Friday, December 07, 2012

In what has become the most failed Hamilton County Commission term ever, Chris Monzel has gone from being useless & ineffective to being a liability. His decision to raise property taxes is just the latest in a string of catastrophes engineered by the man endorsed by a failing Newspaper and a fringe element of a dying party..
Monzel promised to balance the county budget by finding efficiencies - he has FAILED at that.
He voted to give away Drake hospital for a fraction of it's value.
He blocked health department money for HIV/AIDS testing.
He blocked voters from voting on a Union Terminal levy.
His cockamamie plan to sell the stadiums was still born - good thing because he probably would have given them away for a fraction of their value.
He vowed to stop the Cincinnati Streetcar project - he has FAILED at that.
Monzel has FAILED at establishing shared services between city and county as he promised.
Monzel has FAILED at renegotiating stadium leases.
After being elected to the commission (and hiring his florist) he fled his Cincinnati neighborhood of Spring Grove Village whose community council was frequently at odds with his city council positions that included increased government regulations.
And his hope for reducing the county budget in the future is pinned on Obamacare.
Chris Monzel is a disaster. Can we afford for him to finish out the worst term on the Hamilton County Commissioners ever? Monzel needs to admit his failure - cut the county's losses and resign now.

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jimmy said...

"hiring his florist" ??? I missed that story, please explain?