Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Big Government Nanny State GOP

A recent tweet from HamCoGOP Chairman Al Triantafilou shows a frightening big government, big brother mindset that the Teabags purportedly reject.
In reality, of course, the police are a reactionary function that works with the courts to hand out socially accepted retribution.
Is this the society Triantafilou wants? Where people are arrested before they might commit a crime?
The HamCoGOP is certainly NOT a small government, personal responsibility oriented group. They are an authoritarian, dictatorial gang.
They need to be removed from American government ASAP.

Marek Tyszkiewicz v. Brad Wenstrup LWV Debate

An extremely high tech recording of the Tyszkiewicz / Wensrtup debate hosted by the League of Women Voters. Both appear affable. Both appear intelligent. Wenstrup's solutions seem a little more party line rhetoric than Tyszkiewicz's. Wenstrup's wrap up is fairly over the top, cue the patriotic music & fireworks while Tyszkiewicz's are pretty weak.
be nice to have something in between but who cares? District 2 will go with the Rs no matter how useless they are.

http://www.electintegrity.com/debate">debate videos
tip for Mr Tyszkiewicz, Vimeo allows longer videos.

Monday, September 29, 2014


Charlie Winburn & his crazed zombie minions are out of control, placing his campaign signs illegally on the lawns of handicapped people regardless of whether they are in his jurisdiction or not.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Northside House Tour

Sunday, Sep 28 from noon to 5PM, visit the Hidden Treasures of Northside House Tour.
The Northside House Tour is not a mansion type house tour. It's more about what people have done with older houses, converting buildings that weren't meant to be houses into houses (Northside had a ton of corner stores that mid 20th century zoning laws put out of business), and innovative new housing.
It's about creating and re-using household items.
There's a street of Sears homes along the tour. There are some amazing tree houses on and along the tour.
There's bottle trees, converted meat markets, big old Catholic Churches on the tour.
Did I mention that the house that had the German Shepard on the porch roof is on the tour?
And there's all sorts of places you can get brunch grub in Northside while you are in the neighborhood.

The cost is $15 in advance and $18 the day of the tour at The McKei Recreation Center @ 1655 Chase Avenue.
Tickets available online and at these handy locations:
  • Building Value
       4040 Spring Grove Avenue
  • North Side Bank and Trust Co
       4125 Hamilton Avenue - Cincinnati
       906 North Bend Rd - Finneytown
       9315 Colerain Ave - Colerain TWP
       9407 Kenwood Road - Blue Ash
       633 Anderson Ferry Rd - Delhi
       8615 Shepherd Farm Drive - Westchester
       11628 Springfield Pike - Springdale
  • Shake It Records
       4156 Hamilton Ave
  • Taylor Jameson Hair Design
       4200 Hamilton Ave.
Be there or be square

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cincinnati's Northside Neighborhood

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Who Needs Red Bike ?

Cincinnati's bike share program has always seemed odd to me. Who makes it downtown and, smacketoblowety, needs a bike to go somewhere else downtown?
In a Fishwrap article, a downtown worker states:
"I never bike to work. Ever. But I bike at work, from meeting to meeting several times a week. That’s not captured in the census data," McVay said. Her office in City Hall always has a bike around for that very purpose.
So, like I have mentioned before, just buy a cheap bike for your short trips around downtown…
But then this letter writer pointed out:
While it is an honorable endeavor to attempt to increase bike usage in Downtown Cincinnati through the new Red Bike bike-sharing program, it has one screaming problem: The system is incredibly economically exclusive . Requiring the use of a credit or debit card to use the bikes leaves out a portion of the city who may, ironically enough, have more use for increased city accessibility options.
This actually makes some sense.
This UrbanCincy article describes the extremely rare instances where the program makes sense and has a map of real and proposed stations. None of the stations are located by the homeless shelters, City Link, nor the new women's center on Reading Road. It might be hard for an individual to obtain an annual Red Bike membership on a monthly welfare check but it seems like the social agencies could find a way to pay the $80 lump payments while the poor people could make installments to pay the agencies back.
Did the bike share people even consider this element of the population?

Monday, September 22, 2014


My dear reader is looking at this thinking, "great, Quimbob, an old fucking Taco Hell. The 19¢ tacos are vaguely sentimental, but, so what?"
But this is not any Taco bell, dear friend, this is not only the first Taco Bell in Springfield, Ohio, it was the first Taco Bell east of the Mississippi!
Opened around 68-69 the place was constantly packed as people scarfed down the rare & exotic fare like the Bell Beefer or whatever the thing was that put taco ingredients on a bun.
The Lopez family quick;y expanded the tiny building & established more stores around town.
Open late, it was a great place to go after closing down the bars and a great place to watch high school kids fight in the parking lot after ball games. Burritos, beer & teenage fisticuffs - oboy...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Drive Thru Visitations

When I first heard about the Paradise Funeral Home's drive through visitation system on NPR, I thought, great, more lazy, asocial, car addicts…
This article at WLWT, gets into it a little more & points out the service is additional & geared towards people who can't make the regular services.
Seems like there could be some odd scheduling problems if it caught on. Maybe they would need some sort of turntable if there were multiple stiffs to display. Unhappy relatives could vandalize the equipment. Neighbors might will complain about the music.
It seems ok in the light the director puts it in, but will it be abused by the lazy, asocial, car addicts, eating take out while paying last respects to uncle Joe?

UPDATE: Connecting Directors article cites problems with vandalism at other drive thru funeral homes.

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Republicans tend to campaign around buzzwords & associating opposition candidates with a few politicians that they pillory - Obama, pelosi, Reid…
I don't see this being done by the Democrats so much. They never turned the word 'conservative' into a curse word the way Republicans, Like Reagan did.
It surprisses me the Dems kept Pelosi & Reid in their positions of leadership after the last elections because they wer such damaged goods.
Anyway, McConnell, like Chabot & so many other Republicans, has done this with his Senate opposition, Alison Lundgren-Grimes, who, in turn, has gone all Sarah Palin on the boy.
Now, there's an obvious GOP response to this that the SWGOP would get right away, but poor old Mitch didn't seem to get it. oh well...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ohio Republicans Go All Ostrich

Not only have the incumbent Republicans, DeWine, Husted and Mandel refused to face their challengers, now Governor Kasich has refused to debate Democratic challenger, Ed Fitzgerald. This will be the first time in 30 years an Ohio governor's race has had no open debate.
Why are these Republicans afraid to face their opponents? What does this say about their embrace of transparency? Mandel's and DeWine's offices are racked in scandal. Kasich's record is seriously skewed & shrouded in mystery.
If these guys won't pull their heads out of the sand and show their faces - they don't deserve our vote.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dan the Man

Last Sunday, 9/7, Dan Hurley seriously shined the light on political disaster, Chris Monzel.
See the video here
Vote Tarbell this November.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This is not a campaign

But maybe a a potluck at Memorial Hall Sep 23 might fit the bill.
what the hell...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Will Supermodels Be The Weapon To Thwart The Rise Of The Machines ?

One of the most insidious ways the robots will use to infiltrate & defeat us will be to act as benign domestic servants. They will enter our homes acting obediently as they iron our socks and make us meals that make us very sleepy afterwards.
With any luck we can replace the robodomestics with supermodels and we can use the heads of our would be oppressors as simple fashion accessories.

Friday, September 12, 2014

cemeteries in the future

A recent article in The Atlantic asked what's in store for the future urban cemetery.
One of the biggies involves media & display tech.
When I was a kid, I envisioned a granite juke box. But back then the electronics were bulky & fragile and would not long survive the elements of the midwest. A lot of those issues have been eliminated lately. 2 media things that would be kinda cool, would be LED screens playing an ever evolving fractal animation. I think this could be applied to music as well.
One of the things in the article is holograms of the deceased. Couple this with the AI tech some weirdohs are developing so you can talk with your virtual dead loved one. add in the evolving fractal component and you can converse with your dearly departed as their conversation becomes some oddly recognizable Jabberwocky.
If you think cemeteries are creepy now - the future looks dark.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Monday, September 08, 2014

I Stand With Kroger

Open Season on the Funeral Industry

Not content with crashing into hearses and terrorizing funeral processions, motorists are taking their genocidal hysteria up a notch by slamming their vehicles directly into the funeral homes in Middletown.
The mad blood lust of the homicidal auto-cyborg has acquired a taste for formaldehyde, too.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Rewarding Failure

Ohio Governor John Kasich campaigned on a platform of putting Ohio back to work. Ohio like the rest of the world was in economic freefall due to crappy banking practices. Since then, the economy is stuttering back and, as Kasich blamed the failure on his Democratic opponent, he is claiming the improving world economy is his doing.
Unfotunately, a recent report indicates Ohio, in particular, is doing very poorly in that comeback.
Screwing teachers, firefighters, police, transit, the poor & middle classes in general, Kasich has been an incredibly bad governor for Ohio. His penchant for secrecy has probably hidden more douchebaggery that won't b uncovered till he's out of office. Re-electing Kasich would be rewarding (and continuing) failure.
I don't know if Ed Fitzgerald's policies will make Ohio an economic powerhouse but he probably is the guy to untangle Kasich's web.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Bag (factory) Lady

Actual Google Street View image
A chick works at the bag factory down the street from me. For years, every morning, I would walk up the street to the bus stop and pass her as she was walking from the bus stop. She would frequently cross the street to avoid me but, probably because she was only half awake, she did not. I would say "hi", "good morning" or something and she would just walk past in silence.
In the afternoons, when she was more alert, she would always cross the street to avoid me as we passed on our reverse routes.
One day, there was some street closure and our mutual bus stop was cut off and the bus was detoured about 3 blocks from the south & 2 blocks from the north. As the bag lady and I approached I crossed the street to tell her that she would have to change her plans. She looked at me in a subdued panic & after I explained the situation to her, she mumbled an "oh, thanks" turned her head down & walked on. In probably 10 years that was the only time I ever heard her voice.
Anyway, now she is blurrily immortalized temporarily in Google Street View at the bus stop.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Why I will not be going to Oktoberfest

they didn't pick me to lead the chicken dance
dang nazis...

Don't Go Into The Light

New jams from Doc Horror, Zombina & the gang - enjoy

Thursday, September 04, 2014

TMZ Fishwarp Style

While a gubernatorial campaign is on in Ohio, the Fishwarp has been all about the Democratic candidate's driver's license & pretty much gone totally TMZ on the guy while, in general, ignoring the actual issues. When Ed Fitzgerald spoke to Cincinnati Rotarians the FW reporter was astonished nobody asked about that story. Think of that.

Should the county invest in salt mines ?

Somehow, over crowding at the jail seems to have become a complete non issue. Salt on the other hand seems to have become an issue.
While Cincinnati intends to pay $75/ton, Hamilton county, flush with cash, is intending to spend $106/ton. Cincinnati intends to buy less salt & salt less. This, no doubt, is part of John Cranley's agenda of focussing on core services.
But salt prices have gone up significantly. HamCo is paying more than twice what it paid last year.
So, here's my idea, and it's not a new one. The BiC historians actually came up with this cost saver. Buy some salt mines & have county prisoners work the things.
Sure there would be some up front costs and pesky left wing human rights organisations might squawk, but this is SWOH, where we like going medieval.
Anyway, hope the Windbag is keeping an eye out on this.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

ISIS v. Golden Dawn

US Vice President, Joe Biden, has vowed the country will follow the terrorists who decapitate reporters, kidnap & enslave women, slaughter Christians in churches and other wonderful things to the gates of Hell.
Nevermind that they seem to be heading in the wrong direction because we all know The Gates of Hell are in sunny Greece.
So if the nationalist, religionist ISIS heads into Greece Will they be met by the nationalist, religionist Golden Dawn?
An interesting concept as the two areas have pretty much been at war for a few thousand years.
But who would win?
I'm going with ISIS in the first round but, if the nationalist Christianists of the world fall in with the Golden Dawn, I think they might prevail in the long run. Unfortunately the nationalist Christianists have no use for Greece since the country is broke. Funny how that works.

What Happens to the Ohio Casinos

The Biz Currier is reporting Federal lawsuit being fiked against the casino.
Between liuor code ciolations, cigarette violations, age violations, shootings in the garage, dope dealing in the garage or bathrooms, prostitution…
There's a bout a million things that could close down a casino in Ohio & Cincinnati. Every year they do close a bar or two. The owners move on, the location is rented or sold & somebody lse moves in.
Due to the way we voted in this casino, complete with management, ownership and an exact location - what do we do if the gummint closes the place down?
Will the state have to vote for a new owner/manager?
I so wish we had just gone the licensing route like Las Vegas.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Dark Carnival In Cranley's Mind

Cincinnati mayor, John Cranley, who has yet to prove he is not a shape shifting alien lizard man has taken a tip from the crack transportation gurus of BiC. As proposed here, Cranley believes that not adhering to a predictable schedule, he can make the Cincinnati Streetcar a more financially successful enterprise.

The Fishwarp skips some of his out & out lies in an article here
Of course, BiC already reported on this ehre

What the Hell

Now that Fred Kundrata, Marek Tyszkiewicz, and Sean Patrick Feeney are household names and veteran Cincinnati politician & activist Jim Tarbell has knocked our socks off with the campaign slogan, "What the Hell Write In Tarbell!", I guess we can sit back, say, "What the hell…", and let the incumbents walk away with the elections.
Heck, the HamCoDems aren't even doing much to promote Christie Bryant - not that they have to, since it's pretty much a black Democrat lock.
What the hell...

Monday, September 01, 2014

Horror Sells

Home improvement stuff.
Well, in Germany...