Friday, February 13, 2009

Use your own handwriting as a font with the YourFont online font creation tool.
The online service is OS agnostic and generates a TrueType font usable on Lin, Mac & Win.
You can use your font like any other TrueType font

And, of course, stunning video effects !

To send your documents out to friends and foes, use a word processor like Writer in OpenOffice and simply export your document with the font embedded using the Export to PDF function.
The process is pretty simple. You download a template from Yourfont, print it, enter your characters, scan it and upload it to YourFont. It processes the images to a font nd you download & install. Processing took about 2 minutes.
Placement of the letter in the template is important. As you can see, I did a horrible job. Anything in the boxes of the template is going to become part of the font, tho so you can't draw rules on the paper. I would sugget editing your scan in an image editing tool like GIMP and making sure everything is placed right using guides. This is especially important if you are trying to create a script font.
I would suggest using a hard paper or even plastic to print your template on and using a felt tip pen so you get a good smooth line. You also might want to practice some of those weird characters you don't use every day, like §s and æs and ¤s.
A whole alphabet is not neccesary, You can just make decorative capitals or scrolly embellishments.
What's really cool about this is that you don't really have to use the regular alphabet. You can make your own alchemical font or hieroglyphics or veve library. Or you can just buy professional versions at Deniart.
I imagine you could even use high contrast images of the fam.

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