Sunday, December 28, 2008

The animated movie, The Tale of Despereaux, was recently released after 2 years of work at the British animation and special effects house, The Framestore.
have you ever downloaded a file to your computer and you just couldn't find it ? You know you have a funny picture of a cat you would love to send to aunt Minnie, but, wherethehellizzit?
The Framestore had over 200 artists, working together to generate 90 million files taking 200TB of storage to make the movie.
One of the most cpu intensive things to render is hair but cartoon makers love furry critters so ya gotta do things like go out & buy 1,000 servers.
From The Framestore's website:
  • There are 40,089 individual assets in the film
  • 25 hero characters were modelled, surfaced and textured, as well as 12 secondary characters
  • 60 hero environments were modelled, surfaced and textured
  • There are 413,138 hairs on Despereaux's head
  • he film has 126,248 frames altogether

c'mon, no polygon counts ?
The result ?
It looks kinda cheesy. But it's mice, so what the hell ?

El Reg story (a fluffed out press release of which this is a streamlined version thereof) here.

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