Saturday, December 01, 2007

In Ohio, we outlaw vice. That is drugs, alcohol, prostitution, gambling, etc....
This keeps the police busy chasing down and arresting people who are involved in things that might only hurt themselves and subsequently lands them in overcrowded jails. Police records then haunt these people, they wind up not getting jobs, student loans, housing. Their lives, which may have been ok, are sent into a downward spiral by the society that claims to want to save them from ruining their lives.
In Chile, however, at least prostitution is legal.
This gives the prostitutes an opportunity to give back to society by using their talents and skills.

Maria Carolina has auctioned off 27 hours of her services for charity. Sounds kinda gross but from the article, it sounds like one guy paid for the whole time.

Anyway, this seems a lot cheaper as well as more humane and, really, more in line with the purpose of The United States, to allow people to achieve their potential and use it for the good of society.

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