Sunday, January 03, 2016

The S v S Debate Debate

Ted Strickland has shot down any notion of engaging PG Sittenfeld in a televised debate prior to the Senate primary election. Stricklaand would have little to lose but Sittenfeld would stand to gain a lot in statewide recognition. Nobody outside Hamilton County knows who the hell the kid is. Because of his, they should debate for the long term livelihood of the party.
Strickland is correct in not wanting to do a series of debates in every media market in Ohio, however. It would take too much time & money. But in the age of the intertubes, there's no need for a string of debates all over the state. One would suffice and could be distributed on the internet.
Just having one debate on Vimeo or something would free people up from a specific time slot. Most people who would watch would be younger & more leaning towards Sittenfeld.
Sittenfeld has no chance in hell at beating Strickland. A debate might cost Strickland votes in the primary but shouldn't hurt him in the general election.
Well, that is if mopey millennials don't pout & refuse to vote for the "old guys".
If the Democrats want to stay relevant they should court new blood, however.

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Now, will Rob Portman debate Don Elijah Eckhart & Melissa Strzala ?

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