Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Robo Call from Charlie Winburn on 9/30/09 6:40 PM

uh, Chas ? I think you need to re-record your robocall. No police officers have been laid off. Or did you mean to lie and scare citizens into voting for you ?
You might also think about turning down the volume if you re-record, too.
PS - the mayor doesn't really fit the profile of a mass murderer, either.
UPDATE:Winburn on WKRC NooseMakers warning us the mayor might try to poison us. link
College Hill - Where People Go To Die ?

College Hill is the home to at least 2 retirement/nursing home facilities, Llanfair and Twin Towers already. Now, Episcopal Retirement Homes wants to build a facility On North Bend just west of Hamilton Avenue. The College Hill Forum doesn't want the new facility. Dunno what they do want....
But can a neighborhood base itself on such businesses & their clientele ? The proposed facility is for low income seniors but, most seniors kinda are anyway just because they don't work. It is meant for independent living so the folks would be able to go out into the community and they would not be far from the business district. Twin Towers has a large independent living population that might not want to walk to the business district but could certainly drive there or use the bus. Both Twin Towers and Llanfair take their residents out on "field trips" on a regular basis.
Would a concentration of nursing homes in one neighborhood attract businesses like funeral homes, drug stores, prosthetics dealers, bingo halls & physical therapists ? Could College Hill be the place to go for steamed food ? Might Northside hipsters like the nearby location for their aging parents ? Would the city be well served with such a neighborhood that it could develop the infrastructure to cater to the elderly ? Is this a way to build a vibrant neighborhood ?
Or would it just become a ghetto of the elderly ?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Vote Early ?

Once again, the local NAACP president hosts a campout at the BOE so "he can cast the first vote". Maybe he is raising some awareness to the ability to vote early at the BOE & not have to worry about juggling work & poll hours, bad weather, traffic, etc., but it also serves another purpose besides self promotion.
Most of the political campaigning doesn't really get started till about now & the vast majority of the campaigning won't occur till the last couple weeks before the election. When you are promoting bad government like Isuues 3, 8 & 9, you probably don't want your voters to be too educated on the issues. If you went on Sillyman's camping trip you would likely miss this informative video that actually animates the city's new logo. It almost animates the city manager, too.

The fact Sillyman also supports every single tax levy on the ballot must thrill his pals at COA T.
Vote No On 9

Fishwrap article here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Issue 3

I don't gamble. It bores me. I would just as soon give my money to people on the street. I realize a lot of people enjoy it, tho, and that Ohio money is going out of state without the gambling here.
Las Vegas is a fun place to visit. The casinos are a sight to see. The thing is, out there, there are slots everywhere. From the moment you arrive at the airport you hear the sound of coins tinkling everywhere ! (I can imagine Edgar Allan Poe dealing with that!) Small bars might have one slot or video poker machine. Places with no gambling have entertainment out the wazoo. There is a ton of stuff going on in Las Vegas without gambling. It is a unique and immersive experience.
This is what I don't get about Ohio & it's various plans to do gambling. We always want to have just one or two single casinos. Why don't we want to set up something that would compete with Vegas, or for that matter, Branson ? Why can't we just license machines & dealers to establishments that want them ? Why do we have to have an out of state entity run one casino without any competition ? Here in Cincinnati, I imagine someone like Jeff Ruby could do a casino just fine.
I really think the place for a gambling town would be Pomeroy. It has the Ohio River, wooded hillsides, camping. It's a pretty little town with a nice riverfront. I am sure the infusion of cash would be welcomed.
Sandusky, on the lake, would make another good location. The thing is, it should be an immersive and a uniquely Ohio experience. It should not be a single monopolized cookie cutter blob stuck into areas with a lot of voters.
I will oppose all gambling measures in the state that are concocted like Issue 3 and pretty much every other plan for gambling that's been put on the ballot.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days ?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Death to Graphic Designers Who Use Low Contrast Text

I was just looking at the Dollhouse Website. They use a light grey type (AAAAAA) that is very difficult to read. Pisses me off. Low contrast shit is for backgrounds not for body copy.
§ assholes §

On a bright note, however, Summer Glau will be on the show this season, however, I guess Amy Acker will be MIA most of the season. Here's hoping Alan Tudyk returns as Alpha. Man, if somebody wanted to do a sit-com about Jack the Ripper, he'd be the one for the role.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things To Do

Ain't Nothin' To Do

Way up north outside of Dayton, World War I aviation show at the Wright Pat Air Force Museum -er- the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force on Friday, Sep 25 7:30AM - 5PM

Abstract Trances: Color, Vision, Sensation at Visionaries & Voices, 3841 Spring Grove Avenue, Sep 25 from 8:30AM - 4PM

StreetScapes Street Painting Festival Saturday Sep 26/27 from 10A - 6P, Telford at Ludlow
Due to rain, the Street Painting Festival is merging with the CCAC Art Sale

Out of the Attic Art Sale on Saturday & Sunday, Sep 26/27 at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 3711 Clifton Avenue
Info - 961-6762

Early Settlers and Freedom Fighters Tours at Wesleyan Cemetery, 4003 Colerain Avenue Sep 26 @ 1 & 3PM
info - 513-542-2909
In the event of heavy rain, the tours will be moved back to Sunday

Northside Cumminsville Walking Tour sponsored by the Cincinnati Preservation Association. Tours meet at Sidewinder Coffee & Teas so you can get all cranked up & run the tour so the CPA guide can get home. Tour starts Sep 27 at 11AM

Weekend Walkabout at Spring Grove Cemetery, 4521 Spring Grove Cemetery Sep 27 @ 1PM.

And as usual, Downtown is completely dead, so sad.....
Urbana's Roundabout - Week One

The intersection in the heart of Urbana switched from an ugly traffic light hanging over a monument to a roundabout last weekend. The first reactions are mixed. While traffic congestion is down, some folks believe it is because drivers are hurtling through side streets endangering Urbana youth. Others say it is more efficient & will work better as people learn to use it.
It's gotta look better - even if the statue is splattered in blood and bathed in the light of the burning, wrecked cars.
Here's the directions given to Urnananianites.

Noose Son story here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mt Adams NIMBYS Kill 3-C Train

The wealthy and connected Mt Adams NIMBYs with the wealthy and connected Arn Bortz effectively killed the 3-C train system in Cincinnati tonight.
A lady who lived on Eastern Avenue spoke up & said what I was screaming at my TV set, living around trains ain't bad.
I lived about 16 years 2 blocks from a railroad in Springfield. Upon moving to Cincinnati, I lived on the eastern side of the Mill Creek Valley and listened to the squeaks and groans of the train yards as I drifted off to sleep. Now, in Northside, I am farther from trains than I have been since a wee lad. Thankfully I can still hear the horns from the trains along the Mill Creek at night.
But, Mt Adams residents couldn't be disturbed with trains 3 times a day, however & river traffic noise be damned (and the noise the little old lady mentioned that emanated from Mt Adams) and with the aid of a wealthy benefactor sent the Cincinnati terminus of the train out to fucking Lunken Airport out in the middle of goddam nowhere. YES ! Clevelanders will flock to the little airport all socked in with fog! It has long been their dream to do so.
Mt Adams residents don't care that the economy is in the tank and that their precious parks are dead zones that are nothing but a drain on city resources. And they will be forever ruined with the 3 Trains a Day !
Did I mention these passenger trains are not the mile long freight jobs, but only a few cars long ? That they will be state of the art and not as noisy as the ones the little old Eastern Avenue lady was dealing with quite well ?
Near as I can tell, no bus currently goes to Lunken. The nearest one takes about 16 minutes to get downtown (after it shows up at the airport). From there, after a layover, another bus would take about half an hour more to get me home. After a 6 hour train ride, this is just what I would be looking forward to. You wouldn't want to run an express bus because that would just be a royal slap in the face of east siders in Oakley & Madisonville. Shouldn't the train take you to a transportation hub ? This is no better than getting dropped off at CVG.
Still, I have to say, the weirdest complaint was from the restaurant owner who didn't want a train dropping passengers off in front of his establishment.....
Cincinnatians are so fucking weird.
El Superbeasto

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto has been in the works for 3 years and now it's here. Now, where's the Suzi-X action figure ?
Go Rob Go
Go Rob Go
Go Rob Go

Monday, September 21, 2009

Northside Political Forum September 21 from 8:00 - 9:30 PM

Northside Community Council will be conducting a political forum for City Council and mayor after its regular meeting on Monday, September 21 at the McKie Recreation Center. The goal is to make the forum educational and engaging.
The candidates will be divided into three groups, and there will be a few minutes break between each group. Each candidate will get to make a 1 minute statement and after all 7 have presented, persons in the audience will be allowed to ask questions. If there is no question for a specific candidate, then a general question will be asked of that candidate. Questions are limited to 30 seconds and responses to 1 minute. After each candidate is asked a question, the process will be repeated for a second question.
Candidates will put literature on the side tables and have signs and other materials available.
All of the 19 City Council candidates and one of the mayoral candidates have accepted our invitation.
The candidates will be speaking in the following order:
8:00 - 8:30 Kevin Flynn, George Zamary, Leslie Ghiz, Roxanne Qualls, Greg Harris, Anitra Brockman, Tony Fischer
8:30 - 9:00 Chris Monzel, Amy Murray, Bernadette Watson, Cecil Thomas, Wendell Young, Jeff Berding; Brad Wenstrup
9:00 - 9:30 Laure Quinlivan, Laketa Cole, Nicholas Hollan, Chris Bortz, LaMarque Ward, Charlie Winburn
Candidates for whom the audience doesn’t have an individual question will be asked the following questions.
1. If you think that Cincinnati should develop an overall plan for what the City should look like in the future, what role do you think the citizens should play in such a "visioning" process?
2. What are some of the services that you think that the City should provide beyond the level of police and fire protection and what role do you think citizens should have in determining what is appropriate?
Questions, call Gwen Marshall at 541-6978 or
In a "press release" this weekend, Chris Smitherman, a so called "financial planner", berates the city & SORTA for planning for the long term while reacting to the short term management issues. He derides them for cutting bus service while, at the same time, promoting streetcar development (something SORTA wanted to do years ago). He appears to realize that the economic downturn is not forever but he keeps talking about SORTA/Metro/The City as if it is a business. While a business might ride out a downturn & go into debt with the anticipation of generating profits in the future, government agencies can't do that, especially since they don't make a profit even in the best of times.
He notes, "Transportation is a civil rights issue in the 21st Century."
It kinda was in the 20th century, too, but nevermind. He complains that cutting bus service to the handicapped is bad.....
So why does he oppose the streetcar ? It has superior access for the disabled, the elderly and the parents of small children (who frequently aren't dripping with money), too.
Guess this goes along with his short term financial planning strategies & his mistaken belief that the government should operate like a business but still provide services for free.
He also points out "The Cincinnati NAACP Executive Committee has not been contacted for any input."
Well, Blogging Isn't Cool's Executive Committee wasn't contacted, either, AND HE ACTUALLY RIDES THE BUS.
And, essentially a lie, "Nonetheless, the Mayor and City Council are moving forward with plans to build a $200 million streetcar in downtown with no input from the community."
Government is participatory. The city has had meetings pertaining to the streetcar that were open to the public for the past 3 years. I guess this falls under the idea that the city has to ask the NAACP's Executive Committee for an exclusive audience.
Maybe his rant would make more sense with the physical performance - the Hitleresque hand gestures and facial expressions....
Dunno about that guy, but he and Tom Luken are certainly peas in a pod.

NAACP Press Release.
How come what Sillyman publishes is a "press release" but what I publish is a blog post.
Ukraine's Got Talent

Do they have stuff like this on the US version ? If they have, I sure as heck missed it. All I ever see are sappy pop singers & dance groups.
Thanks to Mx for the link.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Friday, September 18, 2009

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

So I was thinking about going down to the Cincinnati ~er~ Zinzinnati Oktoberfest this weekend and started thinking about lines, lines, beer tickets, portapotties, potato pancakes, lines, sauerkraut balls, lines, beer, lines, lines and more lines.....
Q, the chick in the picture WILL be there !
pfah, I am old. She would probably call me sir, anyway. I think I might just stay home & have my own Oktoberfest.....
I have Newkirks recipe for sauerkraut balls. It makes about 10 friggin' pounds, so I would have to pare it down. hm Math+beer+deep frying......
oh well, if you wanna go and meet all those nice people standing in lines, it's Saturday, 11 a.m. - midnight & Sunday, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. downtown on Fifth Street from Race Street to Broadway.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Given Issue 9's broad language, not only would it affect light and heavy rail, but the City Solicitor believes it could affect the weird little train at the zoo.
""It may sound like a stretch, but it's not an exaggerated argument," said City Solicitor John Curp. "It's a legitimate question.""

Today, on WLW, The Cunning Ham indicated the passage of Issue 9 could be a wet dream for lawyers.
Interestingly enough, one of the arguments the We Demand a Vote Because We are Too Lame to Actually Get Elected crew had against cost-cutting red light cameras was that they would be a boon to divorce lawyers.
Vote NO on Issue 9. Do it for the children.

Fishwrap story here
Springfielders Eye Merits of Regional Rail System

At a presentation Tuesday the economic benefits of having a passenger rail station (again) in Springfield were touted by a Maine developer who claims billions of dollars were generated up there.
"I would hesitate to forecast any specific numbers for Ohio, but I can tell you in Maine, we generated $7.2 billion in additional construction with development stimulated by the train,” Martin said. “The train rail line will add another $2.4 billion of development in the state."

Of course he doesn't seem to breakdown development and the actual installation of the line.
Springfield is currently not in the plans for a first stage 3C corridor system.

Noose Son story here

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

move on

Monday, September 14, 2009

The city is going to hold a series of open houses to explain to people what the streetcar proposal means to them.
With any luck the WDaV crew will bus in out-of-town tea bagging hecklers to yell & holler & turn the meetings into Maury Povich shows.
Times & locations:
5-7 p.m. Sept. 22 at the Aronoff Center for the Arts, 650 Walnut St., Downtown.
6-8 p.m. Sept. 24 at the Bond Hill Recreation Center, 1501 Elizabeth Place.
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 28 on Fountain Square, Downtown.
5-7 p.m. Sept. 29 at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, 800 Vine St., Downtown.
6-8 p.m. Oct. 13 at the Oakley Recreation Center, 3882 Paxton Ave. (in Hyde Park Plaza)
6:30-8:30 p.m. Oct. 20 at the College Hill Recreation Center, 5545 Belmont Ave.
6-8 p.m. Oct. 27 at the Corryville Recreation Center, 2823 Eden Ave.
6-8 p.m. Nov. 4 at the LeBlond Recreation Center, 2335 Riverside Drive, East End.
5-7 p.m. Nov. 10 at Cincinnati City Hall, Room 115, 801 Plum St., Downtown.
630-8:30 p.m. Nov. 18 at the Price Hill Recreation Center, 959 Hawthorne Ave.

Fishwrap Story here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cincinnatians for Progress has requested submissions for yard signs for the campaign against Issue 9.
You can send your ideas to Cincinnatians for Progress.
Bear in mind most yard signs are appealing to people speeding by in their metal and glass bubbles, so the message should be clear and bold with plenty of contrast. They don't offer any dimensions but my Ron Paul for President sign is 24" x 12".
Commence designin' ! It's fun ! It's easy ! It's cathartic !
here's some of mine

red white and blue with a slogan from somewhere, Simes ?

green, rails, progress.....

my Iomega design

ok, probably not a great design but who decided elections should be held around Halloween anyway ?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Following is my late uncle's recount (re-recount ?) of his son-in-law's recount of escaping the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Many of us from across the country and around the world were fairly desperate for information about loved ones in NYC, the Pentagon & just flying that day.

We can report at least one bit of good news about Sept. 11, 2001, another day of infamy suffered by our nation - Carol, George and family are safe.
George, however, had a harrowing experience as he escaped from the 83rd Floor of the WTC's north tower, the second one to fall. He and about 35 others in his area felt the impact of the explosion and left immediately, only to find a door to the nearest stairway jammed because the building already was askew. When they got it open, they were met by a firefall which they apparently dodged, but the stairs were ablaze. George finally found another stairway, but it led only to the lobby on the 78th Floor. No one seemed to know where the stairs continued. There was no panic, he relates, but it took some time for him to find steps leading down. On the way down he and others had to stop to let the seriously burned walk on ahead. On about the 40th Floor, they met firemen climbing up the stairs and carrying heavy firefighting equipment. They offered water and paper towels to act as masks for those descending the steps, but these firemen continued up--probably to perish.
George eventually reached the Second Floor, but no one could find an exit or other steps down. He went back to the Fifth Floor, losing another five minues, but found another set of steps leading to an exit.
Fortunately, he had a Westchester cell phone (cell phones to NYC towers did not operate), and he called Carol to say he was out of the building, but his call was soon "beeped out." He walked north through gray ash and debris to 14th Street, still not knowing exactly what had occurred, because dust blurred the area around the crumbled towers. He called Carol again and learned for the first time that his entire building had fallen.
He made his way to Grand Central Station (which I think is about five miles from the WTC site) only to find the building closed--proably for security reasons. In a moment, however, a door opened and those outside were told all trains leaving the city through tunnels were cancelled. Only trains going north over a bridge could leave. He finally got a train to White Plains and was home by late afternoon. You can imaging everyone's relief when Carol was able to report that he was safe.
To some extent--the extent that scarce and jammed phone lines would allow--Carol had kept us and his family in Akron advised throughout the day, but it was a great relief to know he had actully made it to safety. We talked with him last night. He is a little shaken by the experience, but he said he was going back to the city today to meet with the president of his company and others.
Of course we are happy to report the good news, but we are saddened by the terrible things that have happened to other families ... and our country.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Festival at Indianapolis Stadium 1972

This all day festival was supposed to bee at the Raceway. It would have been the closest I would ever come to the Indy 500, but it got moved so..... Indiana had some promoters but the various government bodies did about all they could do to thwart them at every turn.
Through the day Chuck Berry, Foghat, It's A Beautiful Day, Flash & others played. The headline act was to be Fleetwood Mac but I missed 'em again. This time they were shut down by the Naptown Heat.
Vegasant remembers a lot more about this show than I do.
I do remember that it was the first time I saw people heating up powder in a spoon & injecting it with an eyedropper type of rig.
I do remember Chuck Berry milking My Dingaling.
I do remember Foghat tearing through Maybelliene.
I do remember It's a Beautiful Day playing their 1 big hit, White Bird.
It was sunny & didn't rain. :-)

and yeah, I know I'm late.....

and even later....

thanks to vegasant for sending the scan of the flyer

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The 9/8 Debate

Explore Cincinnati has posted audio of a debate on what, I guess, is now Issue 9 - the "added red tape, added costs, obstacles and socially divisive confusing rhetoric generation" amendment proposed by COA T, the Cincinnati NAACP, the south west Ohio Libertarians, the southwest Ohio Green Party and probably some other unelectables under the umbrella of We Demand a Vote (because we didn't like the way the last one turned out).
The debate can be heard here.
The debaters were Bob Maly & Mark Miller.
One of the issues raised was the cost of special elections. A special city wide election costs the taxpayers about $500,000 dollars. That's more than a dollar a person.
What neither debater mentioned was the additional cost in both time and materials for campaigning & the cost of people to take the time to study the issues & get to the polls.
Neither side mentioned that the proponents of this expensive amendment get funding from members outside of the city, the county and even the state. These people from out of town will be represented in a local issue without paying local property taxes and only paying a fraction of the income taxes paid by true city residents.
Another issue both sides fell flat on was how to find out about the issues.
CitiCable broadcasts city council meetings, committee meetings and county commissioner meetings as well as library boards, health commission & police complaint board meetings. Never a dull moment. The city archives full council meetings on their website in genuine Micro$oft Windoze Media format. If you never paid Micro$oft for the right to play their proprietary format but have paid to use Apple's proprietary OS you can still watch with the Flip4Mac plug in.
Watching the meetings on cable, I have been aware of how the streetcar plan has progressed over the last 3 years. As Mr Miller attested, these things take time and they already have. Why he feels that delaying the inevitable is somehow a good thing is odd, to say the least. On top of that, in the countless meetings discussing the topic, the WDaV cartel of unelectables has been notoriously absent from the public meetings. If they have attended, they kept their mouths shut as the overwhelming number of people discussing the subject have been supportive.
I could go on some more on the flaws of the WDaV position but I will be hammering away at that more over the next 7-8 weeks. For now I will just leave it with taking on where I believe both sides dropped the ball.
For more info on the topic:
City of Cincinnati
Cincy Streetcar
the Phony Coney
and over 250 pages & 3 years of discussion on the subject, click here
910-23 & Budget Woes

On WLWT Judge Nadine Allen was interviewed to discuss the idea of throwing out some pointless laws in an effort to help balance the budget. (And, of course, I can't find it on their website.)
The idea is that the police won't have to spend time on minor violations and can concentrate on more serious violations. Additionally the county charges the city to incarcerate people whose actions might not be a crime in other cities in the county.
Judge Allen suggested littering ordinances but the police already don't enforce that. Cincinnati's marijuana ordinance, 910-23 immediately sprang to my fevered mind. From the beginning the law has not been what it is purported to be as council members have stated the law will be used to harass only selected social groups.
The ordinance, which increases penalties on possession of small amounts of marijuana, has been pretty much a failure, has cost Cincinnatians cash, led to jail overcrowding, hasn't achieved it's stated purpose and has screwed up lives of some of the young people in Cincinnati.
Seems like a good place to start.
For more info on this ordinance & it's effectiveness and it's waste, here's more info:
Prioritize Cincinnati
The Cincinnati Asylum

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Speech

Well, I gotta say, I am pretty disgusted. I had heard Baraq HUSSEIN O'Bama's speech to our precious children would be an attack on America & an attempt to soil their fragile minds with socialism, atheism, baby eating and bestiality.
Well, I watched it just to see how bad it would be. The camera was focused squarely on O'Bama so viewers could not see the inter-racial Satanic snuf-porn that was displayed to the students in attendance.
Mr O'Bama ! Last time I looked, The United States of America is NOT INdo-nesia !!
I don't know why you would demonize the American XBox and not the filthy nip Playstation except for that YOU HATE AMERICA !!!!!
and How Dare You tell my kids they can't be reality TV stars. My children can grow up to be anything they damn please because this is AMERICA, but, oh right - YOU HATE AMERICA, MR BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA !!!!
And as for that foreign satanist bitch, JK Rawlings, how dare you sight that communist devil worshipper as some kind of example for my kids. We whipped those commie British wimps for a reason, MR BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ! But since you AREN'T EVEN AN AMERICAN yourself, you wouldn't get that, would you ?!??!?!?
So are you teaching your children witchcraft MR BARACH HUSSEIN OBAMA? Sasha & Malia sound like witch names to me, SOVIET witch names, that is !
This is it ! This is the last straw !!
I gotta admit, carrying on like a crazy-ass teabagger is pretty fun. I can see why those loons do it !
But, now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.....
In Principle: The Unchecked Premise

For all you "Randians Without a Comic Book", here's a 4 page story by Steve Ditko.
While I think the piece comes from a fairly paranoid, insular & impotent mindset (much like Peter Parker's (well, before he was bitten by a radioactive spider)), it is still an excellent example of the comic book format for making a political point.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just a Reminder


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Getting to Riverfest

Metro will not be offering their park-n-Ride express service to Riverfest this year. Metro has cited budget woes. That sucks. A friend of mine swore by that thing.
For years I went down just for the fireworks. I would ride my bicycle. I found a nice place south of Lytle Park & it was really easy to get in and out.
Because most everybody who drove was already there by the time the fireworks started and the downtown streets were closed, it was real easy riding through the downtown area & getting to the aforementioned spot at the last minute. Afterwards, since all the motorists were trying to leave at the same time and, hence, getting all locked up and, with the downtown streets closed, a cyclist could easily get a real head start on the motorists when leaving. Also, the vast majority of the people attending the event take the highways, so most of the city streets are fairly empty even when the motorist finally do get moving.
If you live within a few miles of the event, I strongly recommend this strategy.
It's green, too !

Metro routes serving popular destinations

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blogging Isn't Cool Supports Iggy Pop Mural

The Provost of Cincinnati has proposed on The Phony Coney Blog that a mural commemorating Iggy Pop & The 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival held at Crosley Field.
Blogging Isn't Cool supports and seconds this idea. It would commemorate a musical era, an influential musician, Crosley Field, Cincinnati broadcasting & Cincinnati's peanut butter heritage.
Putting the mural somewhere visible from northbound I-75 would be doubly befitting as Mr Pop & his Stooges hail from sunny Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Route 66

Janice Rule 1931-2003

In a previous post I gushed about my love affair with the old TV series, Route 66. It is interesting on a couple levels. For one thing, modern characters don't get much of a chance to say more than a couple lines & they tend to use a vocabulary & sentence structure dumbed down to a 6th grade level. Another thing, and this is probably because I am an old fart, is seeing so many old iconic modern actors performing so early in their careers. One of the coolest things about the show is that it was almost all filmed on location. It is just an amazing view of the world in 1960-64. And it actually was film ! glorious black and white.
In one episode they bitch about these new freeways. "Whatever happened to the quaint little towns ?"
Anyway, when I see someone who intrigues me or whose name sounds vaguely familiar, I Google 'em.
To my surprise, one actress, who appeared several times, was a smokin' hot Norwood girl, Janice Rule.
Route 66 didn't have a great track record filming in Ohio. Cincinnati never made the cut. Cleveland did a few times. Kinsman made it but was called Amity & wasn't even in Ohio. Ohio 66 has some great documentation of the Route 66 episodes filmed here. Alas, nothing on Ms Rule or other actors who might have hailed from the Buckeye State.
To hell with Cruise & Hoffman, I want to see Milner & Maharis crossing the Clay Wade Bailey !
hm, maybe with computers.....

UPDATE: I didn't realize it when I posted this but Sep. 1, 1928 is George Maharis' birthday. Happy 81st, dude ! (belated but may not look like it (?).....)