Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Is it Time to Embrace Our Prostitutes ?

Cities, counties, and states are competing for business and resident investment. Just look at what people are doing to recruit a new Amazon HQ. Ohio's Clark County, suffering population loss & declining wages despite the best efforts of Jim Jordan and Rb Portman. They recently unveiled a new plan to stabilise the county.
During the European colonisation of Africa, people sent erotic postcards home in an effort to entice new settlers.
Perhaps it's time to stop demonizing and trying to 'cure' our prostitute class and embrace them as taxpayers and ambassadors for our communities.
BiC has long championed the legalisation, regulation, and taxation of 'the world's oldest profession'.
We could use them to market our cities, counties, and states as the European colonists did in Africa 100 years ago - except - we wouldn't be colonists. We would be helping our prostitutes and they would be helping the geater community.