Thursday, August 30, 2012

City Bleat reports that COA T endorsed Senate candidate Josh Mandel has quite a reputation for lying through his teeth and has no intention of cleaning up his act.
Mandel vowed to repeat the assertion 'again and again' and said he sees no downside ~ Clevo Plain Dealer
Lying, while a violation of the 10 Commandments is apparently AOK under the US Constitution. Wonder if going to hell is considered a "downside"?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taking on the World

Blue Ash City Council Meeting
After a cadre of obsessive malcontents from Cincinnati & Anderson Township converged on the city of Blue Ash to tell them how to do their business, complain about their inability to buy cars & ask the council to save Cincinnati from itself, there's been a bit of a backlash from Blue Ashers towards the cult's ringleaders.
After the councilmembers denounced them at the meeting, they offered this article to the media and now Blue Ash citizens have spoken up as well with Blue Ash Doesn't Need COA T's Criticism and Votes Don't Faze Group.
I'm no Lucy van Pelt (probably more of a Lucy Butler type) but there just seems to be a thread of irrationality belying some form of mental illness in this crew of malcontents. If Westwood wants the proceeds of the sale of property to Blue Ash to go to Lunken Airport then it should not accept any monies from this reconfigured deal. But the hallmark of mental illness is the irrationality so I doubt we will see that happen with Westwood or with the COA Tbots on Cincinnati City Council.
The above video was used without permission from this guy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Food Truck Brain Food
London's Gory Gourmet food truck has decided to cater to the underserved Zombie-On-The-Go with such delicacies as:
Skewered Hearts
Feet & Thyroid Nuggets
Brain Salad Wrap
Crispy Brain Dippers
The Big Brain Burger
It's been fairly successful but this is in a town that loves beetroot, black pudding, jellied eels & haggis - so, YMMV.....

For more info Gory Gourmet
Remember when Russia was the nation of god hating commie atheists? Well, it's becoming a more theocratic state with the help of Vlad Putin who has conveniently become pals with the Russian Orthodox Church. This church/state relationship resulted in the persecution of the group Pussy Riot and has now outlawed Zombie Walks.
Will the USA just sit by & do nothing? Most likely. What the hell, if Russia wants to be a boring brain dead theocratic shithole - let 'em.


even more

UPDATE: 2 of the Pussy Rioters involved in the "hooligansim" who were not convicted have fled Russia. Fine, let Russia lose more of it's young people. They are apparently having a hard time recruiting military, maybe they can bleed some more younguns through draconian repression.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obituaries for Fun & Profit
An interesting discussion of obituaries, their history & future. I imagine the Fishwarp could do more but then they'd have to, like, do more. It'd be interesting to see TV & radio get involved but they seem to be too invested in how people died to be interested in how people lived. I guess bloggers could do more & of course, bloggers can write their own. One of the trends in funeral services is computer assisted obituaries that take the input of facts & spit out a semi coherent jabberwock of an obituary as cold, empty and soulless as the corpse it's related to. Not what I want.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

what the hell......

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Serious Wang Dang Doodle
On a late afternoon on the infelicitous day of August 24, 410, 300 slaves, young men recently granted to the patriarchs of Rome by Alaric, sneaked out of their masters' homes murdered the guards at the Slarian gate and let in hundreds of Alaric's Visigoth soldiers who began a sack of The Eternal City that would last 3 days and, although Rome was no longer the capitol of the Western Roman Empire, it would be regarded as the death knell for the Empire.
The bad thing was, Alaric was in league with the Roman empire. But Alaric knew he would conquer the eternal city eventually because it had been prophesied. well, ok then
He was also a good Christian so he told his soldiers to leave any churches & their inhabitants alone. Religious artifacts that were Christian in nature were off limits, too.
Alaric had high hopes & ambitions but shortly after this rather momentous act, he got sick & died. The Visigoths were never quite the same again.

More here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

This post is in response to The Cincinnati Monocle's post, New Riverside Drive bike lanes vs. Pacific Coast Highway.
I rode that road from Oregon to Mexico in another time aeons ago. What I wanted to point out was that some of the native southern Californians are not the macho men the Monocle appears to think they are.
In this image we see 2 buckeyes, a couple louts from Wisconsin (who worked in printing) a goofball from France who was doing a promotional ride for Motobecane & a nut from LA. Temperatures were plummeting into the mid 50s at night in this campground near Santa Barbara. While everybody is in shorts & long sleeve shirts - note the fella in the down jacket. It's hard to see but he is also wearing these giant-ass mittens his grandma knitted for him. Sure, he might not have been a typical SoCallian - I met another who lived on Halloween chocolate bars & and airline bottles of Grand Marnier. But the guys from Wisconsin were chain smokers.
So while the Monocle might speak highly of the bravery and machotude of Californians, I am not so sure it's not just an issue of being assholes.
But, yeah, highway 1 is a pretty awesome ride. - especially where it's a sheer dropoff to hell with no guard rail & the pavement is failing & you're getting passed by fucking logging trucks…..
FWIW - The guy from France carried a ton of bicycle hardware with him. He had pedals, brakes, crank arms….. I think he had a spare chain. We asked him why he needed all that stuff & he explained that all that stuff breaks regularly. Sez a lot about French engineering. He rode up hills in this crazy jerking manner - the concept of keeping a steady cadence seemed silly to him. When he jammed down on his pedal around Malibu (where, seriously, I saw a Jaguar on blocks out in front of a house) & broke his pedal off and about killed himself, we all stood around & watched with awe as he performed what he described as a routine repair…..

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hometown Proud
yup - Bob City, folks

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Which Way is the Wind Blowing Now ?
Hamilton County Commissioner Monzel has stated the county should not be in the parking business but now he states the county is counting on parking revenue to deal with it's economic woes that have only worsened under Monzel's stewardship.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blue Ash city council has collectively called out SW Ohio's own little Golden Dawn, COA T, for their hysterical fear mongering & obsessive obstructionism.
[COA T] launched a talk radio and email campaign. In addition, residents received an anonymous letter filled with speculation. COAST’s hatred of the streetcar project seems to know no bounds.
Be nice if Cincinnati's city council could be so bold - of course 2 of Cincinnati's council are COA T lackeys - one who frequently warns council not to oppose the cabal. And it certainly would be nice to have a local paper that could have reported what happened at the Blue Ash city council meeting instead of just bowing to the terrorists and being their tacit bullhorn.

Fishwarp story here

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Horror Sells - Politicians
New Hampshire gubenatorial candidate Jackie Cilley is using zombies to illustrate the brain deadedness of "pledge taking" politicians like the Norquist worshippers.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pussy Riot Solidarity Day
August 17 is Inernational Pussy Riot Solidarity Day. 3 of the members are expected to be sentenced to 2 year prison terms today or Monday. A fitting punishment for the children whose mothers dared to sing a political song in a church that seems to be a tourist attraction as much as a church.

Moscow Times article here

Pussy Riot Live Jurnal

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

National news organization calls out Rebloodlicans Alex Triantafilou & Chip Gerhardt for sleazy politics. Could it be?
Story here
The Democrips appear to have nominated themselves n interesting candidate in William Smith by pretty much accident. Smith's no Dr McDreamy like the personality cult Rebloodlicans so enjoy but if he can do the populist thing, he could do well in Ohio's 2nd congressional district. Unfortunately, since he's not a Democrip insider/elitist, he probably won't get much support from the smelly Democrips and the Rebloodlican machine is wholly behind McDreamy, so…..
Maybe McDreamy can give Comboverboy some tips onpersonal presentation…..

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Windbag for Mayor ?
Cincinnati Business Courier reports that COA T endorsed Charlie Winburn is exploring the possibility of running for mayor of Cincinnati in 2013.
But, wait! In 2010 Chuck said he didn't want to be mayor and that he would support Roxanne Qualls in a mayoral race. Qualls is the only person willing to commit so far.
Is the guy senile? Drunk? A liar? A leaf on the wind?
This clip was deemed soft core porn & condemned by a bunch of yahoos. It IS rushed & kinda slopped together. The clips used are largely uninspired. But I have no idea how it can be labeled pornographic unless, of course, the labelers have dirty minds. The human body in prime physical condition is pleasant to see and, as sexual creatures, of course that's going to register in our noggins, but, porn? really?
I like the pole vault clips. The way they kinda arch over the thingamabob…. If I could launch myself off the pole in the first place I'd just kinda go flyin' like a sack of potatoes. Women's volleyball is so overrated but I kinda like the shots from the net line. My favorite clip is the telephoto lens shot of the hurdle jumpers.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fishwarp V. Hamilton County Fair 2012

Daily Grooming Contest @ 2012 Clark County Fair
Last day to enjoy the 2012 Hamilton County Fair. The weather is perfect - might want some sunscreen. I have bitched & moaned about the coverage of the fair by the paper of record, The Fishwarp for a few years now. So what do we have from the Warpers for this year?
Well, the filthy 4H will not be there again so the threat of swine flu can't be leveled at the Hamco crowd. Well, WLW could wrangle it probably.
We have a story from a couple days before the fair opened with the GIC saying they would double last year's attendance (which would pretty much constitute a miracle). Probably discredits the guy & hopefully in jaded Gannetland sets him up for a fall.
Thursday we get an article alleging animal cruelty & threats of protests.
A listing in "things to do"
No pictures or galleries up. Did I mention the Springfield News Sun ran over 300 pictures from the Clark County Fair?
WXIX has some minor coverage of the fair their guy's entry into the Hamilton County Fair Celebrity Demolition Derby. Wonder why the Fishwarp didn't field anybody for the Celebrity Demolition Derby? Could it be that they have just whittled their staff down to just part time interns under 16 yrs old?

UPDATE: Hamilton County Fair announces attendance up 30% over 2011

Clark County Fair Winners link

Clark County Fair Scramble link

Clark County Fair link
Rebloodlican Confusion ?
As Rebloodlicans do what they can to confuse voters, The Rebloodlican Cincinnati Enquirer has chosen to declare itself a "Watchdog" through a series called "Protect Your Vote". This is also the name of a Rebloodlican organization set on maintaining the Rebloodlican gerrymandered redistricting across Ohio.
Fishwarp story here
Rebloodlican organisation site here

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Ya Wanna Be a Zombie Hunter ?
Shoot Extreme, in walking dead infested Westchester, is offering zombie hunts using the same tech the military & police use for urban combat simulations. They use real firearms (converted - you have to use theirs) including Smith & Wessons, Glocks, pump-action shotguns and AR-15s. Apparently no clubs, blades, chainsaws, flame throwers or hand grenades. The ammunition is something called Simunition made for force-on-target (not people) exercises.
Cost is $25 & includes 1 firearm & 2 10 round clips. Extra clips are $10. Dunno about extra weapons.
Shoot Extreme promotes their lanes & shoot houses as being for "the rational rest of us".

Cincinnati Business Courier article here

Friday, August 10, 2012

Four Tales of Two Cities
A Blue Ash city council meeting involving renegotiating a 6 year old deal that a big unelected central government agency threatened to screw up drew a lot of citizen input & outrage. Why anybody thought Blue Ash would give a crap with how Cincinnati intends to spend the proceeds of the sale of a fairly pointless airport remains a mystery. Perhaps it's just the way the obsessive & pathological mind works. The deal's restructuring has been set down & that's what Blue Ash agreed to but an apparently paranoid Blue Ash resident continued to rant about how the city of Cincinnati will somehow screw over Blue Ash which is actually coming out a quarter million dollars ahead on the newly structured deal. In fact, the only threat to Blue ash was made by an organization the resident frequently supports.
Three media outlets have reported on this meeting but only one mentions Blue Ash City Council speaking negatively of local media & the sociopaths at COA T. Probably not surprising the non-profit source was the only one to mention that…..

WLWT's creative coverage here

The Fishwarps's Community Press in depth coverage here

WCPO's attempt with outrageous fear mongering by Chris Smitherman here

UrbanCincy's old school coverage here

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Just Wonderin'

Fishwarp story here

Fishwarp follow up that proves even the Fishwarp doesn't get it here

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Will Portman Reimburse Ohio ?
Ohio's senator Rob Portman has been campaigning non-stop for presidential hopeful Mitt Romany. He's off to Colorado today. Theoretically Portman is not running for office. Unfortunately we need to expect this from politicians running for re-election but Portman has actually said he would rather stay in the senate than run for vice president. Sure politicians start lying as soon as they get up in he morning but if Portman is going to focus o much effort into Mr Romnay's campaign, he owes it to Ohioans to step down from his senatoe seat or at least guve us a refund for all the time he as spent away from his duties.

Fishwarp story here.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Happy B-Day, Erzsébet

Erzsébet Bathory ws born August 7, 1560 in sunny Nyírbátor, Transylvania. Borne of a noble family, she was educated, cultured and married a war hero, Ferencz Nádasdy. After his death some, um, uh, unfortunate stuff happened and, well, yeah, folks did call her The Blood Countess…
anyway, happy B-Day, 'Bet!

Wiki here
Badass of the Week entry here
Kimberly Craft's site

Monday, August 06, 2012

In an effort to boost readership, I am instituting my version of the Page Three Girl over in the sidebar. I will not be going topless because this blog is a class act and, besides, if you don't know what a boob looks like, you should just turn your computer off & go talk to your mom. Or your dad if he's fat enough.....
Psychotic Leter of the Day
This letter from some nut in Kentucky titled (by the Fishwarp) Modern Day Pilgrims is such a complete mess & so batshit crazy, I have to take note. When he moves from history to the present "oppressive Church of the Democratic Party (CDP)", it just goes off into Fox style lunacy.
Apparently the Fishwarp print edition will carry full color comics 7 days a week but for the online edition, the LTEs seem to be as good as it gets.
Dan Hurley interviews the Fishwarp's CIC 8/5/12

Sunday, August 05, 2012

How Low Can We Go ?
WLWT reports that there have been people breaking into the parked cars of mourners at a couple cemeteries in Montgomery. People stealing metal & glass from monuments piss me off but this is really lame. heck, I even give drivers a pass when they come hurtling out of a cemetery & cut me off. I don't know if they're distraught or just stoned.
WLWT story here

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Preferential Treatment ?
People are claiming Cincinnati Councliman Chris Seelbach was trying to get preferential treatment when he phoned in an emergency call to the Cincinnati police after being assaulted the other night.
From the Fishwarp:
"Hyde Park resident Mark Miller is among those who dislike the impression they got when hearing Seelbach had invoked his city councilman title repeatedly during the 911 call. "If he was trying to misuse his position and the trust the voters placed in him to try to get to the head of the line, so to speak, that’s just disgusting""
The Hyde Park resident compares Mr Seelbach's being a victim of assault to committing a traffic offense. Some pretty perverse logic to be sure, but turning spin into twisting is the COA T way. I assume that's why the Fishwarp loves their bizarre-ass quotes.
No doubt the emergency care Ronald Reagan received after being shot also irks the Hyde Park resident as Reagan should have just taken his place in line at the ER like everybody else. Maybe getting shot equates to committing a hit & run…..

Ridiculous BS from the Fishwarp here.
Is Bethel "Out of Control" ?
Bethel band Thin Blood organized a 'Summer Jam' primarily because of a lack of venues for live music in the area. Unfortunately, it was closed down after olice deemed it "out of control" because a few people were allegedly dinking alcohol.
Some people claim village officials & police conspired against the event because it promoted devil music. Police, belying their union thug agenda, claim they should have been hired for overtime to 'secure' the event.

Read all about it here.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Assuming that the reason there are no cars out front was to make for a better photo-op, one has to wonder what else is staged in this photo in Eastgate (Cincinnati).