Friday, January 29, 2016

Horror Sells

But I don't know what the fuck this is.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Will OVIP Support Protected Voter Registration ?

Ohio SOS John Husted has proposed identifying victims of crime / domestic abuse on the voter rolls anonymously to protect their whereabouts. A majority of US states offerthis.
BUT, will right wing voter suppressionists like OVIP go along with this?
Bear in mind, most victims are likely liberals because true conservatives would be armed to the teeth and never find themselves victims.
Further, liberals are known to be sneaky, lying scum, so why wouldn't they abuse such a system like RINO Husted has proposed. The Holy Order of the GOP has had to leash this running dog in the past.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

10 Years of Blogging Isn't Cool

Yes, it was 10 years ago that BiC was launched - lambasting Republican county officials for their big, wasteful spending and predicting nothing would come of it.
Was I right? As usual, yes.
And is Steve Chabot still in office?

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Horror Sells

This ad looks like a mish mash of Starship Troopers, Idiocracy, Triumph of the Will & maybe a smidge of Eraserhead. Seriously, all it's missing is some Matrixy CG - at least some sped up storm clouds.
I'm watching it thinking the Macintosh chick is going to come running up & toss a hammer into the works.
The dark, bassy brooding score accompanying the dark brooding visuals - Trump must be seething that he can't use Triarii music.
It's less an ad than theater & propaganda scare tactics.
I can't wait for President Trump.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Future Zed

OK Hollywood, here's another idea.
A zombie outbreak occurs & the way people deal with it, due to mamby poamby liberal meddling, the zed are cryogenically frozen so a future society can figure it out or a time machine is created so they can be sent into the future, again, hoping the future society can figure it out.
The future could be any sort of place, you could even go Planet of the Apes & have a future society of intelligent zombies who would have to contend with the influx of savage "refugee" zombies.
Heck, it could even be a society of robots who only use humans for batteries. They would have to protect their wetware from the voracious zed.
Sci Fi, Zombies, Time Machines? Robots?
you're welcome

Saturday, January 09, 2016

A Harmless Cat Toy ?

This harmless little robot is promised to bring your fluffy little monster hours of enjoyment. It even has a mode where you can control it so you "will connect with your cat like never before". Yes, that is, while it is trying to kill you !!
This surreptitious robot, Mousr, is made by Petronics who have a Kickstarter page so you can invest in the subordination of the human race.
You know Tyrannosaurus Rex was destroyed before
By a furry little ball that crawled along
The primeval jungle floor
He stole the eggs of the dinosaur
It's all fun & games till the apocalypse...
If the video doesn't load try here

Friday, January 08, 2016

Streetcar Naming Rights

WC3PO has a survey to see who the streetcar naming rights should go to.
Well,, obviously, the highest bidder but in la la land, who would make the most iconic name?
King Kwik? Hustler? Moerlein? John Cranley? Zoomtown? The Silent Lamb? The Comet? Tom Luken? Western Southern Railway? Trigger?

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Free Parking

Gotta love it one car in this picture is in the right place. All the rest are parked illegally in a bike lane & on a sidewalk. The drivers even had to navigate between bollards to get to their illegal positions.
Where is this place of infamy you ask? Why in front of the Cincinnati FOP HQ...

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Blogger Exonerated

The witch hunt on voters with non traditional employment lost a round that took 2 years & reached the Supreme Court.
The harassment of Randy Simes by OVIP, CO    & the HamCoGOP and their attempt to ruin his career & imprison him has ended (for now).
From the BizCourier
presented no evidence that political activists who come to Ohio to work on a campaign will quit their jobs, give up their apartments, secure Ohio driver’s licenses and cancel their voter registrations in their states of origin.
Could it be this fear is actually a ploy these guys would like to engage in themselves?

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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The eEthos of Beauty

Should robots judge human beauty? These guys are running a beauty contest where the judges will be robots.
If If robots become the arbiters of human beauty, what will this mean for sexbot design in the future?
A contest, which requires participants to take selfies via a special app and submit them to the contest website, is touting new sophisticated facial recognition algorithms that allow machines to judge beauty in new and improved ways.
It also begs the question, should robots judge cat shows? Horse shows? Cattle? Will robots be enlisted in county fairs to judge quilting? Will robots start making the quilts?

For more info, click here

Monday, January 04, 2016

Put the Greeters to Work!

The greeters at mega stores don't seem to have much value other than to get old semi handicapped people out of the house.
But they could be of much more value.
How many times have you arrived at the mega store & realized you didn't bring along your list? So, here's the plan - Have the greeters hand out shopping lists.
This could be done a few different ways. The store could create the lists & print them out. The greeter could make up lists & print them or just hand out hand written lists at random. Probably the best idea (and most green) would be to have the greeter collect used grocery lists as shoppers leave and recycle them, giving them out to incoming shoppers who forgot their lists!
It could be a real win win plan.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

The S v S Debate Debate

Ted Strickland has shot down any notion of engaging PG Sittenfeld in a televised debate prior to the Senate primary election. Stricklaand would have little to lose but Sittenfeld would stand to gain a lot in statewide recognition. Nobody outside Hamilton County knows who the hell the kid is. Because of his, they should debate for the long term livelihood of the party.
Strickland is correct in not wanting to do a series of debates in every media market in Ohio, however. It would take too much time & money. But in the age of the intertubes, there's no need for a string of debates all over the state. One would suffice and could be distributed on the internet.
Just having one debate on Vimeo or something would free people up from a specific time slot. Most people who would watch would be younger & more leaning towards Sittenfeld.
Sittenfeld has no chance in hell at beating Strickland. A debate might cost Strickland votes in the primary but shouldn't hurt him in the general election.
Well, that is if mopey millennials don't pout & refuse to vote for the "old guys".
If the Democrats want to stay relevant they should court new blood, however.

More at WVXU

Now, will Rob Portman debate Don Elijah Eckhart & Melissa Strzala ?