Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Future of the Parties

Given the thrashing the Republican Party took by Trump & the subsequent thrashing the Democrats took by Trump, folks are asking what the parties must do to move forward.
The Republican party is pretty much a spastic zombie horde right now but the Democratic party is more like some ancient crypt covered in dust.
Actually, the Democratic party seems like old European nobility where people slowly spend their time gradually being groomed and gradually rising up through the ranks.
Consider this, Bernie Sanders, while an Independent, was only tolerated because he had worked with the party so long. If you had put his brain into the body of a 29 year old woman from Kentucky - the party would have shut her out immediately.
Michele young argued that her opponent, Steve Chabot, had been in office too long. But the head of the local Democratic office has held that position for longer & has barely cracked the local congressional seats.
While Republicans continue to redefine their party & the concept of conservatism, the Democrats need to get out of their tombs & start looking for some brains.

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