board of Realtors® has released it's endorsements for Cincinnati City Council.
  • Kevin Flynn
  • David Mann
  • Amy Murray
  • P.G. Sittenfeld
  • Christopher Smitherman
  • Melissa Wegman
  • Charlie Winburn
Dunno what some of these guys have done to promote the real estate market in the area. I don't know what Charlie Winburn has accomplished at ll other than keeping the heating bills down. Hyde Park's biggest worry is maintaining the high property values in what's likely the nicest residential neighborhood in town. To that end, strict zoning enforcement is a top priority for the Parkers. Their favorite daughter, Amy Muuray's big claim to fame, from her short term on city council, was ramming a zoning variation through council. That makes sense. Chris Smitherman floated the idea (while channeling Mr Rogers) that the city should use eminent domain to seize people's personal property & redistribute it for cheap to "responsible" owners. That's bound to improve the local market. Who doesn't want to live in a city that will steal your property to give to someone it likes better. Nevermind the expense & unconstitutionality of the scheme. The Bored claims
With a majority of current councilmembers having already voted to increase property taxes by more than 20 percent, it’s easy to understand why [they would want a bunch of clowns elected to council]
Nice fear tactic but, while mathematically correct, most people would say it was a less than 1% increase in a part of the overall property tax.
Meanwhile the Bored did not endorse the candidates who created tools for neighborhoods to better control development in their communities thus keeping property values and quality of life up & candidates who moved to enable more business expansion in their neighborhoods like Quinlivan, Simpson, Seelbach & Young.
All I can figure is that The Bored spend a lot of time in their cars listening to Fear Channel & then relax at home with Faux News.

Fishwarp on the endorsements here

Biz Courier on the tax increase here>here

Fox 19's take here

Monday, October 07, 2013

Speaking Out on Roxanne Qualls

I don't know who a lot of these people are but Tim Jeckering is one of the hardest working citizens I've ever seen. As a past president & officer in the Northside Community Council, he's spent a lot of time at City Hall intimately dealing with the various elected officials. You can see some of his work Saturday at the Northside Porch Tour and at Ruth's Parkside Cafe in the American Can building.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

You Know You're Laced Up Too Tight When...

OK, this illustration on the cover of the resurrected Northsider Monthly bugs me. I know it's not a map but it sorta semi kinda resembles one. Problem is south is up & north is down. OK but up at the top it has east on the right & west on the left. As it should be bu\t since the map is upside down - it shouldn't be. Further, the buildings on the east side of the street are on the left & the buildings on the west, on the right. yeah, that corresponds with the north & south being inverted but not with the east & west markers that coincide with China & Europe! it's maddening…
Further, while Clifton & OTR are to the south, Hyde park should be on the way to Europe & Oxford (seriously? Oxford?) should be to the north!
oh my head hurts...

Vanessa White Takes to the Intertubes

Not a TV ad but that costs $$. This seems to be a pretty good alternative. Positive, no attacks & talks about what she will do & not what she won't do.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Thanks, Adobe

In a mad attempt to control it's software, Adobe has taken to the clouds & forcing users to pay a monthly subscription fee & be connected to the intertubes to use their software. Barely up & running & je software is on Pirate Bay an thousands of user accounts have been compromised. Adobe gets screwed & all their customers get a gang bang.
While Adobe products are expensive for an amateur, they're not terribly expensive for a pro and, while most pros are going to pay, small, one man shops don't always have a steady revenue stream so the subscription plan just isn't a real good fit. Unfortunately, Adobe virtually has a monopoly in the graphic arts field.

CNET story here
From Engadget

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Gotta Wonder About Those FOP Endorsements

Why would the police union endorse a guy who beat the crap out of his kid - hospitalized him - and choked his mom? Never mind the traffic stops
The Cincinnati Blog suggests "familiarity".
Or maybe they just like guys who roll up their sleeves & take to violence like the fella that had to be restrained from attacking a councilwoman at a public meeting. Surprise - he got an FOP endorsement, too.
Maybe these guys are just good for business…

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Sums it up, nicely

Ohio GOP is Outta of Step With Ohio

Despite the Ohio GOP efforts to restrict abortion & birth control and sex education, Ohioans, who have been seeking fewer abortions since 1982, have recently decided to seek more. Seeking to restrict access to health care in general hasn't helped either.
"You can’t look at these abortion numbers without looking at access to health care. They are absolutely related.", Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL
14 percent of white Ohioans are uninsured while 21 percent of blacks are uninsured.
Copeland criticized the anti-abortion community for fighting against comprehensive sex education policies and improved access to contraceptives — two essential tools in the fight against unintended pregnancies.
As in Washington, the Ohio GOP is more interested in ideological chest pounding and developing a despotic theocratic state than dealing with helping the society rach it's potential.

Nosse Son story here

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Amy's Got Nuthin'

Amy Murray's 1st campaign ad is on a par with John Cranley's pointless ads. We know she is opposed to a couple things, but as she smirks her way through the ad, she offers absolutely nothing. The only thing better about her ad over Cranky's is that she not attacking anybody or using unflattering imagery of opponents.
The look on the little girl's face before she kicks the can to Murray, however is kinda creepy, vampiry, tho and that's AOK.