Sunday, November 30, 2014


I like the concept of OGG. It provides a free way to display media on the intertubes. Kinda like PNG replacing GIF when Compuserve decided they wanted $$ for something people had been using freely for years. Similarly, the guy who came up with MP3 decided he wanted royalties years after the file format had become popular (years after it had been created & shelved), so OGG is the way to go if you aren't rolling in the bucks & don't want to use YouTube & their horrible compression.
Ogg is a free, open container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. The creators of the Ogg format state that it is unrestricted by software patents and is designed to provide for efficient streaming and manipulation of high quality digital multimedia.
While most browsers support OGG, Apple & Microsoft do not. There are plug ins for their browsers, however.
Well, there were. With Apple's 'upgrades' the OGG plug ins are now broken.
It wouldn't cost a thing for these behemoths to support the formats, Theora & Vorbis. I have read that Apple & Microsoft might fear patent challenges, but, apparently Google & Opera don't have those fears.
But Mozilla, Opera & Google don't have their own media file formats. I am sure that implementing support for these file formats would shutter both companies in a week.
Seriously, boys, just plug in the code & let it be. Your stuff is better but sometimes people just want to post videos of lamb chops in space.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Man Sends Lamb Chop Into Space

While everybody was watching Rosetta & Philae chasing a comet a few billion miles away, ome guy in England sent a Tandoori Lamb Chop into space with a helium balloon.
While space exploration used to be the sole domain of Russkie & American space programs, other people are getting involved now with exploration & satellites & other crap. The private sector getting into exploring the final frontier is just another piece of the puzzle.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Slummin' in the Sketchbook

This was inspired by the comic book adaptation of Robert E. Howard's Rogues in the House by Barry Windsor-Smith.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Celebrity Nude Pics

Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Christina Aguilera
Cheryl Cole
Jessica Simpson
Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift

Friday, November 21, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Just found out another bit of my past has been demolished.
Schools, concert halls, bars, downtowns…
all gone
My first apartment in Cincinnati has, apparently been demolished. 7 years, a dead cat & an old girlfriend who won't talk to me. All gone.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Clever GOP

Instead of leading with bold ideas embracing liberty, the Ohio GOP is, instead, being clever in imposing it's self interests onto the state.
Traffic monitoring cameras are OK if you don't use them.
Women's health clinics are OK if you can jump through enough hoops and hit constantly moving targets.
Their legislation is bloody and will result in many deaths, mutilations and ruined lives. The anti abortion efforts will result in more women dying of cancer, a spread in sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted children growing up dysfunctional and winding up in a world of insanity, vice & drugs. Their deluded efforts to thwart the use of cheap technology will squander the talents of highly trained police officers, & lead to potentially dangerous car chases. The lack of traffic enforcement will lead to more mayhem on the streets with motorists losing control of their vehicles while operating them at irrational & illegal speeds. Pedestrians, cyclists (motor & manual) and other motorists will routinely be T-boned and killed, maimed & crippled.
They can pat each other on the back and cheer their cleverness but those drinks they are toasting with might as well be blood.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


On this date in 1978, almost 1,000 people in Jim Jones' Jonestown compound committed suicide at the will of their leader.
Locally an Ohio legislator & the head of a local organization, Ark by the River Fellowship Ministries, were convicted of receiving stolen property. Prosecutors labelled the organization a cult.
Some might argue that any religion is a cult but in my peabrain, a cult puts the leader above it's followers. That was the case of The Peoples Temple & The Branch Davidians.
Wonder if we'll get any more details on this. At least it wasn't a violent ending.

More on the Beck / Ark case here

Monday, November 17, 2014

The White Death

Here we go again. Fortunately the city of Cincinnati bought less salt this year.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

LWV Condemns American Art

The Greater Cincinnati League of Women Voters has decided to ally itself with Wallace Stegner in condemning the iconic American art form, The Comic Book.
Stegner, a writer, had no qualms about tearing through the forests for his tomes but condemns the use of wood for other writers and artists. While some comic book publishers have definitely used recycled paper I can't find any info on whether it is anything standard. Nowhere, could I find any info about Stegner's voluminous tomes using recycled paper.
It appears to be common elitism like what CO    founder, Tom Brinkman preaches about how libraries should only use books and no other mediums.
What's next? Getting together with the CCV & espousing Frederic Wertham ?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Article 246

Should the Cincinnati Charter Review Task Force consider adding something similar to the Haitian Criminal Code's Article 246 into the Cincinnati City Charter?
Is considered a poisoning any attempt on the life of a person through the use of substances which can cause death more or less cleanly, regardless of the manner in which these substances were used or administered, and regardless of the consequences.
Is also considered attempt on life by poisoning the use made against a person of substances which, without giving death, will cause a more-or-less prolonged state of lethargy, regardless of the manner in which these substances were used and regardless of the consequences.
If the person was buried as a consequence of this state of lethargy, the attempt will be considered a murder.
Enacted in 1884, it basically makes making zombies through the use of potions & such, illegal & pretty much an act of murder.
While zombification isn't a huge issue in Cincinnati, better safe than sorry. You can let the task force know about your concern to nip zombification in the bud here

New Paths

As some of my more sober minions might have noticed, there's a new page in town - The Blogging isn't Cool Recipe Page. There's a link on the top right
Yes, the secrets from the Qitchen of Quimbob are revealed.
One of the first concoctions I came up with after moving to Porkopolis & being introduced to the local chili was my own version that went for hot rather than sweet & added mushrooms. I wanted to call it Omniway or Manyway but my girlfriend called it Shit and Shit stuck…
Recipes are weird. They are handed down from generation to generation but most come from the Woman's Home Companion Cookbook or Betty Crocker or off the label of a soup can…
When I moved out of my parent's house, my mom wrote down some recipes for me. I couldn't do it myself because what she had written for herself was littered with ^$%! short hand. But that doesn't matter much because I can't read her handwriting anyway. (This is the woman who taught me to write cursive, too.)
Anyway, I will add more later so that YOU can be as fat & ugly as I am someday.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Goodbye Earl

So, this chick is proposing a new funeral / body disposing concept for her thesis. She's calling it The Urban Death Project
The idea is to return your body to the earth by dumping it into a giant composting bin full of wood chips. The compost would then be redistributed to family & the community.
No expensive funeral tying up loads of resources & putting scary chemicals into the ground.
The idea of carrying the body up 2-3 flights of ramp gives me the impression that the designer has never been a pall bearer, tho…
Anyway, there's probably room to install something like this in the city owned Wesleyan Cemetery in Cincinnati.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

As the Gods Will More Crazy Outta Japan

The Japanese are just plain weird…
but I like it
If you are into exploding boobs, click here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Culture of Lies

We are fortunate to have these truth tellers when the world is awash with ridiculous lies and fabrications of the Illuminati, CO   , & their alien overlords.
Folks, the MSM won't tell you this but every one of man's forays into space has been thwarted by the aliens that orbit the earth in cloaked flying saucers.
Just think for a minute MSM in numerology winds up being the number 9. Remember the Beatles song, "Revolution #9"? That was Paul McCartneys alien doppleganger trying to warn us - The Revolution WILL be Televised, but it won't be the real revolution, that's going to be broadcast in subliminal messages.
Can we wait for the reanimation, Walt Disney, master of the ancient sciences, Magick, to be revived from his cryogenically frozen state to lead us into victory over the dark forces that stand to engulf us and ultimately reduce 9/10 of the human race into being nothing more than slave batteries?
The time is now to immanentize the eschaton and take our rightful destiny.


first image from Philae
So the European Space Guys land a gizmo on The Comet and what's the first thing it sees?
yup, Welcome to Northside.
And now for some gumbo...

Super Assholes

So, a salesman was decompressing on the patio of a bar in a skyscraper in Chicago when this guy comes up to him, drink in hand, and strikes up a conversation with the salesman.
Guy - "hi, you from out of town?"
Salesman - "yeh, from Milwaukee. I'm here to see a client."
Guy - "Nice town, spent a month there one week"
Salesman - "uh, yeh…"
Guy - "y'know, this is kind of unique but, because of the updraft here, you can jump off the patio and the wind will catch you and bring you right back up."
Salesman - "heh, yeah, man, I'm not that drunk…"
Guy - "no, really, it's pretty fun. Here, hold my drink for a minute."
Salesman - "what? NO, don't do it!!"
The guy proceeds to climb over the railing & hop off the patio.
The salesman rushed to the railing & watched the guy's fall slow down & then stop & then he started to rise - coming back up to the patio and getting deposited on the patio.
The salesman stared in disbelief as he handed the guy his drink.
Guy - "dude, it's exhilarating, you should try it"
Salesman - "oh man, they're not going to believe this back home!"
The salesman went over the railing & off the patio, pulling out his iPhone to take a selfie of himself flying around Chicago.
He plummeted down & down & hit the roof of a car, crushing the roof & killing the people in the car.
The guy looked down over the railing & laughed at the carnage, horror & panic. Then he strolled over to the bar to get another drink.
Bartender - "Superman, you are a real asshole when you get drunk.."

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Are Boom Gates the Answer ?

As Cincinnatians are complaining about motorists speeding down neighborhood streets & blowing through red lights and stop signs, perhaps boom gates, usually seen at railroad crossings, be an effective way to slow down motorists and actually make them stop at intersections?
Since Luminaries like Chris Smitherman, Dale Mallory & the fine folks at CO    have fought hard to make traffic monitoring electronics near impossible, maybe this is what we need to do. It would be expensive setting up the network but it would still be cheaper than stationing police officers everywhere 24 hours a day in running police cruisers.
The gates can run on solar nowadays so no pesky wiring is needed. The gates would also have to be low enough to stop recumbent bike riders. But they could also be placed along long stretches of road just to slow down the impatient motorists.
oh, what the hell, the cage jockeys would just slam through the dang things….

Monday, November 10, 2014

Death Tech

I posted about this earlier, but here you can just watch & listen to Dr. John Troyer talk all the same shit that was in the Atlantic article. The early adoption of technologies by the death industry seems only rivaled by the sex industry. Think of that.
The biomass eating robots might com in handy when everybody in Texas dies of ebola.
I'm still hoping for the evolving music & speech shit.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Curbing Tagging

In an effort to curb tagging, perhaps legalising it with the stipulation that the tagger can only use his own blood to leave his mark would be a way to go.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Zombie Beer

no, not the warm flat Bud on the coffee table… cites 6 'Zombie' beers in the US, starting off with Christian Moerlein and the OTR Brewery district's Rhinegeist.

One Man Wrecking Crew

Cranley caught breaking the law & endangering the general populace.
Why was the mayor of Cincinnati out trying to mow down pedestrians? Arrogant? Ride? Mean? Assholism? Madman? Belligerent?
Or is it just part of his alien species diabolical plan to annihilate the human race?

Friday, November 07, 2014

I'm Gonna Be a Diamond Some Day

Yet another new way to dispose of your carcass when you die. Get cremated & then have your cremains pounded down & heated up till you wind up with a diamond suitable for jewelry or whatever. Have your spouse put it in a necklace and you can still 'hang around' after you're gone.
It would be an interesting plot development in a murder mystery about a black widow type serial killer.
Anyway, it ain't cheap.

Read more here.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Selling Luxury Caskets

probably NSFW

I'm guessing that the funeral industry in Poland is heavily dominated by men. Of course Poland also boasts the highest number of exorcists per capita in the world. 2015 marks Lindner's 5th year of glamour / nudie calendars for their 'luxury' caskets. I don't know if luxury means multiple cup holders, USB connections or what.
So, do the exorcists have calendars?

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Big Plan

Illuminati? Neo-Nazis? The Crusades? New World Order?
check,check,check, and check
So, this Golden Dawn guy says of the ebola outbreak in Africa
"Once in a while the papers report some good news, splendid news actually. Spread of Ebola wiping out whole villages and communities in Africa – I mean, what more does one want?"
Eliminating the inferior is always a good thing for the master race.
And what about this ebola epidemic?
It appears that it's a man made plot to depopulate the world so as to conserve the planet's resources for a transhuman Illuminati super race.
This measure is proposed as a measure to help the creation of a planet inhabited by ‘immortal’ superhumans, using scientific and technological movements such as transhumanism.
In addition, the chairman’s alleged words also talk of enslaving humanity to ‘classical wage labour’, continuing a system of mass production and mass consumption and the allocation of wealth.
I, for one, being a member of the master race, can't wait to be an immortal transhuman with a bunch of slaves.
and sexbots….

Is the War Already Over ?

More cute, cuddly robots in entertainment…
Could it be that the CGI is actually the product of the machine army and not, as we are prone to believe, the product of talented human animators? Have they already taken over and are now just softening us up? Divide us? Take all our money? Take all our women?
Perhaps the shape shifting alien lizard men will be our saviors….

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Ex Machina

Cunning little minx of a robot divides man against man in the robots' mad conquest of humanity in the movie, Ex Machina.
Interestingly, I found this trailer after Glenn Beck sent me to this clip from the movie Interstellar.
So, do we want the dang machines or not?
Somebody needs to make a Magnus - Robot Fighter movie.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Winburn v. Thomas

wotta show. Dan Hurley hosts Chas Winburn & Cecil Thomas on Halloween.
Winburn is, as usual, full of bluster, strange factoids and a bizarre notion that he is a qualified a Republicrat.
Thomas seems to grasp that the state legislature is not a city council but I am not so sure Winburn grasps this.
The claims of who Cranley supports is semi bizarre as is Winburn's claims of creating 4,400 jobs in 12 months. Economic Development Zones in Cincinnati was pretty much a corrupt failure, no idea why Winburn wants to re-invent them. His dismissal of JobsOhio is fairly incredible.
I really expected this to be a complete wash and, while Thomas isn't a great candidate, he clearly is better than the Windbag.
So I guess Winburn will be the hands down fovorite in the Bizarro world of SWOH politics.

The WKRC circus here

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Remembering Tom Brinkman

While the Democrats are continuing to run weak candidates & giving the GOP a cakewalk in SWOH, let's take a look back at the COA   founder's record.
From 2 years ago, Blogging Isn't Cool

COA T Co-Founder, Tom Brinkman, is running for the 27th House District in the March 6th primary. Brinkman spent eight years representing the 34th District of Ohio. He apparently is unable to wean himself off the public teat.
Brinkman has sought a seat in congress twice only to have his ass handed to him by eerily hot Jean Schmidt. In his time in the Ohio house he has garnered a reputation for being hard to deal with. He has wasted taxpayers time and money pushing legislation he admitted would not pass. He used state money to buy grills for his neighborhood's park. At one point Columbus Monthly rated Brinkman "the single worst legislator in the 132-member General Assembly".
"Those surveyed ranked him as least knowledgeable, least hardworking, least likable, least compassionate, and least savvy."
When not trying to control your sister's uterus, Brinkman has been adamant about denying civil rights to homosexuals. That landed him in some hot water when his petition circulators falsified documents. The judge in the case, Ruehlman, a Republican, had this to say:
"I still think the real culprit is Rep. Brinkman.
I know politics, somehow (Brinkman) falls between the cracks and is not prosecuted - the guy in power is the one who should have been indicted."
Brinkman's shady politicking goes beyond sex, tho. His moral crusade led him to another ballot scheme funded by out of state entities & his teaming up with ministers who proclaimed,
a tax hike would be preferable to slots
And, Brinkman's efforts to stop slots in Ohio did indeed result in higher taxes for Ohioans. Mysteriously Brinkman & his cronies didn't try to stop a Republican governor from putting slots in race tracks. In fact one of those cronies is actually serving in Kasich's administration.
Lately Brinkman has railed against libraries having media other than books on their shelves.
Despite Brinkman's efforts to outlaw abortion in Ohio, Ohio Right to Life has not given him their endorsement in this latest election cycle.
The Cincinnati Enquirer (R) had this to say about Brinkman:
"The issue here is Brinkman's lack of effectiveness.
Few lawmakers are as honest, principled and consistent as Brinkman. But he exhibits those qualities to a fault, coming off as stubborn, ideologically rigid and unwilling to compromise. He's made many enemies in Columbus by refusing to see anyone else's side of things. This has limited his ability to work with others and get things done."
Obviously, Enquirer editors have a different view of ethics than Judge Ruehlman.
Brinkman, with his convenient morals, his inability to work with others, his shady dealings & unethical politicking, is clearly NOT a good choice for Ohio.

More here

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Birth of the Living Dead

This looks fun


When I heard of this smartphone app, Dorothy, that allows the user to activate programs with a click of the heels, this scene from the classic, The 10th Victim, was the first thing to pop into my fevered mind…

NPR article here