Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Cincinnati, known for it's cultural heritage, had a great venue in Newport, KY in the 1980s, The Jockey Club.
It was owned by a couple brothers and when approached by a young man who wanted to book punk acts, they said yes. That young man was Bill Leist.
While Leist was young & idealistic, the men who owned the venue had been around. They had hosted country, metal, rock, so punk? They said the country audience was generally the worst & the punk audience about the best.
Well, till the last show when the audience tore the place apart for souvenirs. The brothers had sold the building to the cab company next door who wanted to expand their parking facilities.
Leist was able to bring in touring acts and then he got bands from the local scene to do opening acts. The Damned, Black Flag, The Ramones, Tupelo Chain Sex, Jah Wobble, Johnny Thunders, The Cramps, DOA, White Zombie, Husker Du, The Dead Kennedys shared the stage with the likes of SS-20, The Auburnaires, The Afghan Whigs, The Mortals, Sluggo, Doc & the Pods, The Thangs, The Edge, Dementia Precox, The Ass Ponys & Leist's own, The Reduced.
Bill Leist died 12/29/14. He was preceded in death by The Jockey Club, Shorty & his brother.
It seemed like forever but was less than 10 years. Probably the most comparable scene was Jim Tarbell's Ludlow Garage about 10 years earlier.

To learn more about this club, it's quirky management & the crazy audience, check out Stories for Shorty

Happy B Day, Patti Smith

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Test

A lot of people come to this site looking for porn so I did a test a few weeks ago to see if I would get a lot of hits. I titled it, Celebrity Nude Pics.
It had no content, just that title and a list of 10 current female celebrities (I had to look up who was popular, didn't know half of them...).
It didn't garner a lot of hits. I didn't have any links or pictures other than an old TV test pattern.
Nobody bitched at me.
I think I conclusively proved pretty much nothing.

Christmas in the Atomic Age

December 29, 1945 Colliers magazine.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Transhumanist Fashion

What better way to introduce folks to transhumanism than with a fashionable self defense exoskeleton? Cat callers take heed.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


From various sources, 1st - nations ranked by vice, drugs & prostitution. 2nd - same countries ranked by overall incarceration.
What's it mean? I dunno...

Vice ranking
U.S. #1
China #2
Japan #3
Germany #4
U.K. #5
France #6
Brazil #7
Italy #8
India #9
Russia #10
Incarceration Ranking
U.S. #2
Russia #10
Brazil #42
U.K. #99
China #125
France #145
Italy #150
Germany #168
Japan #198
India #218

Is There Any Chance Against the Robot ?

Is there anything the robot can't do? This is proof positive that the machines will be able to infiltrate our government with nobody noticing the change. Maybe it's just the short cloudy days but I think we just might be doomed.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Marvel v. DC but no Gold Key?

This'd be fun, but, of course, the dark forces of American lawyers would be sure to fuck it up like they fucked up Dan Turpin's funeral.
Anyway, why not bring in Doctor Solar & Magnus Robot Fighter just to really jazz things up?

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


My old man liked Wes Montgomery's version...

Things to Come

The 1936 movie, Things to Come starts out on Christmas Day 1940 in 'Everytown'. War promptly follows, lasts for years, plunges the planet into the stone age til a group of engineers builds a new technocracy that saves the day - or does it.
Theoretically the Brits canned it because they didn't want any pesky anti-war sentiment when Germany & Italy were rattling their sabers.
Great apocalyptic holiday fare!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fat Aliens ?

Neil deGrasse Tyson takes on the commonly argued question of whether space aliens are fat or not. In his typical liberal specist manner, concludes that space aliens like goats are not fat.
Perhaps primitive silicon based space aliens living on primitive silicon based planets foraging over crystal mountains rising up out of methane seas would be skinny, who cares? What we want to know is, what about the aliens seeking to come to earth and enslave us like so many Princess Leias.
3 things come to mind.
A. - the aliens will not be doing a lot of physical labor on their trip to earth. They will likely use flesh eating robots and mind control beams to conquer us. So, conceivably they could get pretty damn fat.
B. - Space rations might really suck & be in short supply as well. They might look like prison camp dwellers and why not? They still have their mind control rays & flesh eating robots...
C. - BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, if they are shape shifting aliens, what's it matter. Tyson completely ignores this factor.
There's a reason Tyson's job application at Blogging isn't Cool got folded up & was sent sailing out the window.
Furthermore, is Santa Claus an alien?

Monday, December 22, 2014

Common Sense in Columbus ?

Seems a little wack to think that the governor & legislators of the Buckeye State could come up with anything rational nowadays. Investing in more asphalt, subsidizing sprawl, reducing transparency & shoving more religionist BS down our throats seems to be their only game.
But Lt Governor Mary Taylor has implemented a 'Common Sense Initiative to reduce red tape & make doing business in Ohio easier in a way that benefits small business people.
This article describes how the changes helped a guy start up a micro brew pub in lofty Bellefontaine, Ohio.
We need more of this in Ohio.

Fabled Enchantresses

The December 22, 1958 issue of Life magazine featured a collection of images of Marilyn Monroe posing as older film stars including Lillian Russell, Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, and Cincinnati's own Theda Bara. It was titled Fabled Enchantresses.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Xmas in Porkopolis - 1936

While I generally don't like cheesy audio on these old silent films, it might be ok for this one.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Christmas Carol

Vincent Price talks ghosts.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stiffs & Land Use

The population bulge of Baby Boomers is kicking the bucket & their wave of influence is heading to the graveyards. The thing is, more and more people are choosing cremation over traditional burial. 42% of people are opting for cremation nowadays & that's freeing up some real estate in the boneyard while, at the same time, sparking an uptick in columbarium construction.
This could be another opportunity for the City of Cincinnati to exploit the vacant land at Wesleyan Cemetery on it's wester (rear) side.
The financial dept at Blogging Isn't Cool is all tied up decorating for Saturnalia right now so I can't give good numbers on what the ROI for a columbarium at the site would be but it would have to be better than just letting it sit there.

More at the Fishwarp

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sometimes the barrel of a gun is just the barrel of a gun

There's been a trend over the years that hasn't been proper;y identified. People calling it out as being a race issue are muddying the waters & undermining real solutions.
The big news was out of Ferguson, MO where a cop killed a guy who was acting in a belligerent manner. A cop in Cleveland killed a 12 year old without really assessing the situation. In Beavercreek, OH cops killed a guy in a Wal Mart who was fidgeting with a pellet gun while BSing with his girlfriend on the phone in the pet food aisle. In Atlanta a campus cop killed a student for basically walking around stoned. A few years ago a Cincinnati man was shot while being questioned by police when he threw a knife to the side.
Some of the police were white, some black. Some of the killed were white, some black.
People who know how to stir the race pot are fixating on white police killing black suspects while ignoring the unnecessary killings of white suspects, especially when killed by black cops. While some of the folks were resisting arrest, others were not. Some of the cases involved completely unreliable 911 calls & the police failing to properly assess the situation when they arrived on the scene. Cherry picking along racial lines & lumping the killings together misses the true police failings.
The problem is not racism. If the white police of America were really conspiring to wipe out black America, they would be done by now.
The problem is trigger happy cops who feel they can kill with impunity because they have a badge.
and, pr their indictments, that's pretty much the case.
The latest instance of the shoot first, ask questions later was the slaughter of a mountain lion in Paris, KY.
So, you see, it's not just relegated to killing people - it's pretty much anything that moves.
Fixating on the phony genocide issue does no good. Lumping real criminal activity with non criminal activity does no good. The armed vs unarmed crap makes no sense. The problem is issuing lethal weapons to twitchy people, not issuing non lethal alternative weapons to these people & not training these guys to be patient and to properly assess situation on scene.
And we need to focus on that and not on incidental coincidences.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Northside Second Saturday

What to do, What to do...
HEY!, It's Northside Second Saturday this weekend!
We can decorate the park, have wine tastings, listen to choral, country & reggae music, and check out photography exhibits and MORE!
Here's jus some of the wondrous things going on!

Light up Hoffner Park
Hoffner Park

White Elephant vinyl night gift exchange
4114 Hamilton Ave.

Billy Catfish
Northside Tavern
4163 Hamilton Ave.

Vocal Arts Christmas Concert
St Boniface
1750 Chase Avenue

Tantrum Turns 3
Tantrum, Northside
4183 Hamilton Ave.

Reggae Night
4579 Hamilton Ave.

Sidewinder Holiday Second Saturday
Sidewinder Coffee
4181 Hamilton Ave.

Northside Photo Show
Chicken Lays an EGG
4178 Hamilton Ave.

Photography Show at Galaxie Northside
Galaxie Skateshop Northside
4202 Hamilton Avenue.

Second Saturday Wine Tasting!
The Listing Loon
4124 Hamilton Ave.

Wine + Cookies = Kisses (from your happy pet)
Northside Grange Pet & Urban Farm Supply
4116 Hamilton Ave.

The Bizarre World of John Cranley

Cincinnati's mayor< John Cranley, who has never proved he is a human and not a shape shifting alien chimera/lizard/bug/man thing, has concluded that an infrastructure project at $85,000 under budget, is a financial disaster.
He's made these claims before when he blew millions of $ to come up with the same numbers the 'incompetent' staff had already come up with.
In other news, he has halted a sewer project mid stream with no input from the Sewer District of county commissioners.
Maybe he just gets cranky this time of year because of all the elf jokes...

Apple Street Market

Apple Street Market posts a video with more mushy music to promote their CoOp market in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood.
The lady discussing the amount of time it takes to get to the nearest Kroger ain't kidding. Fortunately, I can still ride a bike but that's not always possible in the winter.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

An Observation

As the Ohio legislature passes another clever law that renders traffic cameras useless, 2 of the supporters for this legislation have run afoul of the law. Dale Mallory was convicted of an ethics violation and Bill Seitz was ironically nailed by traffic camera.
When the lawless legislate, is it any wonder we get the legislation we get?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I guess Sony got pissed off after their servers got hacked & people downloaded some movies & stuff.

The Eurofication of Transportation in Cincinnati

Back that trolley up a bit to see the true meaning of this diabolical logo.
Not content to have sister cities in socialist foreign countries, now Cincinnati is introducing a logo for their commie style streetcar, so popular with left wing progressives, that masks it's true symbolism - The Euro.
Hell bent on destroying the Godly American life of the freedom loving Americans, Cincinnati is being saddled not only with obsolete transportation options, the liberals want to force the Eurozone currency on us, too. Not all at once, of course, this is just a subliminal way of softening us up to the the corrupt socialist European lifestyle.
Just watch - the conductors will speak French. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

More Fun With Maps

Here we see how corrupt state governments are. Compare this with the previously mentioned maps & see what ya get.
What the hell is up with $#! Louisiana? They get their own color?

Read more here.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Tax Friendliness v. Tax Subsidy

2 maps with an iteresting contrast. One rates states tax friendliness for small businesses & the other shows the donor & receiver states in relation to how much they send to DC as opposed to how much they get back.
Amazingly, a lot of the states that get back more than they put in have friendlier tax rates than the states who subsidize them. A lot of the 'friendlier' states have low population density hence loess infrastructure to maintain and, obviously fewer people to support the small businesses.

More on tax friendliness here

More on donor & reciever states here

Friday, December 05, 2014

Thursday, December 04, 2014

NASA Triggers the Eschaton

Deros worshipping NASA scientists seek to make a new solar system and possibly destroying Earth in the process.
Exploding satellites into the large planets of Jupiter & Saturn will trigger explosions starting a runaway fusion reaction that will turn the planets into stars making their satellites warm enough for the Transhumans.
The explosions are expected to shed 10% of the planets' mass & send it careening towards Earth with potentially catastrophic results. But will Earth be destroyed or will some of the planets, Like Earth and Mars just go into figure eight orbits around the two suns? Could the massive explosions result in restoring Mrs' atmosphere?
Will the transhumans, under Walt Disney's cyborg rule, rule on Callisto & Ganymede and control the people of Earth and Mars with their mind control rays?
Is this, in fact, the birth of a New Solar System Order controlled by technocrats & their Shape Shifting Alien Lizardmen allies?
Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014


After years in Las Vegas & Hollywood, Elvis Presley made a 'comeback' TV special in 1968 where he shed the Hollywood persona & got back to his R&R roots with the band that made him famous but Hollywood rejected.
As Quimette said, "damn, that guy was sexy"
and he could rock!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Heading Up the Ohio Democratic Party

As lazy, liberal Democrats didn't bother to vote in the last election because, apparently, they love big intrusive government running their lives, the hunt is on for a new head of the Ohio party.
Short of resurrecting Hitler or Stalin, here's my ideas. Granted, some of them would have to move back to Ohio, but the leftist liberals said they were AOK with right wing loons when the liberals running just didn't get them excited, so, let's aim for excitement & entertainment. Resurrecting John Robinson & bringing back his circus with acrobats & trained animals to get the libs excited, but, again, we just can't resurrect these geniuses.
So, let's go
◈ Drew Carey - gets off on literacy & choreography, his experience on Who's Line Is It Anyway would prepare him to vet prospective candidates.
◈ Ariel Castro - he knows how to keep people in line
◈ Nancy Cartwright - her funny voices might actually get the attention of the comatose party members
◈ Charles Manson - great leadership skills
◈ Traci Lords - personal charisma, people skills
◈ Cheetah Chrome - small businessman, can get attention, not afraid to spit on the general assembly
◈ Ed O'Neill - smart funny guy who probably has no problem swingin' a 2x4 up the side of your head
◈ Jerry Springer - smart funny guy who always ended his news shows with heartwarming bits of blah
◈ The Naked Cowboy - why not?

Monday, December 01, 2014

Death Cafes

Some folks from Arlington Memorial Gardens in Cincinnati discuss their monthly 'Death Cafes' on WVXU.

Cyber Monday Bonanza

You can camp out at Target, beat the shit out of your neighbors at WalMart, get murdered by C.H.U.D. downtown like all the other lemmings ~OR~ you can put on you jammies & get real cool stuff online.
Where else can you get a cocktail shaker emblazoned with the crest of Erzsebet Bathory? To Serve Man BBQ aprons? Seal of Mercury keepsake boxes? Simbi ornaments? Ault Park shopping bags? Music Hall & Union Terminal clocks?
I'll tell you where - NOWHERE
From 80s midwestern punk rock to obscure 70s San Francisco acid rock - from futuristic man eating aliens to 16th century serial killers - from John Dee to Marie LeVeau - BLOGGING ISN'T COOL HAS WHAT YOU NEED !!
That's right folks, from the sandy beaches of Lake Erie to the white cliffs of Dover, all your holiday shopping needs are at your fingertips RIGHT NOW! If you can't decide what you want - just get one of everything. While nothing is guaranteed, your satisfaction is imminent.
Your next mouseclick could be the most important twitch in your life.