Monday, November 04, 2013

We Can't Afford John Cranley

John Cranley intends to take on massive debt & increase spending dramatically but has not explained where the money is coming from.
Borrowing $100 Million to put into the pension fund with no return on the investment and identifying no revenue stream to pay it back (with interest) is reckless. Increasing police spending by $20 Million a year without a source is reckless and will lead to the city cutting services, laying off workers including police and ultimately, to fiscal emergency.
Cranley's disdain for planning and zoning will lead to haphazard development that will make the city & it's neighborhoods unattractive places to live for current residents as well as potential new residents.
Roxanne Qualls has promoted spending on projects that will generate revenue for the city and make it an appealing place to live for generations. The parking lease she has promoted will take the responsibility off the city of expensive maintenance costs and parking rates will be contractually controlled. John Cranley has pledged to raise parking rates but nothing is in place to stop him from raising them through the roof.
Roxanne Qualls work on utility aggregation & buying from renewable sources & her work on recycling will conserve our resources & save money in both the short and long term for not only the city and it's residents but the entire region.
Many people have cited the progress Cincinnati has made & the momentum we have built. We need to keep that going with a pragmatic leader with vision like Roxanne Qualls. John Cranley wants to put the brakes on and, in the case of the streetcar, throw away $70 to $90 Million dollars and, at the same time, embroil the city in expensive litigation that would last for years.
The simple fact is - we can't afford John Cranley as mayor of Cincinnati.

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