Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Reasons to Boycott
The Fishwarp asks, Would you boycott a business over its owner's politics? .
Well, because the owner supports a Rebloodlican or a Democrip? Or because the owner hates minorities & alternative lifestyles & gives money to hate groups?
The relationship between Montgomery Inn & Mitt Romney is based more on an inability to understand the English language more than anything else. Not really a reason to boycott, but maybe a reason to offer counter protests with English teachers correcting their opponents grammar & such….

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Great, Now Do That Again 3,000 More Times

Group raises 1 million dollars…..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Freakshow

In my time, I have watched quite a few freak shows pass by, but Bourbon Street in New Orleans on a Thursday night? It's the fuckin' normal show. They try - they get drunk & hoot & holler for no apparent reason. The guys out in front of the strip clubs try to drag you in with all the conviction of a mall sales clerk…..
In the words of the immortal Krokus Behemoth, "pretty bleak".

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012 Clark County Fair Queen Profiles

8 young women vie for Clark County Fair title. Their experience, contributions & aspirations outlined. Best of luck to all.
Now, what's up with Springfield High & Catholic Central???
Savanna Kristine Compton - Greenon High School
Dara Lynn Ferryman - Greenon High School - Ohio State University
Kara Morgan Griffith - Clark Shawnee High School
Alexandria Leahann Thompson - Greenon High School - Clark State College
Sydney Alexandra Lewis - Greenon High School
Makala Jae Myers - Northwestern High School
Molly Rosalyn Parker - Northeastern High School
Madison Mackenzie Ryan - Shawnee High School

Noose Son story here

Springfield Paper story here.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bickering Rebloodlicans

2 of the more useless Rebloodlicans to sit in elected orifices are having a pissing match over jurisdictions. Kid Monzel, who hates HATES HATES the city is having conniption fits over the wrong reverend Windbag over hiring practices. Of course, the kid has sent his florist off to Texas to help out on some tease campaign (is this on the HamCo taxpayers dime?), so maybe he's just a little frustrated…..

Fishwarp story here.

Starting Friday afternoon the Clark County Fair is back with more fun for EVERYONE. Rabbits, hogs, ducks, alpacas, cows, horses….. Where does it all end? Same place it starts at on 7/27. Be square and be THERE!
4H Judging photos here

Friday, July 20
9 to 11 a.m. Open exhibits brought for Hay (Youth Building)
9 a.m. to 9 p.m. JF exhibits set up (Youth Building)
9 a.m. Pee Wee and Adult Swine Showmanship (Swine Arena)
1 p.m. Open Market Hog Show (Swine Arena)
1 to 5 p.m. Open Class Rabbit Clark County Stock Check-in (Rabbit Barn)
2 to 8 p.m. JF Rabbit Check-in (Rabbit Barn)
3 to 8 p.m. Open exhibits brought to Arts and Crafts Building (through back door only)
4 to 7 p.m. Open exhibits for photography brought to Arts and Crafts Building
4 to 8 p.m. Open exhibits brought for Hay (Youth Building through back door only); Open exhibits brought for grains/vegetables/fruit (Annex through back door only)
5 to 9 p.m. JF and FFA non-livestock entries to Youth Building
6 p.m. JF You and Your Dog Awards (Dog Barn)
6 to 8 p.m. JF Poultry Check-in for Breeding, Fancy (Poultry Barn); JF Breeding Turkeys and Breeding Ducks Check-in (Barn 6); JF Rabbit Weigh-in (Rabbit Barn); JF Market Beef Weigh-in (Champions Center)
6 to 9 p.m. JF Turkey, Duck and Geese Check-in and Weigh-in (Barn 6); JF Egg Production and Fancy Breed Chicken Check-in (Poultry Barn); JF Dairy Feeder Weigh-in (Cattle Show Arena)
6 to 10 p.m. Open Class Rabbit Clark County Stock Check-in (Rabbit Barn)
7 p.m. Truck Tug-o-War (Track event)
7:30 p.m. Wyatt McCubbin (Big Tent)
7 to 9 p.m. JF Market Goat Weigh-in (Sheep Arena)
10 p.m. JF Horse Mac Barrels (Horse Arena)
Saturday, July 21, Veteran’s Day
8 a.m. JF All Sheep arrival (Sheep Barn); JF Dairy Breeding and Open Class Arrival (Dairy Barns); JF 4-H Swine Weigh-in (Swine Arena); JF Horse Arrival Deadline (Horse Barns)
8 to 8:30 a.m. Exhibits brought for Hay Show (Youth building back door); Open exhibits brought for grains/vegetables/fruit (Annex)
8 to 10 a.m. JF FFA non-livestock entries to Youth Building
8:30 a.m. Open Hay Show Judging (Youth Building)
9 a.m. Open grains/vegetables/ fruit judging (Annex); JF All Junior Sheep Weigh-in (Sheep Arena); JF Rabbit Show, starting with showmanship (Rabbit Barn); JF Dressage and Hunter Over Fences (Horse Arena)
9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Open Class Arts and Crafts Building Judging (Building closed until 1 p.m.); JF Rabbit Showmanship with show to follow (Rabbit Arena)
10 a.m. Grand Opening Ceremonies; JF Dog Obedience (Dog Barn); JF FFA Hogs Weigh-in (Swine Arena); JF FFA Grain and Vegetable Judging (Youth Building)
11 a.m. JF FFA Hay Show (Youth Building)
Noon to 1 p.m. Open Market Lamb Weigh-in (Sheep Arena)
1 p.m. Arts and Crafts Building opens to public; Sales Trailer opens (Across from Goat Barn)
2 p.m. Best Cookie in the County Celebrity Judging (Arts and Crafts Building)
3 p.m. JF Homegrown Sheep Show (Sheep Arena); Open Market Lamb Show, Crowning of Lamb and Wool Queen, Pee Wee Sheep Showmanship and Adult showmanship will follow; Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
4 p.m. JF Dairy Showmanship (Cattle Show Arena); JF Dairy Breeding Show, following showmanship (Cattle Show Arena)
6 p.m. JF Holstein and Jersey Show (Cattle Show Arena); Open Dairy Holstein and Jersey Show (Cattle Show Arena); Rib Cook Off (Arts and Crafts Building); Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
7 p.m. Gas and Diesel Truck Pull (Track event)
8 p.m. Josh Thompson (Big Tent); Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway); Sales trailer closes
Sunday, July 22, Junior Fair Board Day
5 a.m. K99.1 FM Live Broadcast from front of Maine’s Building
8 a.m. JF County Farrowed Show (Swine Arena); JF and Open Class Beef Feeders Arrival (Champions Center); Open Class Rabbit Out of Country Exhibitor Check-in (Rabbit Barn)
9 a.m. Non-denominational church services featuring New Carlisle Area Community Chorus (Entertainment Tent); JF Sheep Showmanship (Sheep Arena); JF Beef Showmanship (Champions Center); JF Horse English Judging Day (Horse Arena); JF Turkey Show (Cattle Show Arena) showmanship following Market Duck Show and Showmanship immediately afterwards; JF Waterfowl (Ducks and Geese) Show showmanship (Cattle Show Arena); Open Rabbit Show (Rabbit Barn)
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Performances by New Carlisle Area Community Chorus in Entertainment Tent
11:30 a.m. JF Dog Showmanship (Dog Barn)
12:30 p.m. Clark County Lamb Cook-off (Sheep Arena)
1 p.m. JF and Open Class Beef Feeder Show (Champions Center); JF Beef Breeding Show (Champions Center); Kiddie Feeder Calf Showmanship; Clark County Fair Queen Contest (Champions Center Banquet Hall); Ladies Lead and Shepherd Class (Sheep Arena); Sheep Decorating Contest, following lead classes
2 p.m. JF Swine Showmanship (Swine Arena)
3 p.m. JF Sheep Breeding Show, following showmanship (Sheep Arena); Kiddy Tractor Pull (Champions Center); Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway); Sales Trailer Opens
4 p.m. JF Dairy Feeder Showmanship (Cattle Show Arena)
5 p.m. JF Poultry Show (Rabbit and Poultry Barn); showmanship follows
6 p.m. JF Horse Awards Presentation (Horse Arena); Dish of the Day Judging Cheese Dish and Youth Dish (Arts and Crafts Building); 10th Annual Farm Bureau Social Hour (Farm Bureau Building); Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
7 p.m. Northeast Ohio Dukes of Hazzard County Stunt Show (Track event); Groom and Clean Judging (Outdoor Horse Arena)
8 p.m. Sales trailer closes; Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
Monday, July 23
7 a.m. JF Alpacas and Llamas Arrival (Champions Center)
8 a.m. JF Alpacas and Llamas Show and Showmanship (Champions Center)
9 a.m. Rabbit Royalty Contest (Rabbit Barn); JF Dairy Cart, Pygmy Show with Dairy Goat Showmanship and Pee Wee and Adult Goat Showmanship following Pygmy Show (Cattle Show Arena); JF Horse Western Judging (Horse Arena); JF Market Lamb Show (Sheep Arena); JF Gilt and Breed Show (Swine Arena); JF Swine Scramble Show (Swine Arena)
11 a.m. Open Class Alpacas and Llamas in place (Champions Center)
1 p.m. Open Class Alpaca and Llama Show (Champions Center)
2 p.m. JF FFA Farm Shop Projects Judging (Youth Building)
3 p.m. Sales Trailer Opens
4 p.m. JF Dairy Feeder Show (Cattle Show Arena)
5 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
6 p.m. Dish of the Day Judging for Pork Dish and Butterscotch Cookie Contest (Arts and Crafts Building); JF Doggy Maze, Silly Pet Tricks and Costume Contest (Dog Barn); 2010 Rabbit Scramble Winners Contest (Rabbit Barn)
8 p.m. Sales Trailer Closes; Wambold’s Amazing Animals (midway)
9 p.m. JF Horse Mac Barrels (Horse Arena)
Tuesday, July 24, Golden Wedding Day
9 a.m. JF Market Barrow Show (Swine Arena); JF Horse Performance Judging (Horse Arena)
10 a.m. County Commission Meeting (Arts and Crafts Building Stage)
11 a.m. JF Market Goat Showmanship with JF Market Goat Production Doe Show to follow (Cattle Show Arena)
11:30 a.m. Kiwanis Luncheon Meeting (Champions Center)
Noon Pie Day Judging (Arts and Crafts Building) Pies should be delivered between 10 a.m. and noon
Noon to 2 p.m. Adult Ceramics Make and Take by Patti Martin and Sandy Nixon (Arts and Crafts Building); Arts and Crafts Make and Take by the Committee (Arts and Crafts Building Home Arts Department)
1:30 p.m. Kiwanis and Elderly United Golden Wedding Party (Champions Center Banquet Room) Music begins at noon. Open for all couples in Clark County who have observed their 50th wedding anniversary (invitation only).
2 p.m. JF 4-H Lamb Quiz Bowl (Entertainment Tent)
2 to 6 p.m. JF Dog Rally O Clinic (Dog Barn)
3 p.m. Sales Trailer Opens
5 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (midway)
6 p.m. Dish of the Day Judging for Raspberry Dish and Poultry Dish (Arts and Crafts Building); Pie Auction (Entertainment Tent); Annual Bunny Scramble (Sheep Arena); JF Horse Musical Freestyle (Horse Arena)
6 to 9 p.m. JF Meat Chicken Check-in and Weigh-in (Poultry Barn)
7 p.m. OSTPA Tractor and Truck Pull (Track Event); Cheer Competition (Champions Center); JF 4-H Winners Review (Entertainment Tent)
8 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway); Sales Trailer Closes
Wednesday, July 25, Kids Day
8 a.m. Sales Trailer Opens
9 a.m. JF Fancy Breeding Chicken Show with Showmanship to follow (Poultry Barn); JF Fancy Meat Chicken Show with Showmanship to follow (Poultry Barn); JF Market Lamb Auction (Sheep Arena); JF Market Beef Show (Champions Center)
9 to 11 a.m. JF Cloverbud Show-N-Tell (Youth Building)
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Kids Make and Take by Patti Martin and Sandy Nixon (Arts and Crafts Building in the Ceramics Department); Kids Crafts Make and Take (age group 3-4 years) by the Committee (Arts and Crafts Building in the Home Arts Department)
11:30 a.m. JF Baker’s Contest Top 5 Judging and Interviews (Champions Center Banquet Hall); Kids Vegetable Sculpture Contest Judging (Produce Department in the Annex)
1 p.m. JF Market Goat Show (Cattle Show Arena); JF Baker’s Contest Auction (Sheep Arena); Dairy Milk and Dairy Feeder Auction (Sheep Arena)
1 to 3 p.m. Kids Day Games and Contests (Track Event)
1 to 6 p.m. JF Dog Agility Demonstrations (Dog Barn)
3 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
5:30 p.m. Presentation of Creative Achievement Award (Arts and Crafts Building on stage)
6 p.m. Dish of the Day Judging for Beef Dish and Diabetic Dessert (Arts and Crafts Building); Optimist Dinner (Champions Banquet Center); Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
7 p.m. Demolition Derby (Track Event); JF Dog Fun Show (Dog Arena); JF Horse Contesting Fun Show and Mac Barrels (Horse Arena)
8 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
Thursday, July 26, Homemakers’ Day
8 a.m. Sales Trailer Opens
9 a.m. JF Clark County Cattle Producer’s Show (Champions Center); JF Market Hog Auction (Swine Arena); JF Horse Fun Show (Horse Arena)
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Election of Directors (Junior Fair Board Building)
10 a.m. JF County Produced Goat Show (Cattle Show Arena)
11 a.m. JF Dairy Grooming Contest (Barns 2 and 3)
1 p.m. Homemakers Style Show (Arts and Crafts Building); Rabbit Royalty Awards (Rabbit Barn)
3 p.m. Agricultural Society Annual Meeting (Champions Center)
3:30 p.m. JF Showman of Showmen Contest (Champions Center)
5 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
6 p.m. JF Goat Fun Show (Cart Goat Ring); JF Dog Rally O Match (Dog Barn); Dish of the Day Judging for Dessert Dish (No pies and nothing chocolate) and Vegetable Dish (Arts and Crafts Building); Texaco Country Showdown (Big Tent)
6:30 p.m. Lions Club Dinner (Champions Center Banquet Room)
7 p.m. Election of Directors Closes; Truck Tug-O-War (Track Event)
8 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
Friday, July 27
7 a.m. Sales Trailer Opens
8 a.m. JF Small Animal Auction for Rabbit, Meat Chicken, Tom Turkey, Meat Duck, Egg Production (Expo Center Banquet Hall)
9 a.m. JF Horse Walk/Trot Contesting (Horse Arena); JF Horse Mac Barrels (Horse Arena); JF Goat Auction (Cattle Show Arena)
1 p.m. JF Market Beef Auction (Champions Center)
4 p.m. JF Dog Barn Tear Down
4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Grains/Vegetables/Fruits released
5 p.m. JF All remaining Livestock released; Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)
6 p.m. Dish of the Day Judging for Anything Chocolate and Appetizer (Arts and Crafts Building); Kiddie Pig Chase (Track Event)
7 p.m. Pig and Calf Scramble (Track Event); Kate Hasting Band (Big Tent)
8 p.m. Wambold’s Amazing Animals (Midway)

Frogtown Noose Son story here

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I, Pet Goat

I, pet goat II from Heliofant on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

From the Goessling Markets' FaceBook page:
"We will be having our meeting tomorrow at 2:00 {7/18}, with the SBA and the Economic Development Department for the City of Cincinnati. This is pivotal to our ability to announce the status of the Clifton project. All the Indicators point to success!"
Keep yer fingers crossed.

UPDATE: The SBA meeting was postponed a week.

Goessling's Markets
Will U.S. be the Next Greece ?

While I doubt the U.S. will share Greece's economic fate simply because of size & diversity issues, there's certainly evidence pointing to a radical fringe group like the Golden Dawn attaining power in the U.S.. It's fun to watch the antics of this nationalist nativist group of yahoos from afar but given the popularity of Limbaughs, Becks & Robertsons here, how far off can we be? Illegal migration in Greece is actually worse in Greece than in the U.S. and, besides the settlers there's a ton of transients over there, too. Approximately 90% of illegal migrants in Europe enter through Greece. The Spartans had it relatively easy at Thermopylae.
Unfortunately, the antics of these guys only serve to distract from the real issues.
Upon election, they got the ball rolling demanding "respect" from the traitorous press corps.

Temper tantrums & going after middle aged women half your size on national TV might be considered bad form but, apparently the Dawn's status improved after this kerfuffle.

Threatening natualized citizens does the party no good & harkens back to Kristalnacht krap. This comes on the heels of street violence aimed at foreigners that went unchecked by a police force sympathetic to the Dawn.
A blood bank for natives only might seem kinda nice but is also kind of insane. Blood is blood.
Laying claim to Istanbul & other cities in Turkey is a complete hoot. Sure Greeks established the town about 2,500 years ago but they haven't owned it for over 1,700 years. Maybe they should also seek reparations from Italy…..
They'll need all the help they can get given their financial problems.
But even in the U.S. we see the folks who, in spite of increasing deficits, want to wage wars & occupy foreign lands, enable government takeovers of religious institutions and continue class/race warfare on their fellow citizens. And they want it all for free! yeah, we may not be too far off.

Monday, July 16, 2012

More News

M$oft bailing on MSNBC is one thing but starting up it's own news service from scratch? The various news sources in America today are all pretty generic. Throw in the demise of print news & the decimating of broadcast news & the whole landscape looks pretty bleak. Will M$oft turn things around? Their track record doesn't offer much hope.
But could the software company partner with news agencies that have traditionally not web based & give 'em a hand with their web outlets? Might be a way to get Silverlight outta the ICU.
I would love to see Gates & Balmer reading the news.

Goggle story here

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bank of America has purchased the unfinished Kenwood Towne Place at auction. If their track record of owning foreclosed properties in the areaq is any indicator, we should expect the structure to continue to sit empty, deteriorating til it slowly transforms from eyesore to hazard.

Fishwarp story here
Has Laure Quinlivan Gone Mad ?

While Cincinnati Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan's boosterism, fiscal resposibility & efforts towards job creation earn her high marks, this whole rebranding thing is kinda nuts. She's been around to have seen the folly of The Blue Chip City (which the Blue Chip Republicans haven't). This kinda thing takes time. While the temporary promotion, The City That Sings (but, apparently is too lame to compose) is fine but there is no way it's going to stick. Cities need to be * City. Like The Gem City, The Queen City, The Champion City. Does anybody remember The Sleeping Giant? I didn't think so…..

Fishwarp story here

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Gotta love the Fishwarp

Fishwarp story was here
Ohio Slips Under Kasich's Stewardship

A recent survey by CNBC, Ohio has slipped from 23rd to 25th as a state to do business in under the so called business friendly John Kasich. Notable drops in ranking were in the categories of Transportation & Infrastructure, Quality of Life, Economy & Education. Business Friendliness & Access to Capital have improved a bit.
This does have Ohio leading it's neighboring states except for Indiana. Somehow Ohio has the next to worst workforce in the entire country - which I find hard to believe but it seems to have improved despite a crappier education ranking.
I have no doubt the transportation & infrastructure decline is primarily due to Kasich & Wray deprecating TRAC & doling out transportation dollars as political favors.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Terre Haute ?

ok, I knew Slime Warner & Incite had come to an impasse with WLWT & dropped 'em off the broadcast so when I flipped over to that charnel I was surprised to see a newscast. Channel 2? Must be Dayton, I thought. nope. Terre Haute.
C'mon guys, Columbus Indiana, Indianapolis, Columbus Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Lexington, hell, cartoons or old movies would be of more interest than that.
(Thought that Olympic coverage was going to get you some leverage with a company that doesn't give a rat's ass about their customers, huh ?)
UPDATE: When the going gets weird - the weird get going. Now Terre Haute is bitching at Slime Warner about stealing their broadcasts. Thy really should have just run Bugs Bunny or Batman cartoons.....
Fishwarp story here.

WLWT story here
Cincinnati mayor, Mark Mallory, is off to Washington DC to represent the people of Cincinnati - a job congressman Steve Chabot is supposed to do but while never bringing home the bacon he has taken to sending the bacon elsewhere. Mallory says he’s lobbying DC officials to nix Chabot’s streetcar Provision.
The thing about Chabot's anti-Cincinnati streetcar amendment that bugs me is, besides his determination of the project's lack of merit having no merit of it's own, is that he singled out just one passenger rail proposal. That is, he doesn't seem to have any broader view that would lead him to believe the very concept is bad. It just seems more vindictive than anything else. Steve Chabot is supported in one area of the city & frequently refers to himself as a citizen of that neighborhood and not the city that it's a part of. His amendment won't save a dime & in fact includes billions in deficit spending.
Interestingly, the darling of the eastside GOP, Rob Portman, doesn't seem so adamant about usurping the will of local voters.
From the Fishwarp:
The Senate Appropriations Committee did not include a similar measure barring funds for the streetcar in its version of the transportation spending bill. And both of Ohio’s U.S. senators–Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Sherrod Brown—have said they have no plans to push such a proposal.
I guess COA T will have to try to pry the senator away from the Romney campaign trail into one of their dark smoky back rooms & make him a deal he can't refuse.

Fishwarp story here.

Monday, July 09, 2012


Straight outta Clevo, maaannnnn

The Pagans


Friday, July 06, 2012


Today marks the date for the official reopening of Washington Park in Cincinnati. Once a cemetery, it later became a popular park across from Cincinnati's Music Hall which served as an event venue & concert hall for over a hundred years. The park served for people's entertainment as well.
At one point, as the neighborhood had declined, activists established homeless shelters and a dizzying number of social services in the area as the neighborhood was deemed a haven for the homeless & destitute. This resulted in the park being overrun by loud, vulgar vagrants & beggars. The park became a public restroom & was shunned by most people.
As a wealthier population has moved into the neighborhood & the park has been closed for a year as upgrades including an underground parking garage (in an old cemetery - the mind boggles), people are hoping the park can be a more genteel place as it once was & was intended to be.
There's 2 sides to this. There's the people who want a nice place free of foul smells & pestering panhandlers as pointed out at Cincinnati Blog. Then there's the homeless advocates who would just like to have their ghetto back as reflected at The Cincinnati Beacon.
In an effort to keep the park nice, new rules have been put into place (most of which aren't that new). But do the rules go too far? There's a trend to outlaw "acts of daily living" which just sounds crazy - kinda like "free speech zones". NPR discusses the issue here.
We need to have balance. We need to be civil. The homeless advocates, in my mind, usually want the whole pie. Some of these new laws & regulations are just insane, tho. If I fall asleep in a park on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I'm illegal? You can't enjoy a glass of wine at a summer concert in the park? I can't feed the birds? I've gone on about banning amplification before here and here. This is ridiculous in the 21st century. One rule for Washington Park is "No dropping off of food or clothing". I know that has been an issue for what amount to "drive by" charities who just leave a mess after their good deeds are done. I hope they will issue permits for this kind of activity, tho.
As far as keeping the neighborhood up in the future, I think there's some good advice here by bfwissel.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Steve Chabot's Vision of Cincinnati ?
Happy 4th Y'all

Monday, July 02, 2012

4th of July in Northside !

July 4th celebrations in the land between the cemeteries, NORTHSIDE, begin Tuesday July 3rd at2:30 in Hoffner Park.
A day of music & entertainment await you at the Northside Rock 'n Roll Carnival.
  • R. RING

The Incendium guys bring their show at 10:25 PM
The Cincinnati Comedy All Stars will be across the street at The Chameleon. Ohio Knife, Downtown Boys, Cave Girls, TEMPLE and DAAP Girls will be at The Northside Tavern.
On Wednesday, the 4th, get your grub on with Kegs & Eggs at Hoffner Park at 10AM and Red, White & Blueberry pancake breakfast at North Presbyterian Church at 9AM.
Up the street, The Comet and Northside Tavern open at 11 AM & The Comet kitchen opens at noon. NYPD Pizza will be open all day, too, serving pizza, hoagies, wings & more.
The dang parade starts at the old Ashtree Village at noon & languidly strolls down Hamilton avenue to the park.
Apcalypse NOW!

In yet another bold bid to trigger the zombie apocalypse, gas drillers want to dig under the consecrated grounds of graveyards.
Proponents claim that deep underground, locked in ancient shale formations, are lucrative quantities of natural gas.They have also targeted parks, playgrounds, churches and residential backyards.
Opponents say cemeteries are hallowed ground that shouldn't be sullied by drilling activity. Some might say it's sacrilegious but if you worship money ~ I guess, it'd be ok.

Moose Son story here
Rock 'n Roll Carnival Preview

R. Ring
Northside Rock 'n Roll Carnival Tuesday, 7/3/12 in absolute Hoffner Park, Hamilton Avenue @ Blue Rock Street
Fireworks @ 10:25

Because everything is better when animated.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Rock 'n Roll Carnival Preview

Northside Rock 'n Roll Carnival Tuesday, 7/3/12 in absolute Hoffner Park, Hamilton Avenue @ Blue Rock Street
Fireworks @ 10:25
Rock 'n Roll Carnival Preview

The Big Sleep
Northside Rock 'n Roll Carnival Tuesday, 7/3/12 in absolute Hoffner Park, Hamilton Avenue @ Blue Rock Street
Fireworks @ 10:25