Monday, March 29, 2010

Speak of the Devil

Just about the time I mention Wittenberg's Trudy Faber, the chick up & quits.
There's a reason I don't tell people to be careful.
Noose In the Holler story here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last year I started this series of reminiscitating on concerts I had gone to over the years. It was influenced by VegasAnt sending me a couple gigantic scans of his old ticket stubs & an e-friend, mx sara, who started to document 1979 on a day to day basis. I sought to document concerts on their corresponding anniversaries for a year.
When I went to these shows I thought the music was the most important thing in the world. As I started writing these posts, I realized that what I really remembered was pretty much everything but the music. My friends, traveling to the various places, the weird venues all had a bigger impact. Well, without the music I wouldn't have done any of that crap. I would have got a tan in the summer of 1970, too.
Doing research on these posts has been fun. The interwebs have given folks a lot geekier than myself a way to promote their favorite musicians & forums have brought all sorts of old nerds together. Fans have set up websites documenting gigographies of numerous artists that are pretty daggone amazing. I have found that people actually buy old ticket stubs, too. weird.
There are, of course, some strays.
Jeff Beck touring the "Orange" album - fucking great use of Hara Arena. The dang floor wasn't even sold out. Looking Glass, for some weird reason opened. Their song, Brandy, always makes me think of Beck.
Jeff Beck with Beck, Bogert & Appice (sp?) at Mershon Auditorium - the less said the better.
Jeff Beck & Stevie Ray Vaughn at Hara Arena - Beck was incredible, Vaughn was adept but a one trick pony at best. All my friends thought Vaughn was God & Beck was weird / didn't like him.
Lou Reed at Music Hall. Squatters a couple rows in front of us threatened to rape the people who owned the seats. Police followed.
D.O.A at the Polish club in Dayton. Punk had arrived. The Dates opened. Then there was about a dozen other D.O.A. shows in Dayton, Cincinnati & Newport.
Willie Dixon at Gilly's in Dayton. He didn't get out his upright bass til the second part of the show. He wasn't walking well but his fingers just flew.
Richard Hell & the Voidoids at Gilly's. Some guy was walking around groping girls. I was going to tell security about him & then I realized he WAS security.
Social Distortion a Gilly's - Dance Fever.
All the shows at the Jockey Club - Tupelo Chain Sex, Jah Wobble, Johnny Thunders, Toxic Reasons, BPA, The Auburnaires, The Thangs, The Warsaw Falcons, 11,000 Switches, Sluggo, The Edge, SS-20, Snare and the Idiots, Doc and the Pods, The Reduced, The Customs, The Libertines, The Violent Femmes, Black Flag, The Wolverton Brothers, The Dead Kennedys, Lords of the New Church.....
The Dead Kennedys in Yellow Springs where the management asked Jello Biafra to promote the cookies & cider in the lobby. They had a neo-hippie security team that seemed to have taken notes from the Chicago Police of 1968.
The Flaming Lips at the Southgate House.
All the weird bands that played at Sam's & The Walnut Hills Bar in Dayton. The infamous first gig of Toxic reasons at the Walnut Hills, some band from Antioch that only played one gig.
Danny Gatton at Gilly's. There was a display of the most beautiful Telecasters in the world in the lobby.
Muddy Waters, Livingston Taylor, Glass Harp & a bunch of others that Wittenberg drew in. Sneaking into the Witt Field House... heh
Hell, Trudy Faber & Ron Crutcher's recitals at Wittenberg were freakin' awesome. Some German string quartet at Weaver Chapel about turned my life around.
Alice Cooper @ Hara, Mountain @ Bogarts, The Faces @ Hara, Hank Williams Jr with KD Lang as an opener at Riverbend, Steve Winwood (altho the Ruverbend Gestapo tossed me out half way through), The Replacements in Minneapolis, Pere Ubu in Columbus, Evan Johns in D.C., Evan Johns in Cincinnati, Human Switchboard @ the Walnut Hills & She Club, Brother Wayne Kramer at Top Hats, Cincinnati's Pigmeat Jarret (dude ruled the ivories), Loretta Lynn at the Taft where I ran into Phil K and we went to the Obryonville Blue Wisp & Oakley Chili Company afterwards, Sun Ra at a downtown Blue Wisp, Laurie Anderson at the Taft, Laurie Anderson at Mershon Auditorium (nearly the last show I attended), friggin' Mike Mingo & Grovor (they're still around), The Count basie orchestra @ Cliff Park, Charlie Townsend & Joe Quissenberry jamming in the Snyder park bandshell (although, to his grave, Charlie denied it ever happened), The Godz, Seals & Crofts & Bob Seeger at Memorial Hall, Bob Weir & Patti Smith at a much smaller Bogart's that barely resembled the current venue, The Ramones / White Zombie double bill from God at hara Arena, Dwight Yoakam (sp?), James Gang at the Ohio State Fair, Tanya Tucker at the Clark County Fair although she opted to sign autographs but not perform.....
And Tiny Tim who played at the weird bar north of Springfield on route 68 a most friendly & gracious man.
Anyway, thanks to everybody who actually puts themselves out there & mounts the stage, bringing untold people so much pleasure. Thanks to all the people I accompanied - hadablast.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Springfield Mercy Est Finite

As work on the new Springfield hospital/medical center progresses, Springfield Mercy has closed. What happens to this property will be interesting. I predict Wittenberg will expand north.
Mercy was built in 1950 as Springfield was still growing & expanding greatly to the north. A major fundraiser & leader in the building of the hospital was Joe Shouvlin who also donated land for Catholic Central High School.

Noose Son story here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Flashback Again

Johnny Get Your Gun
Toxic Reasons - 1980

Speaking of Toxic Reasons....
The boys were kinda influenced by The Sex Pistols, Ramones, Clash & D.O.A. I think.
The band rose from Dayton, changed personnel a zillion times & moved to San Francisco with only one original member. This MySpace page indicates they are now outta Naptown. That's certainly more appropriate as they clearly have a more midwestern, industrial, rust-belt sound.

the Ramones, Columbus Agora 1980

It was a Ramones show. You know it was good. I remember running into Big Ed of Toxic Reasons. He had no cash. hell, I would have bought this guy a beer if he was rich. There was a bunch of Daytonistas at the show. Kinda rounded out the generally polite Columbus audience. We had a lot of fun.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It was 60 years ago, today, that The Springfield Wildcats defeated the Akron South Cavaliers in the Class A high school state championship basketball tournament.
Elwood Pitzer was the coach. The event was held at the Columbus Fairgrounds Coliseum.
The WIZE audiocast was recorded by some goofball & wound up on ebay. It was purchased and digitally restored by Dick Hatfield & is available at the Springfield Heritage Center as a 2 CD set. It features the radio announcers, Pete Hanson doing rapid fire play by play, Ray Schwarz with statistics and Bob Christol announcing ads for the sole sponsor, Garrigan's Office Supply.
As you can tell by the clip above, it wasn't a rout.
NOTE: When this game was played, less than 10% of American households had televisions but about 95% had radios.
Kristalnacht 2010 ?

Cable news opinionmeisters aren't exactly my favorite people but this is a pretty good story (and it has a local connection!). Not surprisingly, Maddow gets it fucked up at the end. It's not guns, it's the people mouthing off about them & recklessly promoting violence in general. It's one thing to be a loudmouth but this can lead some dumbass to go off & commence killing people - possibly the children of elected politicians.
I don't have the elite cable stations in my broke ass household. I found this vid at Immoral Minority a blog that proves you don't have to be a right winger to be a batshit crazy conspiracy theory loon.
More on The tea Party

Quinnipiac has released a poll on the Tea Party movement.
Kinda interesting. Wealthy people aren't as supportive as the upper middle class. It's members identify strongly with Republicans while Dems & Indies are fairly small parts of the Party. It's predominantly white & chicks outnumber dudes a bit. One of the interesting things is how unlikely a Tea Partier would be to vote for anybody but a Republican. Hardly any would vote, apparently, Libertarian or Constitution. Doesn't this just perpetuate the madness?
Quinnipac continues to ask the dumbass question, "In general, how satisfied are you with the way things are going in the nation today?". That is, are you happy with the government, major businesses, rude, threatening behavior, kids, elderly? Do you think the society should be going further left or right? It doesn't really mean much just knowing people are dissatisfied.

For more analysis, a WSJ blog post here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

One of the better housing markets in Cincinnati is the "downtown" area. Residents cite walkability, proximity to shopping, events and the ability to live car free. Across the country there is renewed interest in the urban lifestyle. So Why not Urbana? Some folks have already moved in and plans are in place to renovate buildings that have been empty for as long as 90 years. Urbana's downtown is, of course, pretty much one block, Market Square. The intersection recently went roundabout.
Now about that windfarm.....

Noose Son story here.
Latest on the Champaign County windfarm here.
My Mama's Basement

Cincinnati is well known for it's appreciation & support of the arts. These gentlemen use YouTube & Local Access Cable to explore the cinema. Many of the films they review are foreign made and not well known to the American audience. Their addition to the local arts community is very much appreciated.
Blogging isn't Cool salutes Big Buddha & Nassem.

The World of the Commenter

While the passage of the damned health care reform thingie will end the world prior to 2012, force teenagers to get abortions, send doctors into the real estate profession & force Marxism DOWN OUR THROATS, Explore Cincinnati & Building Cincinnati have resurfaced.
(although BC just crashed my browser (that damn Obama, again!)).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Life for the Lagonda Club ?

The Lagonda Club building was built in 1895 as a club for the wealthy elite of Springfield. It sat between the exclusive High Street residential area & the central business district. When built, Spring Street was not the hideous concrete gash it is now. As tastes in recreation & neighborhoods changed & Harry Kissel's Ridgewood development developed, the wealthy elite moved north & the Springfield Country Club was started.
In later years WBLY set up shop in the building. The studios were used in the late 70s / early 80s for a recording studio by a guy who wound up with Merlin Productions. In 1975 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
In 1988 Art Wilson bought it & apparently has had no use for it til now.
Pepsi is sponsoring a contest that will award grants for "people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact." Mr Wilson is hoping to get one of those grants by promising to renovate the building as a "gathering spot for youth". (We used bus stops in my day) He has set up a website.
Call me cynical but I have a hard time believing this. I have seen too many scams & do-nothing building owners in Cincinnati. Counting on winning a soda pop company's contest isn't a real sound business plan. Letting a prominent building sit for a generation certainly doesn't inspire much confidence in a person' civic mindedness.
Anyway, I hope I'm wrong, it would be great to see this building restored & used again. Voting starts April 1, so vote early & often.

Noose Son story here.
Is Monica Crowley Dawn ?

As far as I know the two have never been seen together. Joseph Michael Linsner and Crowley were both "born" in 1968. Coincidence ?
Monica Crowley and Dawn look similar. They part their hair on different sides & Crowley's mascara doesn't run like Dawn's.
Crowley has admitted to hiding the possible truth of her relation to the famous occultist, Aleister Crowley to Stephen Colbert on Halloween night no less.
In 1989 when Dawn was "born", Crowley claims to have been writing fan letters to disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon - a story so fantastic that it's incredulity isn't even questioned. Could it actually be that she had taken to her great grandfather's occult teachings, donned lingerie with skull pattern lace and, from hell, invaded Joseph Michael Linsner's dreams ?
Does Crowley's insistence on the rebith of a conservative Republican party not fit in line with the plot of this story? Does it not fit with her great grandfather's alchemical beliefs ?
Crowley has yet to confirm or deny the fact that she is a supernatural comic book character. She continually avoids the issue by talking about politics. Eventually McLaughlin will live up to his "hard hitting" reputation & corner Crowley on this issue.
I'll be waiting & watching.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

no image available
Todd Rundgren Palace Theater, Dayton 1974

An ex-student teacher at my high school convinced the school to let him teach an advanced psychology course. You were supposed to have some minimum grade average, completed the standard psychology class & you had to get permission to take the class on top of that. My grades were borderline but I got in. One day while biking through the park on a nice sunny day I spied a hot chick drinking wine while sitting on a blanket. She was drinking the wine out of a glass. I had to stop. When I approached her I noticed she was sitting amidst a sea of papers. As we chatted I found out she was my psychology teacher's girlfriend (or one of 'em) and she was grading the class' papers. She had given me a B. She said I had taken an interesting approach to the subject. We smoked a joint.
I went to this show with the little sister of the girl I went to see Rundgren with at the Xavier Fieldhouse. I dropped acid. It was a weeknight & I had a psychology test the next day.
So who should I run into at the concert? yup - the psychology teacher & his girlfriend. Teach told me he hoped I studied for the test. right...
It was a fun show. I think I actually did ok on the test.
I loved The Palace.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Schulers Moving

If you are figuring on making a pastry run to Springfield's Schuler's Bakery, Be Advised - the Mitchell Avenue location is closing & moving to the shopping center on Derr Road @ Villa.
This has some benefits, however, since there is a Kroger in the center & they sell Mumford's Potato Chips, so two stops can be consolidated into one.

Noose Son story here
Flashback Friday

Taking a page from The Black Fist Blog (hey X! Activate yer comments!), I give you The Human Switchboard. The above recording was made on a $19 tape deck at The She Club in The Gem City in 1980. Sorry about the ultra Lo-Fi ®, but, hey, it was the 70s. I am also new to Audacity so I am not sure how to use the various gadgetry. I located a bunch of old tapes recently & hope to post some more weird ass locally recorded crap in the future.
The Switchboard knocked around Ohio & New York for some time before breaking up in the mid 80s. The leader went on to run Disney's Hollywood Records for awhile.
Anyway, here's about the closest thing they ever had to a hit (shot in NYC).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Downtown Springfield Property Owners Proposes a SID

Downtown Springfield property owners propose taxing themselves more, creating a Special Improvement District, to keep their business area cleaner, safer & more inviting.
They cite the idea as being similar to merchants at malls paying mall fees. This goes to the city however. I don't know how much I would trust those stewards. I guess the advantage, over just pooling their own assets privately, is that they would not have to invest in labor & equipment. Cleaning up crow crap was cited as one of the issues facing downtown businesses. I guess the city has power washing equipment the merchants don't want to rent? Pooling assets for the greater good sounds like a good idea but I hope these guys look into doing this privately before doing it publicly. Privately, they would likely be better able to control costs, act in a timely manner & target desired services.
They need to get a sizable majority of property owners to agree (& then the city) to make this happen.

Noose Son story here.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Season Opener Mar 27

Cincinnati Rollergirls season opener Mar 27, Cincinnati v. San Diego @ Cincinnati Gardens. I am actually getting excited. Maybe it's just the caffeine.....
I'll be the geeky old dude with his geeky older sister.
I can't believe people would come all the way from San Diego to get their asses kicked. I can't believe I have 2 sports related posts in a row.
Cincinnati Grand Prix ?

The Fishwrap reports that an attempt at bringing grand prix racing to Cincinnati was all a scam.
Too bad.
While the idea of racing cars through downtown is kinda crazy, other streets, like River Road, Madison Road, Columbia and Victory Parkways might be pretty cool. I am not a racing fan nowadays, I know nothing of the business ($$$), politics & stuff. All I know is the movie Grand Prix with James Garner (my grandma took me). But from the standpoint of promoting the city, images of a race along the river, on the parkways & on the Ohio River bridges could be pretty great.
That being said, I have to wonder at what point does the city decide to do background checks on these promo guys?

I want a Cinerama monitor

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Netscape Communicator 4.7 on Mac 9.1

reset my PRAM/NVRAM on an old mac that dual boots in Mac 9.1 & 10.4. I haven't fired up 9.1 in a couple years but it's what's on the primary startup drive, so.....
I seized the occasion to check out Netscape Communicator on a few websites.

nnnngggghhhh, CSS....

I have to admit to a bit of panic as I realized I had forgotten how to change the startup drive back.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Women's Prison Music Videos Saturday !

yeehaw! No zombies, aliens or explosions but hot rods & mass murder in tarantinoesque rerovision will do in a pinch. Love those crazy choreographed dance productions. The kitchen scene rules.
Here's another goodie.

She used to be such a nice girl.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

Congratulations Stooges!

Yeah the R&RHOF is pretty much a joke, but a win is a win.
Detroit News story here.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brownsville Station - Mike Quatro 1972

One of a few rock concerts at Springfield's Memorial Hall.
For some reason it was popular in the late 60s & early 70s to name your band after something you saw on a sign. Everybody remembers Trudy & The Hopple Street Exit, right?
These bands both hailed from the Detroit area. Brownsville Station played pretty much straight rock-n-roll. I don't remember them doing anything as cheesy as Smokin' in the Boy's Room. Quatro was doing a kind of Nice/ELP thing with some weird electric spinet piano contraption. Kind of an odd mix. I think I bought a copy of Quatro's album after the show. I don't know where else I would have got it.

I don't even care if this movie is bad.
Saturday Science

Wittenberg University, continuing to engage the Springfield community, offers Saturday Science, a free program for high school aged kids featuring presentations by faculty & students at the school. So far subjects tackled have included math, physics, computer science, geology, geography & more. This Saturday is "Springfield’s Animal Community".
Queen City Bike has posted that Google Maps now has directions by bicycle. This is in addition to driving and walking directions. Directions by public transit, promised some time ago, IIRC, have yet to be implemented.
The weird thing about bicycling & especially walking, is that there are a lot more options for those guys than for cars.
Cincinnati has this wild crazy hillside stairway system that good folks fear & loathe. Google sees some of those, but they seem to completely miss cutting through parks. One particular commute I used to take, from sunny Northside to scenic OTR near historic Findlay Market - I would drive, ride or walk exactly the same way. Google recommends I walk or ride a very car centric route with horrible intersections & aesthetically unpleasant areas. Why the hell would I walk through the Dooley Bypass & down Spring Grove Avenue instead of just walking over it to tree lined Central Parkway?
It also doesn't provide grade info important to cyclists.
MapMyRide doesn't provide suggestions (you can look at other people's routes but that only seems useful for recreational purposes). It doesn't seem to import routes saved in Google, either. It does, however have grade info. Anyway, if you gotta go up, you're probably going to go back down again, eventually.
Anyway, if you can glob all this stuff onto a mobile device with a screen reader, blind people can be a bit more empowered, too. I wouldn't be too bold crossing the street with the info, tho.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Is The Tea Party Just An Arm Of The Republican Party ?

Some of the folks at The American Conservative think so.
"While the movement boasts of independence, it is little more than a GOP adjunct: loud, colorful, but still advancing the establishment’s ends."

Full story here.
They're Back !

The Fishwrap reports that HSUS is beginning to collect signatures for a ballot measure aimed at controlling our yet to be formed state Animal Care Board.

Get ready for some gruesome ads with celebrities that will make you wince. They will tell us that these worst practices are mainstream. They will ask us for money. They will not tell us that they are not in the animal welfare business & they will not clarify that they have nothing to do with local humane societies nor are they a part of the federal government. They are really in the business of fundraising & the top dogs make some nice cash.

This chart is posted by John Dillard, a law student at the Richmond School of Law in a posting, The Myth of the Humane Society of the United States.
This Washington D.C. organization is not interested in Ohioans best interests. It, almost literally, wants to ram it's vegetarian agenda down our throats (sorry, couldn't resist).
If you are approached to sigh their petition, I urge you to not sign. Throwing cats at them is optional.
Ohio Solar

Caught the first in a 3 part series in the Toledo Blade about Ohio's fumbling solar industry. As we bend over backwards for coal, all other energy sources lag.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Johnny Cash - Cincinnati Music Hall 1981

This was billed as the Johnny Cash Family or something. June Carter appeared & some little boy came out & sang. Rosanne Cash & Carlene Carter did not perform.
Getting to the show was pretty stupid. Al drove. We had been to the venue before but short term memory loss kicked in. Al said he knew where Music Hall was. It was the big half dome art deco place you saw from the highway. I knew the building & told myself Al was right. ~Rule #1 - doh!~ Imagine our surprise when we got to the place & nobody was there. Some old guy out front gave us directions. Fortunately, Music Hall is a straight shot about a mile away.
Before we went in, we had to answer nature's call. We stopped in an alley & relieved ourselves on some trash cans. We heard movement behind the trash cans. I kicked the one I was marking. Rats scurried away & down the alley. I thought it was hilarious. When I moved to Cincinnati later, I remember seeing bright orange stickers on trash cans without lids. The stickers read, "Starve Rats". I always thought that was pretty cool.
Sat in the balcony. Cash played a bunch of old tunes & hits. It was extremely family oriented & upbeat.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

not a paid ad

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Red Light Cameras Reduce Collisions 34%

Springfield, Ohio introduced red light cameras in 2006. It monitored about 1700 violations a month. That is down to about 660 now. Crashes are down 34% overall. That's significant because a reduction of 20% was expected & severe "T-Bone" collisions are frequently offset by a slight uptick in minor rear end "fender bender" collisions.
The cameras also allowed officials to determine that a leading cause of collisions at one intersection were not due to red light running but illegal turning.
Unfortunately, we can't do this in Cincinnati due to the successful fear & smear campaigns from COA T & NAACP.
The videos have been useful in hit-skip investigations or crashes where both drivers claimed to have a green light.
“We’ve gone back and been able to review things and get the right person cited,” Radanovich said. “So it’s helped us on quite a few crashes.”

The cameras might have also helped (or hurt) the case of The Dean of Cincinnati, another staunch opponent of the technology, when he tried to pass a truck on the right in a narrow intersection.
He denounced the technology & demanded human intercession but then didn't care much for the human intercession that he got.
The solution? I guess The Tribulation.

Noose Son story here.

Friday, March 05, 2010

I-75 Plans

I-75 from Quim Bob on Vimeo.

The presentation by Cameron X concerning the progress of the I-75 charettes.
Northsiders think the Ludlow Viaduct is an "eyesore". Well, yeah, I would like to see a big gothic iron monstrosity lit by braziers & decorated with the hanging corpses of criminals as much as the next guy, but let's be practical.....

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Multi-Lingual Signage on the Square ?

Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls has proposed multi-lingual signage or, at least, bi-lingual signage adding Spanish to the mix due to conventions coming to the city in 2011 & 2012. I am not opposed to the signage per se but I would recommend the additional languages be added when current signage needs replacement. This would also give us more time to think about what languages & information to provide.
For the upcoming conventions, brochures with emergency info could be distributed to attendees via hotels & events.
One thing that hasn't been brought up (AFAIK) is how much foreign language support the convention promoters & hotels already plan to provide. They might already have something and, if not, might be interested in doing so with a small subsidy. Since these 2 conventions are international in nature, the need for language support might not be all that great, anyhow.
And remember - language is a virus.

Fish Wrap story (with over 300 crazy knee-jerk paranoid comments) here.

John Entwistle 1975

Entwistle was the other composer in The Who. He had also released a few albums of his own. So it wasn't terribly surprising he would tour on his own. It was just kind of odd that this guy who had been gigantor type venues was on a bar tour. I recall him commenting on being able to see the back of the Columbus Agora appreciatively.
His band was just a small ensemble. The lead guitarist took to leaping about the stage a bit. He played a lot of fast ingle note lead (unlike Pete Townshend). I want to say there was a keyboard player who doubled on sax. No french horn solos.
Wolfgang's Vault has a show from this tour here.

Yes 1974

Yes had just released Tales of Topographic Oceans. The show at Cincinnati Gardens had a lot of long jams. Well, maybe a little more orchestrated than jamming. That's about all I remember.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dead Road

Dead Road Episode 1 from CORRADO on Vimeo.

Dead Road is a web series. A computer show? Filmed in the Garden State, they are currently up to episode 5. To see 'em all, click here.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Is This Image Racist ?

Well, I guess you would need to know the intent of the Photoshopper. Even then, you would need to know the intent of the person displaying the image, too. It is posted here for review. It certainly makes a clear message to Americans that the president's healthcare plans are akin to primitive witchcraft. Dunno what message it would send to the folks who live with the guy in the picture. Might be good foreign policy PR.
"Witch Doctors" are common in many cultures. They frequently use herbal remedies, they are frequently the most educated people in their communities & the mix of faith and science is not questioned. Most of the people who engage in these belief/social systems are dark skinned people with little industrial development. Nobody in America has a problem dismissing these other people's beliefs. Use of the term Voodoo is fairly accepted in the US as meaning quackery & trickery. It is a real belief system, of course & people in America practice it. Referring to Ron Reagan's economic theories as Voodoo Economics didn't phase anybody. Referring to Obama's initiatives similarly brings accusations of racism, however. What would have ensued if Reagan's theories had been labeled Lutheran Economics? Pentecostal, Catholic? (I think the real name for "trickle down" is neo-liberal. Of course Reagan couldn't have anything to do with the word "liberal" as he had managed to turn it into a four letter word almost single handedly)
In reality, Euro-Americans have moshed up religion & science a lot over the years. Monks practicing alchemy actually came up with some good results. What's kinda funny is that the folks who cooked up this image & use it is that they are probably more likely to mix up religion & science than their opponents.
The image also seems to have more to do with health cafe delivery than what Obama is targeting which is health care access.
So, the image actually misses the target & on top of that, it is hypocritical.
As the contempt for other cultures lifestyles is pretty much racist at the core, the image is clearly racist. Similarly, labeling Reagan's theories voodoo would also be racist as it demeans predominantly black Haitians beliefs. That Obama is in the picture with his head pasted onto the body of a presumably African guy is not inherently racist. But maybe that was the intent of the Photoshopper. I dunno. Spastic and inconsistent use of the racism charge renders the charge meaningless & the accusers irrelevant.