Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Open Letter to Woody Allen

Woody, dude, I got an idea for ya.
A comedy biography of The Blood Countess, Erzsebet Bathory.
I'm tellin' ya, it would be a laugh riot as people try to accept & rationalize the lady gradually falling into violent, blood thirsty madness.
It'd be a hoot.

yer pal, Quimbob

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Lost 12


While construction is destroying downtown Cincinnati, the Rail Cult is eliminating parking with big ugly boxes EVERYWHERE !
Does John Deatick even care? He rides a BICYCLE !
He can postulate all he wants about 'finding' 12 more spaces, but what he really is saying is FUCK YOU to the upstanding motorists - the ones who make things happen, the hard workers, the ones who don't use socialist roadways.
Hopefully, Harry Black will straighten this up & remove the incompetents.

Learn more about the havoc as John London tries not to cry here

If you have cars, you just can't have nice stuff

In response to the guy taking his wife & kids on a kill crazed joyride through a parade, scattering and injuring people, the organizers are calling off their Halloween Zombie Walk.
Here's hoping the next time this jerk gets tired of waiting, he's stopped at a railroad crossing.

More at Mashable

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lauren Nichols Crowned Clark County Fair Queen

Lauren Nichols, Clark County Fair Queen 2014

More from the Frogtown Noose Son here

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dark Side of the SDCC pt2

WXIX came up with this headline for this story about sexist behavior at the San Diego Comicon.
I never really did the comic book convention thing and when I did, there weren't that many people dressing up in super hero outfits. The WXIX story discusses how women who dress up like super heroines & fantasy characters, they resent people taking pictures of them. Sorry, that's just part of going out in public in a crazy outfit.
However, blogger, editor, and writer Valerie D'Orazio has brought up other issues that are not ok. She found the working staff at comic book companies to be very sexist. She also noticed at conventions, the fans love getting their pictures taken with the comic book creators. Most of the fans are geek boys and they usually stand next to the male artists & writers smiling. But when they pose with the females, they are always putting their arms around them. The XIX article claims much groping of the women is common. Dunno if the hugging is part of the groping. The thing is, it goes much deeper than what XIX covers.
Here's the deal, if you go out in a weird costume, expect people to oggle, but your right to swing your fist ends at my nose. That is, keep your hands to yourself.
If you've seen The Big Bang Theory, those guys are not far off. Most comic fans aren't physicists, however.

Dark Side of the SDCC pt1

I was at a parade recently and a couple people who were 'caught' by the parade were really surprised when a police officer informed them that they could not drive out onto the street against the parade.
Similar arrogance was seen in San Diego the other day when motorists were 'caught' by a Zombie Walk parade held in conjunction with the San Diego Comicon. The walk was not an official function of the Convention.
While most all the drivers accepted the insanity, one driver couldn't tolerate it, started blasting his horn and began to just force himself through. As parade members expressed their outrage, hitting the car & it's windows, the driver decided to just pound down on the accelerator as he drove through the crowd. One person was hospitalized and may not have even been involved with the parade.
Police have said that charges will likely not be filed.
More here

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Boring Banks

The Fishwarp asks Are the Banks too boring?.
Not if the intention is resemble a suburban branch bank, however it wasn't too long ago, well, OK, about 10 years ago, we were treated to renderings like the one above to help envision the new part of downtown.
I think a pyramid would be cool. It would kinda be like bookends on Ohio wht with Clevo hosting the RnRHOF.
oh well, It's all just going to collapse next time the New Madrid fault shifts and turns Cincinnati and a few other midwest cities into Port Au Princes...

Here is the original plan.

Should Cincinnati Build a Floating Necropolis ?

yeah, I know most of the river belongs to KY but what the heck?
This Necropolis is meant to float in the middle of the Dead Sea.
This Columbarioum is designed to float off the shore of Hong Kong.
We might have to go with a columbarium due to size constraints and we absolutely can't let Jeff Ruby run the thing, but it would add a lot of appeal to the riverfront and add an alternative to people's choices for interment. Given Cincinnati's and Cincinnatian's connection to the Ohio River, it seems a lot of people would want to connect their remains to the river.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

They're Back…

After CO    & OVIP failed to screw over lifelong Cincinnatian, Randy Simes & block him from voting in his hometown…
They decided to try again. Must be nice to have all that time and money to persecute decent folks and try to ruin their lives.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Personal Freedom

As a person who has bike camped I certainly see the merit to this product, Palcohol. As a person who has 'snorted' before, I can difinitely say the guy is right about snorting that whole bag vs. slamming down the shot.
Of course, our fearless leaders in Columbus are working on aborting Palcohol. Typical pro business, small limited government I guess…
Why don't we see how this works before we take on more prohibitions?
Probably tastes like crap, anyway.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rails to Runways

Th Cincinnati Business Courier reports on a plan to run a train from CVG to downtown Cincinnati.
I don't really get it. Driving, taking taxis or using the TANK shuttle bus, I have never encountered traffic issues using the roadways to get to the airport.
Pretty much nobody uses the shuttle bus with premium seats & a TV to boot. Seems to pretty much just used by airport workers.
If I were driving from Finneytown or Felicity, I don't know why I would stop in downtown Cincinnati rather than just keep on the highway & go to the airport. I guess, in the wintertime, it might be nice to park in a garage rather than park outside on a high plain.
Another plan is to run the train to Union Terminal. That would mean another bus ride or a bikeshare run to the Government Square which would be obnoxious with much luggage.
Todd Portune likes the idea...

High Tech Urns

With the advent of 3D printing, 3D scanning & modeling, your funerary urn designs about limitless nowadays. Imagine an urn shaped like your head? Your skull? Your BUTT!?!?!
Foreverence made a giant Devo hat for Bob Casale's cremains. Not too impressive but it's a start for what crematiophiles can do in the future.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Your Intertube Immortality

The Uniform Law Commission is plotting ways for your online life to be handled in a secure way.
If your account goes dormant for long some providers just delete you. If your death is confirmed some places freeze your accounts.
Technically you are not allowed to let other people use your accounts as part of your terms of service with FaceBook & the like so you're not really allowed to let the executor of your estate access your stuff. Even if you did & put all your passwords into your will, that would become a public document after your demise. Seems like that last part has to have some kind of fix just going back to safe combinations. I dunno.
Anyway these guys are going to fix everything & change the service providers' TOSs.

Read more here

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Music Hall & Union Terminal want a county wide sales tax to do some renovations.
Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartman says it's not his problem, the city needs to take care of it.
The Fishwarp tries to explain who owns what.
It's cute that Hartman doesn't say what he wants from the city - he just says he wants more.
But here's the thing, a lot of the people in Hamilton County, outside the city limits, have roots in the city limits with parents, grandparents, school, church, work & such. Many of their ancestors were the people who built & used these places originally.
How did they wind up out of town? I dunno, new house, bigger yard, avoid the hustle & bustle, avoid black people? whatever…
This shouldn't be a divisive issue & Hartman is clearly trying to make it one.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Whom the Gods Would Destroy

Cincinnati & it's basin area, the CBD & OTR have been receiving a good bit of acclaim from various places. A lot of the credit for these inroads can be attributed to the previous mayor, Mark Mallory & precious mayor, councilmember & mayoral hopeful, Roxane Qualls.
The latest came in a video article at Fortune.
So, why is the current mayor so hell bent on turning everything around?
Cincinnati Magazine has an interesting piece on the Mad King.
"During the campaign he had asked me to support him, and [said] that if he were to be elected, I would be his vice mayor, says [Wendell] Young. "He supported me when I ran, which made it very difficult to say no to him when he wanted my support. But I didn't like the people around him. It was never a case of not liking him. It was what I could see that he was going to owe—and who he was going to owe favors to—that was a problem for me." Among the folks Young is alluding to is the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes (COAST), the anti-tax, anti-development, anti-gay, anti-public projects, and anti-tax break (usually) group that reliably despises and belittles Democrats but made a point of giving Cranley an endorsement (which he ultimately rejected) in the middle of a campaign that he eventually won by peeling off votes from COAST-friendly demographics.
"I think, at center, he's a decent guy," says Young of the mayor. "I think he cares about the city—I really do mean that. It’s just that I'm not really able to talk about the new John Cranley because he’s a guy I don't know."
Could it be that in Cranley's quest for power the web of favors he now owes has slowly been driving him mad? Why else would he want to tear asunder what so many see as a shining gem?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Computer Fun

ok, I don't really know if this is Firefox, Fedora Linux, Gnome or what.
My Firefox of unknown version on some version of Fedora, on some version of Gnome on an old secondhand Dell decided to take up the whole screen. It wasn't 'Maximised', it just took up the whole screen & I couldn't grab the lower right corner to resize the window.
The crappy old second hand Dell was already at iot's maximum resolution. ok, I guess I could have poked around & found the video.conf file (or whatever it's called) and typed in a higher resolution but I was looking for a more logical solution.
I poked around online for awhile. Saw all sorts of crap about maximizing & text zoom. I was told that using the whole screen is the proper way to use a computer.
So I took to monkey clicking.
My solution was to hold down the blank key between Ctrl & Alt & press the down arrow key.
well, of course.
Holding down the mystery key & pressing the left & right arrow keys made the browser window take up the full height of the screen, half the width and bank the window to that side of the screen. Not sure what that's for but it afforded about 22 seconds of fun.
So there ya have it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

People in Politics

In what appears to be a fairly lightweight political YooToob show, Dude interviews people engaged in Ohio politics to see what makes them tick.
Most of the ints so far appear to be focussed in the Clevo area but Cincinnati city councilman PG Sittenfeld was recently interviewed.
Anyway, out of the box coverage of the politicians is always good.
Well, maybe not always.

Pickin' the wrong white guy

There have been assaults on whites by blacks that look pretty racially motivated. Maybe not the act, per se, but the choice of victim at least. The attack might just be plain mad dog visciousness.
But, whether bored beatings or serial beatings, racial charges are never filed.
Until the County Prosecutor's son gets attacked.
Now there's charges of felonious assault, ethnic intimidation, aggravated riot and two misdemeanor counts of assault.
Assistant Ohio Attorney General Woody Breyer sees the racial motivation in this sentence, "let's get the (epithet) white guy"
Seriously? You don't think that might have just been an identification?
Black tweens do sadistically attack white men. There is a race motive. This isn't the first time. It's just the first time somebody with connections got attacked.

Fishwarp story (written worse than usual) here

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

oh, the humanity...

Here WKRC informs us of a road closure due to streetcar constructure.
They don't mention that it's one block & dead as a doornail.
Here WKRC tells us how construction in downtown Cincinnati is destroying businesses.
So, here's my question - Why didn't they interview the displaced hookers on Henry?
Why didn't they interview the napping mailman who drank his lunch at Charlie's and would then park his truck by the Moerlein loading dock?
why, WKRC, why?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Modest Proposal

Given the controversy over both a bridge over the Ohio & the architecture along the Ohio in the Queen City, I propose we take a focussed approach to the tow matters together.
How about using Asgard and the Rainbow Bridge as a template for future development?
Asgard, of course would point up Cincinnati's German heritage & the Rainbow Bridge would point up the city's multicultural friendliness.
Imagine the bridge shimmering in the night! The region would quickly become an international destinaation. When people drive between Ohio & Kentucky they will know the aren't in Kansas anymore!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Taking a Look at Music Hall

The bizniz courier takes a behind the scenes look at Music Hall
VisuaLingual takes a look at the architecture & detail of Music Hall
Meanwhile, Rack Photography takes the Panoramic approach to Music Hall
And, of course, you can always buy my Music Hall Stuff

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Another Dreary 4th of July…

The weird Cincinnati neighborhood called Northside will be celebrating the United States Independence Day with grub, tunes, freaks & fire dancers.
And beer.
While the parade starts at noon at Hamilton & Ashtree & winds it's way to Hoffner Park, festivities start at 10AM with Hoffner Park's Egg & Kegs breakfast.
Ohio's next governor Ed Fitzgerald will be there on the 4th, as will Ohio's next representative of Ohio's first district, Fred Kundrata.
Cecil Thomas & Chas Winburn will be at the parade if they can find it. And unlike Dale no show Mallory, Christine Bryant will be marching.
The Mighty Ohio Scooter Club & MoBo will be representing the 2 wheeled crowd.
Some of the food vendorsa at flat Hoffner Park will be
  • NYPD Pizza
  • Waffo Truck
  • Hungry Cincy
  • Dojo Gelato
  • Street Pops
  • Melt
  • Ohio Farm Direct
Some of the neighborhood eateries that have confirmed they will be open
  • Kitchen Factory
  • Django Western Taco
  • Ruth's
  • Northside Tavern
The Northsider has put together this guide to everything going on this long weekend.
You can find out more about the parade here
and the Festival here.
Here's the entertainment line up for the festival:
Thursday July 3rd, 2014
6:00-6:40Frontier Folk Nebraska
7:10-7:50Al Scorch & The Lost Boys
8:15-9:00Cincinnati Suds
9:25-10:05Bummers Eve
10:20-10:55Idiot Glee
11:10-11:50Bad Sports
Friday July 4Th, 2014
7:10-7:50Pretty Pretty
8:00-8:30Anaya Belly Dancing
8:15-9:00Perfect Children
8:50-9:25Pickled Brothers
9:25-10:05All Dogs
10:30-11:00Karl Spaeth & Chris Weir Comedy
12:10-1:00Twin Peaks
Saturday July 5Th, 2014
6:00-6:40Pearl De Vere
7:10-7:50Fists Of Love
8:15-9:00The Hiders
10:20-11:00The Sidekicks
On July 3rd, the CCO brass quintet will be blowing up scary Burnet Woods in neighborly Clifton.
If you want your FaceBook feed spamulated aout the wazoo, feel free to 'like' The Parade and The Rock 'n Roll Carnival

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ohio AG DeWine to open door for Sharia law in Ohio

In a survey by Ohio's Condemned to Life organization, Mike Dewine said, he would “work actively” to revoke state laws and local ordinances that upset people’s religious beliefs.
And that all levels of government should define marriage as an institution solely for opposite-sex couples.
This theocracy based philosophy in a society that allows for freedom of religion opens up a whole bew bucket of worms. Will Sharia law be tolerated? Jewish, Hindu? Will DeWine “work actively” to permit open air cremation? Will DeWine “work actively” to allow human & animal sacrifice?
Will “work actively” to deny Presbyterians & The United Church of Christ the power o marry who they want? Without upsetting their religious beliefs, that is.

Read the Outlook Columbus story here