Thursday, March 26, 2009

Charlie Winburn's Dreaming

You could probably make a song to the tune of California Dreaming with that, but.....
The result of the Windbag's "Cincinnati Dream Neighborhood Recovery and Economic Plan" would be the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Maybe God Bless the Child would be a more appropriate song.
In his plan, every neighborhood has to hire a full time person to create a plan that will employ approximately 200 people and each neighborhood has to raise about $4,000,000 dollars to get a matching amount.
Sure, we can do that in Northside easy. It's only about $1,000 per adult.
He wants to get his matching money from the funds that are slated to be used for streetcar development. He really doesn't seem to understand how the financing works. Some of the money comes from TIF funds which can only be used locally. TIF funds from Hyde Park cannot be used in Clifton. Other funding is transit specific and some funding is specifically for the streetcar project (For a detailed breakdown of the funding check out Cincinnati Streetcar). The city's half of his 400 million dollar plan is, essentially, non existent. The other half is wishful thinking.
I think most of the neighborhoods would be hard pressed to find the funds to pay a full time employee let alone dig up 4 million dollars.
I have no idea how the neighborhoods would "create" 200 jobs.
The fact that the Windbag's plan would never work would mean the city would never have to give out any money so there would be a good bit of savings there. However as the quality of life continues to erode under his Cincinnati Dream Neighborhood Recovery and Economic Plan, the need for more police and emergency room care at the hospitals will only rise. I guess he can spend his imaginary money on those services.
The streetcar will provide a simple easy tool to "circulate" people about a few communities and create the opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop housing, offices, shops and such within the area. This will result in the creation of jobs. Similar projects have proven to work in many other cities. A side effect of development in the OTR area, specifically, will be a reduction in crime and a reduction in the costs the victims and taxpayers bear to deal with the crime. It will result in the ability of the city to redeploy police officers to other neighborhoods.
Some say Winburn is an agent of Satan. I think the boy is just clueless.


Anonymous said...

Under this plan:
Westwood- $106 per person
California- $8,000 per person

Anonymous said...

Winburn is never going to be re-elected to Council. His ideas and politics are old.