Friday, November 30, 2007

Just installed Fedora Core 8 on a Dell Dimension T700r
700 Mhz P III, 640 MB RAM & a 10 G HD with an Apple Mighty Mouse.
The Gnome "Live" CD did the trick after 3 tries resulting in freezing & crashing.
Before that, tho, I tried the KDE "Live" CD. That friggin thing couldn't even begin to boot. Of course I gave it 3 tries, too.
After that, I tried an Ubuntu 7.10 "Live" CD. It crashed & burned trying to boot up one time, succeeded two other times but failed upon those tries to install to the HD.
Tried the Ubuntu "Alternate" CD which just offered a text based installer.
That daggone thing was all screwed up & failed twice. No more chances for that dog.
So, after downloading & burning 4 CDs, sitting around watching installers & CDs die left & right, I figure with the time I spent, if measured in IT charges, I could have just bought a Mac Mini, had a processor about 3 times faster, 8 times the HD capacity & almost twice as much RAM (and more functionality from the mouse).
I still have to configure my wireless network (which ain't done til it's done) and download a bunch of software that would have been pre installed on the Mac.
oh yeah, time from successful install to my first freeze ?
10 minutes.
From my experiences with Linux, tho, that is strange. It is usually pretty solid once it is up & running.
Tell ya what. I'm running out of hair.

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