Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A foolish young blogger over at Urban Cincy is under the naive impression that the "place to be" for New Year's Eve is downtown....
As everybody knows, the place to ring in the new year is obviously scenic Northside.
The Comet serves up the Blue Rock Boys.
The Northside Tavern hosts The Bad Veins.
The Gypsy Hut brings you the Rumpke Mountain Boys.
The Art Damage Lodge dishes up Sylvester Kunstvereen Familie Montex for your listening pleasure.
The C&D will be celebrating the "Alcoholidays" as only they know how.
Sidewinder will be serving coffee and tea til 10PM to keep you awake and thoroughly cranked til well into 2009.
And, unlike downtown, Northside has a WHITE CASTLE !!!!!
poor poor sad downtowners.....


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as long as everybody is on board...