Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween
10/31 - the #1 search term for this blog is "Halloween Sex". It's outpacing the #2 term, "Grace Slick" 10/1. This post will only fuel he fire. yay

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jesusween ?

ok - first of all, iff you're going to recreate the word, use the right parts. Make it Jesuseen or something. Not sure what's wrong with Halloween anyway since, wasn't the dude hallowed?
Anyhoo, freaks out of Calgary are promoting Jesusween and will be handing out bibles on October 31. They also want kids to wear white instead of anything ghoulish or horrorific.


I guess the kids can go home, cop a sugar buzz & freak themselves out reading Revelations with flashlights under their chins.
I'm really all in favor of handing out alternatives to candy on Halloween. I have handed out CDs, comic books, trading cards…..
This effort to promote a religion could have some weird consequences, tho. What if people start handing out other religious texts? Will that be ok? Or will parents launch minor neighborhood crusades going on November 1st?
oh well...
3 to Go
leslie ghiz, cecil thomas, charlie winburn

or ~ Holey Moley - I agree with the Fishwrap !
I think I'd give Lippert the boot, too, tho. He was nothing but a bad joke by a bitter Berding.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Live From Cincinnati

ya think Al had a hard time with Iggy? Alice was promoted (in TV Guide at least) as a female folk singer…..
Issue 48
dan hurley

Newsmakers to discuss Issue 48 10/30/11 @ 11AM on WKRC.
Is Pat Buchanan a Bitter Old Man ?
pat buchanan

I haven't read Pat Buchanan's new book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? but I have heard him hawking it on TV & the intertubes. As he bemoans the decline of white Christian America, he will, no doubt, be peppered with accusations of racism, but he fairly clearly is no thinking that way. He is pointing out that white Christians are becoming a minority & losing their clout socially & politically. He has always been in that winning majority and coupled with his advancing age, I think he is just feeling weak and is just kinda scared.

While I can go along with a lot of his assertions, he seems to be cherry picking and I'm not sure how accurate his historical timeline is. Buchanan, a Catholic, cites the role of Christianity in holding Americans together from the start. However early Americans were profoundly anti-Catholic & as late as the 1960s were somewhat prejudiced against a Catholic president. He cites the role of Christianity in building a great Europe but for the bulk of Europe's Christendom, Europe was pretty much a pit.
His belief in the
melting pot" of the early U.S. is also off base. First & second immigrants were very tribal about their nationalities but after a few generations who could tell a person of Polish origin from a person of French origin? Recognizing people of different continents is easy, tho. Thus, the tribalism remains, the stew fails & the salad wins.
In describing conservatism, he cites Russell Kirk:
A conservative’s task in society is "to preserve a particular people, living in a particular place during a particular time."
While this might work in a class based society, the U.S. is generally classless. We have no noble families or a ruling class. Here & there is a dynasty like the Bush family or the Kennedys but there's no core strain of nobility to maintain. The American politician was supposed to follow more of a Cincinnatus model. Add to that the building of the country on immigration, the original WASP foundation was bound to be replaced, eventually.
I believe the founding fathers expected the country to evolve into something different. Dunno if this i what they expected. Doubt it. But I think Pat is just pining for "the good old days" as seen through his rose tinted glasses.
Maybe I'll read it, dunno.
Issue 48 Proponents Called Out
chris smitherman

In the past week, Issue 48 proponents have been called out for their disinformation on the subject. A COA T endorsed city council candidate was called out for the "strange assertions" he posted on FaceBook.
Then, Cincinnatians for Progress filed a complaint over Twitter posts from "". This coming on the heels of the twit making controversial posts about 9/11 first responders.
One has to wonder about the intentions of such ethically challenged people. And their supporters? After a well publicized fund raiser, they tell us they have no money? Where did it go?

Tremont City's Issue 21 imposes 12 mil property tax and eliminates a 1$ income tax.
Residents are dubious.
Noose Son story here.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Dead Ass Weekend

Another boring Halloween weekend. This town sucks.
The Hall of Justice will be opened up for aspiring super hero auditions.
The Cincinnati Zombie Walk starts at NURFC at 7:30P

If you need some last minute Halloween decorations, check out the Hazardous Waste Drop Off at 4600 Spring Grove Ave. between 9 & 1
The Comet is hosting a Zombie Invasion with Main St. Gospel, 2 headed Dog & Victoria Electric.
Northside Tavern is hosting the Wussy CD Release Party
Mayday is celebrating their First Annual Beer & Sausage Fest
Chameleon will be Gettin Spooky Wit It
HappenInc. will be having a Monstr Mash Dance
North Presbo is having a Square Dance starting at 7:30P
Women's Ultimate Frisbee is on at Salway Park between the sparkling Mill Creek & the spooky Spring Grove Cemetery at 10A
HappenInc. is having a Halloween Book Signing at 3P
The Northside Tea Dance starts at 4P & goes to 7P

And if that's just not enough MetroMix has a few more odds & ends for ya.
Candidates Hit the Streets in Final Weeks Before Elections

Find out where the candidates stand here.

Monday, October 24, 2011

In a move that shouldn't surprise anybody, the FUD spewing masters of misinformation at COA T have endorsed "the smart mouthed little punk" for city council. Apparently, their taste for over the top drama knows no bounds.
UPDATE: In typically melodramatic fashion, COA T endorses The Windbag, too.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Averting Carnage ?

Muskingham County Sheriff's deputies killed almost 50 "exotic" animals the other day near Zanesville, oh. It was a freak incident where the keeper, apparently mentally distraught/ill, released his menagerie & committed suicide.
While the animals posed a threat to humans they probably posed more of a threat to animals. In a small community with a lot of livestock floating around that's not a small issue. Still, it is a small community and people in smaller communities are better at pulling together in a time of emergency than larger communities. Seems people could have kept indoors and secured their pets and livestock for a short period while authorities took some time to capture the animals instead of just going head on massacring them as fast as possible. Columbus Zoo guy, Jack Hanna, said we would have had carnage otherwise. Looks like we did anyway. Zanesville could have easily drawn on animal control from Columbus, Dayton, Chillicothe, Cleveland, Akron & Youngstown. They could have had more professional help from the zoos of Cleveland, Akron, Columbus & Cincinnati. One deputy was being approached by a bear & then a lion. He had to defend himself. I get that. As the animals had been in captivity and around / dependent on humans for awhile, maybe they weren't attacking - but who the hell understands bear / lion body language in Ohio?
Meanwhile the legislation crowd is pouncing all over the opportunity to write more laws & rules.
Liberal Dennis Kucinich wants more laws. Wayne Pacelle of the radical HSUS wasted no time taking advantage of the bizarre situation. While Ohio voters elected a government dedicated to being smaller and less intrusive and to thwart HSUS involvement, WKRC viewers overwhelmingly stated they want more laws after this freak incident.
This was a strange event. The owner of the animals did what he could to maintain the animals. He had vets on call. He invested heavily in the animals. He appeared to be a strong individualist who enjoyed animals, perhaps because he saw the same trait in them. He had had complaints about his operation but that's typical. It was a BATF charge against him that landed him in jail for a year on gun charges. In that time his marriage fell apart, his wife divorcing him while in jail, and when he returned, found his animals had not been cared for as well as he would have liked. It's easy to see how the guy would be despondent and betrayed. When a person considers suicide, they aren't thinking properly. His releasing the animals was not a typical action and nothing that could be expected or legislated. Psychiatric tests for exotic animal owners? Pet owners?
One man's poor mental health should not have prompted the knee jerk reactions that prompted this massacre. The last thing we need now is knee jerk crafted legislation in the aftermath.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupational Hazards

Enquirer Photo

While I agree with some of the OWS myriad positions, corruption, anti-social business practices & such, I don't think their methodology is very good.
The Tease got a lot of press protesting, shouting, screaming & disrupting Democrat's "Town Hall" meetings, but then they followed the advice Michael Moore had been giving liberals for years - take over the party.
For now, however, the Occupiers have run into the most obvious problem in their strategy - they are breaking the law spending the nights in the parks. The latest ploy in Cincinnati, to say parks must be open 24/7, that it's somehow a constitutional right, is hopeless & just another distraction. By allying with the destitute and homeless, they alienate the vast majority of the 99% they claim to represent & open themselves up to cynical attacks promoting guilt by association.
Furthermore, if you want to make a statement by hanging out outside, start in the spring. Riots, even battles were ended by poor weather.
People condemn marketing and advertising as being tools of the rich and corporations but any small businessman will tell you how important it is. These people need better marketing advice. There is a huge overlap between what these people and the Tease promote but I kinda doubt both sides' real agenda. The Tease have shown their true colors and I have no doubt the Occupiers are just as astroturfed. If they fizzle out, we might never know but if they actually organazize like the Tease we will find out. Both sides have some compelling arguments but I doubt they will ever work together on their common ground which is, unfortunately for them, whre the true majority resides.
Ya really want to hose Wall Street?
50 % Of Americans Say U.S. Should Legalize Pot

For the first time, since statistics were kept in 1969, 50 % of Americans say U.S. should legalize marijuana. A whopping 70% say it should be legalized for medical use. Folks over 65 are 35% in favor.
States and cities are saddled with millions of dollars of expenses fighting a hopeless war against Marijuana that is forced on us by the Federal Government. With the tight budgets we face today, eliminating the curden of enforcing this prohibition, enabling entrepreneurship and creating a new tax revenue stream makes perfect sense. Illegal pot dealers don't rent storefronts and contribute to society. Legal ones can and can be regulated to prohibit sales to minors among other things.
Will our congress listen?
doubt it

Gallup poll here.

NPR story here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cincinnati's New Loop Detectors

while (light red){
echo "c'mon ya %$@! light, CHANGE !";

Cincinnati is coming up with more stuff to make bicycling a little more easy / a little more equal. Every cyclist has encountered traffic lights that are not timed but need to be "tripped" by an automobile. The problem is, the light cyclist can't do the tripping. The cyclist had one option. Walk over to a crosswalk button & hit the button then walk back to the street. Enter the new "loop detectors". When you see the above illustration on the road before an intersection, positioning your wheels onto the 2 stripes should signal the signal to give you a green light.
For more info get the poorly named PDF.

Monday, October 17, 2011

WEBN is the longest running Album-Rock station in the country.
wow, what a claim.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Got a Favorite Presidential Candidate Yet ?

Cain? Romney? Paul? Perry? Obama? WHat the hell happened to Bachmann?
Fear not. The Libertarian convention to pick a candidate will be May 4-6, probably be on C-Span & will show off some of the rising stars of the party. The contenders so far:
Roger Gary
Carl Person
R. Lee Wrights
Wayne Allyn Root
Top 10 Halloween Costumes for 2011

1. The Zombie
2. Charlie Sheen
3. Angry Birds
4. Morph Suits
5. Superheroes
6. Smurfs
7. Pirates
8. Feathers and Frills
9. Monster High
10. Harry Potter

Mangler Post article here.

Friday, October 14, 2011


While Wussy will be having a CD release party 10/29 @ The Northside Tavern, you can purchase the new album for download now. OR, you can pre-order an autographed copy and still download now. Get thee hence.
Dennis Ritchie
1944 - 2011

Dennis Ritchie was best known as the creator of the C programming language and a key developer of the UNIX operating system. Basically, the reason you can see this is because of his innovation.
Those tools were more than inventive bundles of computer code. The C language and Unix reflected a point of view, a different philosophy of computing than what had come before.

NYT bio here.

dmr's Bell Labs page here
Zombie Attack

Well, actually the zombie was attacked.
Pretty much a non-story, seems only the online Examiner covered it, a man dressed as a zombie Mohammed in a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, PA was attacked by a Muslim hothead. The guy dressed as a zombie pope (looking for little boys) went unmolested. Both were, apparently part of an Atheist group.
To say they were not trying to be provocative would be a stretch. The victim was filming the whole way. Judging by his ability to loudly and clearly proclaim, "He's choking me!" indicates he was not too severely attacked.
But, now, what do the parade organizers do? This was a parade on a public street. Do they ban costumes depicting religious figures? Do they ban the Atheist group? Either way, people would say they were caving to Muslims and tacitly endorsing Sharia Law. What PC do they wanna be?
IMHO, the zombie Mo (& zombie pope) & the Muslim attacker were both assholes. The Muslim guy was clearly out of line, tho, in the USA - the fist swinging ends at my nose sorta thing…. But the Atheist organization was kinda out of line being controversial in what was probably supposed to be a fairly benign community event.
It would be interesting to see who showed up at a zombie celebrity gathering, tho.

The story from Atlas Shrugs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Contempt or Cowardice ?

Suppose you had a candidate forum and one party just refused to show up?
An environmentally themed group is hosting a candidate forum, "Greening Cincinnati: A Candidates' Forum" tonight from 5P to 8P at the Northside Tavern at 4163 Hamilton Ave. in Northside. Not one of the GOP endorsed candidates are planning to attend. To be fair Republicans running as independents or Charterites are showing up. Is good stewardship of God's green Earth so repugnant or insignificant to these fine conservatives that they can't face such a forum?

Mike Allen R/I
Kathy Atkinson I
Chris Bortz R/C
Nicholas Hollan D
Patricia McCollum I
Roxanne Qualls D/C
Laure Quinlivan D
Jason Riveiro D
Chris Seelbach D
Yvette Simpson D/C
PG Sittenfeld D
Cecil Thomas D
Wendell Young D

Handy Voting Guide

Monday, October 10, 2011

Horror Sells Part 2
Revenge of Horor Sells
Son of Horror Sells
Revenge of the Son of Horror Sells
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Halloween

Is FedEx poised to be the next ZomCon?
Politicians are getting their ads out on TV, mailers, robocalls, and who knows what else. What's scarier? Brain-eating rotting undead? Or soul sucking, brain-killing corpo-politician zombies?
I'm tellin' ya - horror sells.
UPDATE yeesh, no sooner do I post this & Ace Hardware goes all zombie, too.

Horror Sells Part 1.
Deadly Dreamgirls

The local Fishwrap recently ran a poll asking what your favorite locally made film was. As usual, they missed Vamps - Deadly Dreamgirls made in 1995 by Mark Burchett & Michael D. Fox.
The movie is about a guy, Paul Morris, on the eve of his entering the priesthood, running into an old high school friend, Jennifer Huss, who is working in a strip club. Turns out the club is a front for vampire strippers aided by a creepy Charles Cooper and under the domain of Lorissa McComas.

Huss and Morris

Naturally, Morris has to rescue his old crush from the evil vampire sisterhood.
The movie lists locations Trixie's Delight's Cocktail Lounge of Newport, KY, a Little Professor Bookstore in Milford, OH and the Wildwood Inn of Florence, KY.

And of course the Ohio River.

The soundtrack includes tunes by Steve Gatch and The Mortals.
The movie spawned a sequel, Blood Sisters, also featuring Morris & Amber Newman.
It's a shame the Enquirer omitted this masterpiece since they explicitly thank the paper in their credits. That might have had something to do with cleaning up spills, tho.

Saturday, October 08, 2011


In an interesting turn of events, Ohio was denied $1.5M in federal funds for a feasibility study regarding privatising state highways. The money had previously been OKd. ODOT's Jerry Wray claims the reversal was politics. He should know. In the spring his department yanked previously OKd funds for a Cincinnati rail project.
Prior to that, Ohio's governor Kasich had refused federal funds for a state wide rail project & referred to proponents as rail cultists. It appears the concrete cultists won't be getting any more money to hand out to their consultant cronies this year.

Frogtown Noose Son story here.
Happy WZD Y'All !

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

2 dozen?

Seriously? And the politicians supporting Issue 48 don't even show up? Smitherman, Winburn, Ghiz, Murray, Mills couldn't even be bothered? Shannon Jones was busy calling people outside her district to badger them in SB5, so I get that, but the rest of 'em?
Maybe they knew that WXIX would be there & they didn't want the bad publicity that would come from being seen with this fringe group.
NOTE: The picture above is not meant to play the "Nazi card", the guys in the pic just happen to be Nazis.

Monocle story here.